APIOG2 is underway! CGM Hannah and I decided this would be a great time to start asking for applications for the second Games! Soooo apply!

When you apply, please submit the following:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Top 4 District Choices (don’t expect your first choice if you choose popular Districts *cough cough* District 4 *cough cough*)
  • A Short Bio (By short, I mean a few sentences. I love back stories just as much as the next person, but I don’t want to read a novel just to find out about your character. Also, please be original. We like creativity.)
  • A Picture URL for a Face Claim (I intend to use these)

It would be a smart idea to follow the apiog tag (as well as the blog…duh) once you apply so you can stay updated on when tasks start coming. I also made an archive for the first Games to give you an idea of how these Games are run/writing styles. Unlike last Games, I am no longer in school, and Hannah won’t be after this week, so results will not take as long as they did before. We’re both ready to get these Games going! APPLY NOW!

A note about mentors: If you were in the first Games and would like to mentor your District/other various Districts, please let us know!

Anyway, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask! We’re welcoming people! Just please, if you apply, be committed! This takes work and time if you want to be the victor!

OH my GOD you guys!

It makes me SO happy to say this. We have THREE TRIBUTE SPOTS LEFT! SIGN UP FAST!

Just a note; the only district left available are 10, 11 and 12!

Please don’t request any other!

The 40th Hunger Games are subject to begin soon! GET PUMPED!

-CGM Mariela! :D


We still meed more tributes for the second games of APIOG! Your GMs, Hannah and Cassy, are ready to get these Games going, so please apply here!

If you like cheese, APPLY!

If you don’t like cheese, STILL APPLY!

Do you like potatoes? If so, APPLY!

Oh, you don’t like potatoes? I can forgive you. APPLY!

And most importantly, if you like the Hunger Games and the idea of killing people without being sent to jail, APPLY!

Keep Those Applications Coming!

We still need a fair amount of tributes, so apply now if you want to see if you have what it takes to survive the Hunger Games! Use your creativity to come up with fun strategies to kill others and prove that you’re the best tribute in the arena. Test your skills now by applying here!

Changes to the Blog

You may have noticed I have made some appearance changes. I’m not completely satisfied with the background, so I may be changing it again. Let’s also keep in mind that my skills are limited when it comes to Tumblr themes and stuff…


Helloo my friends! We now have sixteen Tributes signed up! Only eight more to go!

AND a tip for any new tributes. It’s a waste to put any district following into your choices, because they are, and have been full for a while: 1 2 3 4 9


-CGM Mariela :D

So you many have noticed...

there are a few items on the sponsor sheet that you haven’t ever seen before on the copies they have shown you at school from previous games..This, tributes is because to excel in this game, you might need to use some special items to get ahead, let alone survive. Take note of the items that stand out or seem interesting…you might need them sooner than you think.

Also, If you buy an expensive item from the sponsor shop, make sure you have a plan for it— you don’t want to waste the points that are your last connection to the outside world.

PS ask us about any craycray ideas that you have for sponsor items we haven’t listed. It’s entertaining, and we can probably help


30…29…28… The sun shines brightly as your tube exports you into the arena. In a matter of seconds, you arrive at your pedestal and frantically search your surroundings, but all that can be seen is a large chess board with high walls surrounding each side. Then, something clicks and the message from the gamemakers is crystal clear. You’re all just a piece in their games. You look at your fellow tributes and notice that not everyone is equally or fairly spaced from the surrounding goodies. The gamemakers have given higher priority spaces to the tributes with the highest scoring pts. While wondering how you will escape, you notice 4 small ladders on each corner of the walled in cornucopia. What’s your plan? Will you run straight for a ladder, or fight in hopes of scoring a weapon or some food?

Also, tell us how you will proceed. Where in the arena will you head next? It seems as if there are a few mysterious and enticing options, but remember, there could always be a price to pay…

Here is the list of who will be placed on each pedestal

1. Gypsy

2. Lynn

3. Sarabella

4. Mariella

5. Jemma

6. Prosty

7. Laurella

8. Talon

9. Justin

10. Robin

11. Jessica

12. Cemolee

13. Thomana

14. Napolean Dynamite

15. Alice

16. Jesse

17. Chris

18. Acanthus

19. Charnusse

20. Rebeca

21. Shawn

22. Justice

23. Amanda

24. Corneliusia

tips on writing good responses to the tasks will be up later