Super long face.

This year’s Beekeeper Association conference is right around the corner, and I’m looking at the itinerary. Someone please tell me why a mother fucking Monsanto representative will be one of the guest speakers. This is like attending a conference on how to increase your personal privacy, and the NSA is giving a lecture. Monsanto has killed so many bees with their genetic crop mutating that people lost count somewhere around 40 million. That’s 40,000,000 dead bees in one year.

The balls on them, man… I was on the fence about going this year, but now I have to, just to heckle the speaker and stir up some shit. It’ll be worth the $30 registration fee just to tell him to fuck off and quit destroying our nation’s crops. And as a byproduct, all our honeybees.


There’s a swarm of bees making a hive outside my res hall. The colony was bigger than a football before they attempted to remove it this morning. A man from groundskeeping told me that they’re trying to start a bee box on the school farm with the colony, but they might not be able to now since they missed the queen on their first attempt.