Asian women loving their eyes is a big fucking deal 

Like we’ve been raised in a society that basically tells us that we’re not pretty unless we change how our eyes look 

Embracing that feature is a huge middle finger to white standards of beauty



Web tech designed to handle data related to the human body for websites and apps. Theoretically has implications related to online identity, from the personal to the commercial:

BodyKit is a collection of APIs and embeddable components that allows you to virtualize, analyze, and simulate any human body. With BodyKit, you can tap into years of R&D on human shape and pose from within your own website or application. This versatile toolset can power anything from early-stage prototypes or lightweight applications to large-scale platforms.

At the Bodykit website there is an online demo to play around with a human scan and edit their physical attributes. You can try it out and find out more here

anonymous asked:

It annoys me when people pin the existence of colorism on Europeans. Of course colorism is rampant in Europe, of course, but it's something that has been perpetuated by light skinned people across all cultures for centuries. Light skinned PoC have privilege, and we're all complicit in colorism. It's a prevalent issue in Europe, but it's of equal severity in Asia and to say "it's bc of whites" is to ignore the complexity of the history behind colorism and to free us of responsibility.

You do know Europeans invaded the shit out of PoC countries and a lot of colorism stemmed from colonization right?

Colorism didn’t just magically pop up everywhere and equally. 

Like an example is the Philippines. 

Spain fucking invaded the Philippines and colorism didn’t exist till the Spaniards imposed it on us. Yeah. Race mixing happened and those who were mixed were seen as more beautiful and in a higher social status than those who weren’t mixed. 

Indigenous people didn’t have this problem before colonizers came and fucked shit up. 

So yeah white people have a shit ton to do with colorism and to ignore the histories of colonized countries and how they developed this mindset favoring light-skinned people, is really ignorant. 

It is because of the whites. Funny how you talk about ignoring the complexity of history when you fail to see how European colonizers fucked shit up and then try to revert back to “well PoC have a problem perpetuating colorism too, stop just blaming the whites” 

Uh. Why do you think we had this problem in the first place?

Cause white people are greedy shits who fuck up and exploit entire cultures and countries. 


Mencintaimu, aku serupa bermain api di bawah deras hujan. Yakin bahwa selama tanganku melindungi apinya dari deras air, ia tak akan padam. Tapi kemudian lupa, tanganku jelas bisa terluka oleh panasnya.

Words API

A useful tool for those of you making bots and automatons with natural language capabilities, the Words API has a thesaurus, dictionary, word type detection  and word association/ categorisation tools. Its quite easy to call the API. An alternative to the Wordnik API

Okay I’m kind of really annoyed at white women going to Asian countries to “make it big” and I know they figured out that it’s easier to get hired as a model/actress/host/whatever because they are white, and it’s extra bonus points if you can speak the language 

Like great you know that white standards of beauty is imposed in Asian countries and racism and white supremacy is a problem cause ya know colonization 

So whenever white women go and get celeb status and there’s this whole hype I’m just ugh they’re basic as hell and I’m just really annoyed. Did anyone else notice this or…

Serial Podcast... #WeOwnThe8th

In the new year I’ve decided to be more proactive in something I helped to create called #WeOwnThe8th, a movement that celebrates Asian American media in America. Now beyond producing and acting in videos, as well as helping to organize our monthly meeting of the minds in Downtown Los Angeles, I’ve decided to start dropping monthly essays on this subject matter. Now, like most things I do, I’m…

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Update of Holding Live

Today sees a huge amount of new code go live on Roll20, encompassing a great many improvements to our web application. We’ll go through them below, but first we want to point out that the “Holding” element of our update has yet to go live– Roll20 for iPad was submitted last week for approval with Apple and we’re eagerly awaiting that. We’ll be holding onto the Android version until the iPad element is live, and we’re hopeful to see both up and running soon.

Enough about waiting… let’s talk about what’s ready RIGHT NOW:

Folders– after a great many requests, we’ve now made content in Roll20 organizable by folders in addition to tags.

Popout Characters and Handouts– Looking to make better use of your screen space? You’re now able to popout dialog boxes for Characters (including Character Sheets) and Handouts.

Improved 3D Dice– We have completely reworked the rendering for 3D dice, making them take less resources to use, tying them into our QuantumRoll system, and removing several bugs.

Roll Templates– Alongside community-contributed Character Sheets, we now have “Roll Templates”; and improved visual result for rolls. Character sheet authors have already begun creating Roll Templates for some of the most popular games in Roll20, and Mentors will be able to create their own customized result appearances.

Text Chat Changes– Now you can “/talktomyself” to test out commands, add basic formatting to text chat, and more.

API Improvements– There’s been quite a few improvements to the Application Program Interface… enough that this seems like a great time to link to the entire rundown of what’s been updated (API and everything listed above) here.


Roll20’s new Compendium is launching today, in what we’re referring to as a “Technical Preview.” For an idea of our plans for it, read the related forum announcement.

Asian Women Get Short Shrift in The Interview

“If you haven’t had a chance to see The Interview in select screenings yet, don’t fret—you’re not missing much. Especially if you’re an Asian American or Asian Pacific Islander (API) woman like myself.

Imagine a film that features a mostly white male speaking cast, add in some racist depictions of minorities and a gaggle of hypersexualized women, then throw in a few punchlines about the phonetics of Asian languages, a tiger, some gratuitous explosions that embody American superiority and congratulations, you’ve seen The Interview.”

Read the full piece here


Linkedin ViewBot Tutorial (python)

I’m hoping to start sharing more tutorials on making bots across different platforms to help explore what we can do with bots beyond twitter. I personally dislike Linkedin which makes it a good place to implement software automation. You can go down the API route, with help from the documentation, python wrapper or python-linkedin library. Alternatively, there is the above method which is perfectly valid too, it involves automating a web-browser to open up, log in with your email and password, and webscrape URLs to auto-browse the site. To do this you need Selenium, a tool for web-browser automation. What I like about this method is that if you get used to it, you could potentially use the same approach and code to run bots across multiple platforms and avoid having to get API authorisation. The downside is the homework to do upfront with glancing at the HTML of each page and writing functions that find the bits you need. The code for the above tutorial can be found here.

Buyer’s Remorse: The Eddie Huang Edition. [Eddie Huang, part 2]

By Brennan Lowe

(Editor’s Note: This is the second of two opinion pieces by our staff writers on Eddie Huang. Together they compose the fifth installment of Kollaboration SF’s Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month series on prominent APA figures in media. Follow us on WordPress and FB, and check in every week of May for new profiles and features!)

“I didn’t know Eddie Huang was such a douchebag!” I heard countless APIs sigh upon witnessing the Chinkstronaut’s auto-defenestration on Twitter a few weeks ago. You could feel the anger simmering beneath the surface of shocked reactions; how can he call black feminists “bums” while sliding in and out of AAVE (“African American Vernacular English”)? How can he personally attack critics while simultaneously trashing his own ABC sitcom? “Buyer’s remorse” could explain the latter. Fresh Off The Boat is an unsurprisingly sanitized adaptation of Huang’s memoir and life, devoid of issues he considers integral to his life’s development (read: his father’s abuse of his mother and children), and Huang has immediately and outwardly regretted his decision to sell his story to television, often in destructive ways. Now, Eddie Huang’s case may be extreme, but I don’t think he’s the only buyer feeling some remorse here. Yup, I’m looking at you, national API community, loyal-to-a-fault fans of the first Asian American network show in decades. Your new generation poster boy isn’t the loveable character you’ve been watching on Tuesday nights.

I’ve got one question for you, and it’s the same one I’d ask Eddie: what did you expect?

I’ll say it: I feel bad for Eddie Huang, if only because he has become the whipping boy of Asian America by virtue of his having any visibility whatsoever in the American mainstream. He’s a flawed human being and should be dealt with as such, but I can’t help but think that the endless hopes and dreams of an entire people that were pinned (arguably unfairly) on him when FOB began have played a large role in his current mode of self-destruction. His attitudes toward women, black or not, aren’t new things; scroll back through the years on his twitter, or better yet, actually read his memoir, and you’d know his engagement with sexism runs much deeper than what’s being written about him now. It’s a shame, because I don’t think larger audiences, API and other, weren’t aware of who he is, and now that he has the opportunity and platform to be a dumbass on a larger scale people are being shocked into some sort of revelation about his unsavory tendencies. He’s ALWAYS been a misogynistic hip-hop “appropriating” (I use quotes because there’s many ways you can interpret the connotations of a term like that) SOB. He is virtually objectively morally in the wrong, but in a twisted way, I respect that he has always been transparent in who he is, or at least who he presents himself to be. Is it his fault that the masses didn’t realize this until now?

In case it wasn’t already clear: this is not a defense of Eddie Huang or his personality. When reading Fresh Off The Boat well before the show had materialized, I was extremely put off by Huang’s passing references to “bitches” or suggestions of sexual entitlement, especially when juxtaposed (and interspersed, even!) with his remarkably sharp insight into the intersections of food and race. I’m not cool with that, and I experienced the same gag reflex then as many APIs have in recent days. It would be easy to dismiss him from the pantheon of “APIs worth paying attention to” on these merits alone, but here is where I ask that you consider just how complicated his sexism is. Sure, you blame the individual for holding those views, but where does the individual get them from? Sure, you blame either/both white masculinity or/and black hip-hop culture, but where does that leave people not within the black-white binary that controls American popular culture? Of course it’s on us (primarily meaning API men) now to forge an ideal of masculinity without being racist, sexist dickholes, but for a child growing up in a time when that concept wasn’t even a concept, what recourse does he have? And if you answer, “Eddie should have blazed that trail as a kid,” then you must have forgotten how our formative years develop. Eddie Huang is who he is, and while it’s probably too late and not worth the effort to somehow reverse that, it’s okay. All efforts should be dedicated to the future, so that younger generations of APIs truly have a model to base their own conceptions of masculinity off of.

So what do you do with Eddie Huang now? While I’ve read plenty of views that are eager to excommunicate him from the API community (and yeah, I do feel some religious cult-like vibes coming from people on this), I’d like to be more constructive in moving forward. There is a middle ground in between blindly championing him and burning him at the stake, and for the sake of advancing a people in the national discourse, that middle ground needs to be taken. Be as measured in your praise of him as you are in your criticisms; he deserves no better or worse from the community he for better or worse represents. It’s clear he didn’t expect or was ready for the weight of so many people on his shoulders- even if he says otherwise on television interviews, and it’s clear that he’s not the ideal “face” of Asian America, but until we are at the point when we have the diverse and varied “faces” to properly represent ourselves, we have to do the best we can with what we’ve got. So, to those of you down in the dumps over a certain “Based FOB,” shake off your buyer’s remorse, enjoy Fresh Off The Boat when it returns next season, work with and around its flawed human source, and help the rest of us build what we want to see.

Brennan kind of misses eating at Baohaus and swapping Fabolous punchlines with the staff there. | @flawanddisorder


Headhunterz feat. Krewella - United Kids of the World

So I just found out about these two girls in a electronica music group called Krewella and THEYRE BOTH PAKISTANI SISTERS WHICH IS SO FUCKING RAD AND COOL. They have this song and it’s really cute because it talks about the youth rising up and uniting together across differences to target social injustice. It’s cool because it showcases the sexism/racialized criticisms and comments they get, and then also dramatizations of sizeism/internalized misogyny, racism, and homophobia and it’s so cool y'all should watch it ok