Thailand reclaims smuggled artefacts from California museum

A museum in California has returned 557 bronze-age pots to Thailand after an investigation found they were smuggled out of the South-East Asian country, a news report said on Tuesday.

The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California sent them back after signing a non-prosecution agreement with the US district attorney, Thairath reported.

US authorities found that the pots were smuggled from a UNESCO heritage archaeological site in Udon Thani, around 600 kilometres north-east of Bangkok.

The small, earthenware pots, in a variety of conditions, had arrived back in the country and were undergoing inspection for authenticity, the report said. (source)


The Bamboo Dance

The bamboo dance is a popular celebratory dance in many parts of South-Eastern Asia, including India, Southern China and Southeast Asia, and can be seen as being done the same way in almost any region in those countries.

The question is where did the origin of the dance began? How did it quickly spread around the Southern-Eastern of Asia?

Theories included that the dance began as early as the 1st A.D, in Mizoram, India.

My theory is that, like all Southeast Asian history, began with the ethnic people of the area of northern Mainland S.E Asia, and like the people, migrated throughout the Malay-Indo islands and towards to the Philippines.

The Pursuit of Happiness. Or is it just the pursuit of contented-ness? I’ve always admired Buddhist monks who give up everything to concentrate on their spiritual state of being, but I’m just not sure I could do it. My state of contented-ness usually appears when I’m away somewhere, admiring a view, camera in hand, friends nearby and nothing on my agenda. What’s yours? #buddhist #monk #thailand #bangkok #whereswiwi (at Bangkok, Thailand)