People say the British are nice and polite but I think they’re forgetting that we once hated a British Prime Minister so much that upon her death the entire country got “Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead” to Number 2 in the charts the British may not be as forward as some other countries but holy shit can we fuck you up

Archaeologists move 'Britain's oldest yacht'

Archaeologists in the Isle of Man have moved “Britain’s oldest yacht” for the first time in 200 years.

Manx National Heritage (MNH) said Peggy has been moved from the Nautical Museum in Castletown.

The vessel was built between 1789 and 1793 and is thought to be the earliest surviving example of a British yacht.

An MNH spokesman said Peggy is one of the most important historic artefacts in the British Isles.

"Peggy requires urgent conservation work," he said. "We are looking to conserve her, create a suitable environment in which to house her and to tell her story for future generations." Read more.


I am using ‘men and women’ so that I don’t look discriminatory towards women, but lets be honest, the article does state ‘rapists who prey on drunken WOMEN’.

Feminists, don’t get me wrong. This article is very good news for people who were absolutely inhebriated and raped because they were unable to say no because they were so drunk they couldnt talk properly, or were unable to formally say yes, for example, if someone is close to passing out and doesn’t understand the question eg. ‘Can we do it?’

Its good for people who were only a little drunk but were still deliberately targeted by disgusting rapists as an easy target.

Its also great news for young people who are pressured into sex in order for them to further their career. Those injustices no longer need to happen.

But this is terrible news for men and women with horrible vindictive sex partners. People who decide to get drunk out of their face, have sex willingly, regret it, and cry rape under the ‘Yes might mean no’ clause.

They have tried to close the ‘grey area’ but have instead made it wider, and have made it easier for vengeful people to lie.

Even if its with someone you love and trust, or are in a relationship with, DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH THEM WHILE INHEBRIATED JUST IN CASE.

You never know when someone will change their mind on you



Available for the first time to watch in it’s entirety online is the fantastic short documentary, The Bull and the Bass, from London-based filmmaker Becca Hyman.

When I first met Becca she had a photo of her Grandfather, Frederick Roy, on her wall. It was his BBC photo card pass, and the first indication that this man lead this totally fascinating life.

Roy emigrated from Jamaica to Britain in the 1940’s. He was an RAF engineer, a Jazz musician, an actor, a businessman, a Father and, despite the fact that he passed away many years ago, he co-created this film. With the discovery of 16mm footage Roy shot over a number of years, Becca was able to piece together clues about his life, restoring the footage on a traditional Steenbeck machine. Karen, Roy’s daughter fills in the gaps with intimate narration.

This is an AMAZING film, seriously, it’s such a tender look at this relationship between a man who had so many ideas and plans but was met with all these obstacles, and the daughter he loved, but forbade from following the same path. It talks about community, family, identity and what life was like for a Jamaican immigrant living in 1940’s and 50’s Britain. PLUS jazz music, really cool restored footage and the most tender closing moments of a documentary you’ll ever see.

In summary, you HAVE to watch this film. It’s available on youtube (see above) and it’s only 18 minutes long, well worth the watch. Support British filmmakers, support women filmmakers, support black filmmakers. Watch this film, tell your friends.

That is all.

Anti-Semitic graffiti has been found at a Jewish prayer house in Liverpool.

Two swastikas etched into doors at the Springwood Jewish Cemetery in Allerton were discovered by members of the Allerton Hebrew Congregation on Monday.

Merseyside Police has opened an investigation.

Rabbi Dan Lieberman said following the terrorist attack in Paris on Wednesday ”the Jewish community is very aware that there are people out there who want to cause us harm”.

He added: “We don’t expect to see it on the streets of Liverpool, but it’s come to visit us as well.”

• Of those polled, people who said that they intend to vote for UKIP consistently believed more antisemitic statements to be true than average, by an average margin of 9%. 

• 13% believe that “Jews talk about the Holocaust too much in order to get sympathy.”

Source for more


Related to the TV license fact post I just saw.

Yep, in the police state that is Britain, you actually need a government license to not only watch, but also own a TV - and if you don’t, you might even go to jail. But fear not, to prevent that, the government will remind you with subtle threats. Pick up that can and pay your license, citizen!