A whopping 95 percent of respondents to a BBC straw poll have said that they think multiculturalism in Britain is a failure. The poll was taken yesterday morning during the BBC’s Saturday Morning Live show, and asked “Is multiculturalism working?” Just 5 percent said “Yes”; 95 percent said “No”.


These repeated Muslim rape rings in Britain - such as the one recently discovered in Rotherham - disturb & disgust me far more than, really, anything else I’ve ever heard. It’s not just that people are raping quite young teens, it’s not just that there was a government cover-up, it’s the fact that all the groups that claim to be against thee sort of things are completely and totally silent, are perfectly willing to aid and abet the cover-up. The whole thing is morally incomprehensible and shocking to me.

Compare it, for instance, with the horror being created by the so-called “Islamic State” in the middle east. The ISIL members are violent savages committing atrocities. But look, I have words for that. It’s comprehensible. That sometimes people behave like violent savages and commit atrocities is an understood part of the world and of humanity’s moral landscape.

Or compare the sex scandals within the Catholic Church. There, too, one had cover-ups. But the powerful covering up the crimes of their friends and colleagues is again no mystery, and there was a great deal of outcry and pushback from the organizations and people who claimed to be against sex abuse and the abuse of power. This is horrible, but understandable.

But in Britain, what do we have? The powerful covering up the monstrous crimes of, not their friends and colleagues, but of random strangers! So many of the groups who claim to be so strongly against sexual abuse and the abuse of power - silent! It’s morally bizarre and shocking in a way that very little else I’ve ever seen has been, and it lowers my opinion of the virtue of all humans everywhere.