Newsham Park Hospital- England

Newsham Park first opened in Liverpool in 1887 as an orphan institution for children who had lost their parents at sea. 

In 1954 Newsham Park became a psychiatric hospital. Patients would tell of seeing “little boys in sailor outfits” though they had never been told it had been an orphan institution. 

In 1997 Newsham park was shut down however nothing was moved from the building. Today you can still find paperwork from doctors and various things such as suicide cages, patients beds and an electric shock theory chair in the building. There is even one room that was kept as a classroom from the days of the orphans. 



Dozens of scientists conserve Britain's oldest brain

The preservation of Britain’s oldest brain, found when archaeologists saw its spongy shape in a skull face-down in a pit at an Iron Age site in York in 2009, remains a mystery.

Water, oxygen and bacteria-supporting warmth would all have encouraged the brain to rot. The outside of the skull, which had its jaw and two vertebrae attached, has withered – but the Heslington Brain has remained intact.

“I peered though the hole at the base of the skull to investigate,” recalls Rachell Cubitt, a Collection Projects Officer with the York Archaeological Trust.

“To my surprise saw a quantity of bright yellow spongy material. It was unlike anything I had seen before.” Read more.