Men who exercise “coercive control” over their partners by restricting their personal or financial freedom, or through overt criticism could face up to 14 years in jail under new laws set to be announced by Home Secretary Theresa May this week. Campaigners, who have been arguing for a change in the law to bring emotional abuse into line legally with physical abuse, have praised the proposals as a “major step forward”.

The new law will be introduced as a series of amendments to the Serious Crime Bill, and will alter the legal definition of domestic abuse to include psychological, as well as physical damage. It is expected to pass into law in the new year.

May has been attempting to find a way to introduce these proposals for some time now. In 2011, she described coercive control as “a complex pattern of abuse using power and psychological control over another — financial control, verbal abuse, forced social isolation. These incidents may vary in seriousness and may be repeated over time.”

Feminists love to call out men as vicious abusers every chance they get, and often perpetuate the myth that all domestic violence victims are women, despite the fact that every reputable source says otherwise. 
Even if this law wasn’t creating a sexist double standard based on a feminist myth, it would still be complete load of shit. There is far too much subjectivity in this issue to even attempt to make it a law. Making it a law that only protects one half of abuse sufferers is both irresponsible and the definition of oppression.

What’s scary about Theresa May, is that not only is she the Minister for Women and Equality in Britain, she’s also the Home Secretary. In other words, the person who gets to decide what’s politically correct, is also the head of Britain’s entire Intelligence arm. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it should.

This woman, who’s approach to equality is to give women preferential treatment, is the same woman who is trying to destroy your right to free speech in Britain.

If Britain allows this woman’s radical ideals to make federal law, it’s only a matter of time before other countries follow suit.

Police have been called to supermarkets across the UK amid crowd surges as people hunt for “Black Friday” offers.

Greater Manchester Police appealed for calm after attending seven Tesco shops, at which three men were arrested and a woman was hit by a falling television.

The force said the issues were “totally predictable” and it was “disappointed” by shop security. Tesco said only a “small number” of stores were affected.

Police were called in places including Dundee, Glasgow, Cardiff and London.

Originating in the US, Black Friday is becoming a major UK shopping day.


I am so, so sorry to my poor cousins across the pond. We Yanks hath brought the end of existence.


Breathtaking photos show how Britain does Veterans Day 

Veterans Day isn’t just an American holiday. While Americans remember veterans of all wars, the federal holiday coincides with Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, where countries around the world mark the end of World War I. 

In Britain, thousands of blood-red ceramic poppies were “planted” at the Tower of London. The 888,246 flowers — one for each British and Commonwealth death during the First World War — have drawn an estimated 4 million visitors, according to the Independent.

The country that gave us free expression may be backpedaling.

"Whether you’re a neo-Nazi or an Islamist, or just someone who says things which betray, in May’s words, a lack of ‘respect for the rule of law’ and ‘respect for minorities’, then you could be served with an extremism disruption order (EDO)."

Translation: If you stay stuff we don’t like, we’ll make sure you shut the fuck up. We’re the government and we’re always right!

You know what’s fucking hilarious? The fact that Islamists and bigots are both simultaneously condemned in the same sentence.
How does Theresa May not see the obvious similarities between her policy and the fucking Third Reich? Or does she see it and just ignore it? 
How could one possibly defend this blatant insult to the rights of British citizens? 

This isn’t even subtle. Theresa May wants the British people to sit down and shut up like good little dogs. Your tongue no longer belongs to you, it’s government property, and you will use it the way they want, or not at all.

Theresa says she’s fighting extremism, yet her ideals are the very definition of it. If Britain allows this to pass, it’s only a matter of time before the same mentality is adopted elsewhere.

Nice job Theresa May, you absolute moronic thundercunt.

UNITED KINGDOM, London : Chandra Bahadur Dangi, from Nepal, (L) the shortest adult to have ever been verified by Guinness World Records, poses for pictures with the world’s tallest man Sultan Kosen from Turkey, during a photocall in London on November 13, 2014, to mark Guinness World Records Day. Chandra Dangi, measures a tiny 21.5in (0.54m) – the same height as six stacked cans of beans. Sultan Kosen measures 8 ft 3in (2.51m). AFP PHOTO / ANDREW COWIE