Basically heard of this ship yesterday and I knew I had to doodle it. HOWEVER I had much bigger plans and all I managed to do was this pile of junk

(dat bootie so sorry Germany you deserve better)

I just really like how cheeky Norway can be in canon and how this would confuse Germany (y’know, aside all that magical stuff which is hella confusing) because he doesn’t expect this. He comes to love that about him tho as we all do.

I need more rare pairs in my life

I seriously wonder why Nor mostly wears a collar or girly stuff. He wears a collar twice, flower accessory, ribbon, open shoulder outfit, leg split coat(dress?) with long boots, girly childhood outfit, anything else?

Does Himapapa want him to be a girly guy or something?

((This pic is mine, Please don’t reupload(repost), reblogs are welcome :D))