Hetalia Cosplay Masterpost

What’s the best way to start off a new blog? A masterpost of course!

General help

  • Good places to buy wigs x, x, x, x,
  • How to put a wig on x
  • Ahoge tutorials, x, x
  • Good places for patterns x, x (NOT free)
  • Trusted places to buy outfits x, x 
  • Female to Male makeup x, x, x
  • Male to Female makeup x, x
  • Mochi tutorial x, x 
  • How to cover your eyebrows x, x
  • Really good makeup tutorial x, x, x, x, x

General Tips

  • Tip: If you want to cosplay a character with glasses but you aren’t prescribed them just use fake lenses as not to damage your eyes!
  • Tip: Sometimes the best place to look for sewing patterns is just a local fabric shop! (In the USA walmart might sell some too for a cheaper price)
  • Tip: If you’re doing the characters normal outfit (aka the military ones) before starting properly with making i’d suggest to go 
  • Tip: If you have a straight wig and want to curl it all you have to do is braid it and dip it in warm water, then let it stay like that over night. For the next day simply brush them out. 
  • Tip: OR you could put braids in it once again leave them but blow dry them on low heat, then unbraid them and use hairspray to keep it in shape

Specific Characters



  • Makeup x, x
  • How to style wig x, x (in Japanese sorry!) 
  • How to make the cross x, x
  • Uniform guide



  • Makeup x, xx,
  • How to style the wig x, (there isnt much so i’d suggest just getting a short blonde wig that isn’t too neat looking)
  • Belt pattern x
  • Flying mint bunny tutorial x
  • General help



  • Makeup x, x, x,
  • How to style the wig x (see ‘added tips’ for more)
  • Rose Tutorial x, x
  • How to make a realistic beard x, x


  • Makeup x, x,
  • How to style the wig x (more in ‘general tips’)
  • Polar Bear x, x, (tutorial x, x)
  • Uniform guide


  • Makeup x, x
  • How to style the wig x, x
  • Panda x, x, (tutorial x, also see Canada’s for more bear tutorials)
  • Arm band tutorial


  • Makeup x, x 
  • How to style the wig x, x, x
  • How to get a pipe (Some good places to go to is home depo or any hardware store)
  • General help




I hope you find this helpful! In the future I aim to do these for as many countries as possible (and also for au’s) and I will also be making a cosplay reference masterpost and clothing patterns masterpost! Hope you all have great days

-Mod L xx

anonymous asked:

The allies reactions to see their s/o walk down the aisle? I absolutely love this blog, thank you!

((Thank you and no problem, beautiful anon!))

China- A surprised calmness overtook him. All the anecdotes of the shock you’ll experience upon seeing your bride seconds before the initial ceremony were long forgotten and debunked. Since, as he admired your beauty, he could only think of how unbelievably magical this is, that this is no fear and stress. This is what rea  peace and love truly feel like.

Russia- Nervous. For the first first time ever he was scared to look at your face, your prominent beauty nothing but outlined and highlighted today, the beauty of your eyes and skin and hair…everything so vivd and out of a fairy-tale. Yet he knew, that if he glanced upon the steps of that altar, he’d collapse. The entitlement and commitment of such an event like this completely overwhelming him.

France- His smile shone as bright as ever.Unconciously grinning to himself, to you, to everybody there, he couldn’t simply conceal the joy and happpiness that enveloped his whole body and mind. He had to let it out. Tracing your steps with his eyes, he longed for eye contact, for a confirmation that this beatiful angel, gracefully drifitng in front of him is indeed you.

England- Knowing how big of a sob he is, i wouldn’t be surprised if he teared up. This was a moment pulled out straight from a fairy-tale, he couldn’t believe the setting, the aura and the beautfy standing in front of him, the event that all of this came together for was far too sacred to comprehend. Probably, as he blindly admired your glory, a jerk of tear would slip out of the corner of his eye, soon to be wiped and exchanged for a wide, wild grin.

America- If he thought he was shaking before you came into sight, he realised those were no more that mere shivers, only now was he truly trembling. Nearly swatted off of his feat, he had to keep his eyes glued to your steps to keep his balance. Your lively steps being the only assurance that this isn’t a dream, that in a few minutes he will have to somehow choke out ’i do’. And that he has no idea how to do that while fainting.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 5 years since I first came up with the cover project and how much the story concept has evolved since then…

One of the things I’ve been battling with in these last couple of months is how much the cast has grown (hunting down myths is too much fun ^^;) and how many points of view that will represent. To the point I’m unsure if the best way to tell the story should be a collection of comics or through a videogame
So right now I’m making a study of all the characters I’ve matched with a myth so far, in order to decide their role in the story and have a better idea of their final design. I’ll be posting more in a few days (my software hates large files)

If you have any suggestions please let me know, especially which type of medium you think it would be most interesting

My mom reacts to Hetalia...

So, I ask my mom to react at some Hetalia’s pictures, and this is her reaction for each of them. xD

North Italy: He looks like your boyfriend.

Germany: If I do run into him, I’ll run away.

Japan: He looks sad.

America: Is this a dentist?

England: I want to punch him.

France: Spoiled brat…

China: Owh, she looks smart!

Russia: Is he having a nightmare?

Canada: He looks like your stepfather!

Austria: She’s a teacher.

Liechtenstein: … Is it a boy, or a girl?

Switzerland: He’s a warrior!

Poland: An economy teacher.

Prussia: He’s drunk.

Belarus: She’s a gossip.

Ukraine: A dairywoman.

Denmark: I want to punch him too.

Finland: A little child.

Iceland: A veterinarian.

Norway: He’s got alien’s eyes.

Sweden: This is a ghost, right?

South Italy: He looks dirty.

Spain: An human E.T!

New Zealand: Oh, god, she’s so cute!

Sealand: A female student.

Wy: She looks like a pest.

The Nordics were preparing themselves for second semifinals of Eurovision song contest. Tonight was the night when the final of the Nordics had a chance to get into the finals. Norway took upon a role to separate tonight’s contestants.
“Since Sweden, Icy and I are competing tonight, and since we don’t want to repeat 1984, Denmark, you will be watching with Iceland. Sweden is watching with Sealand, and Finland is with me. Any questions?” Norway said as if he was just ordering his troupes to fallow him to battle. A hand was raised. “Yes, Denmark?” Norway called up.
“Yeah…I was hoping for different settings.” Denmark tried to act subtle, and he tried to avoid saying he was hoping he would watch the show with Norway.
“We can’t have you and Sweden getting anywhere near each other tonight. As for why I placed you with Iceland- you are going with Iceland in my place. Got it?” Norway said as if he was talking to a dog. Denmark slowly nodded.
“So I am babysitting your boyfriend?” Iceland said to push both Denmark and Norway’s buttons.
“You have to make sure that he doesn’t break anything if he doesn’t like who got through and who didn’t” Norway calmly replied, making everyone laugh, but Denmark (who started pouting).
“It was just that one time!”
“Everybody ready?” Sealand excitedly asked when the show was about to begin.
“Good luck everyone!” Finland said generally, before turning to Sweden “knock ‘em dead!” he winked before leaving the room.
“You are gonna do great!” Denmark said to Norway, who just nodded as a response. Norway and Iceland exchanged a hug and good luck’s. Sealand gave everyone Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic flags as well as the brief good luck speech about vikings always being victorious. With that Nordics went to their separate rooms. Iceland and Denmark sat comfortably in Iceland’s room, Norway and Finland were in Norway’s, and the living room was occupied by Sweden and Sealand. The show started and everyone couldn’t wait to see if their contestants will make it to the finals.

*In Iceland’s room*
Denmark and Iceland couldn’t help but commenting over each performance, and the duo would always find a detail that they would make fun of until the end of the show. Either it was a background, a costume, or even a song itself.
“Norway’s song is next!” Denmark hushed down his laughter to listen to Norway’s entery.
The song was soft and it had myterious aura, just like Norway. It was about letting go the person you love so that they could find happiness with someone better.
“Wait…you don’t think… Norway feels this way…about me?” Denmark, quite shocked with the lyrics of the song, asked Iceland, who in reality didn’t care about what his brother thought about Denmark.
“I don’t know. He probably felt at some point in his life.” Iceland coldly answered. “But what I do know, is that if he felt like he wanted to break up he wouldn’t do it through a song contest.”
“Are you sure?” Denmark was close to running out of the room and convince Norway that he is not a monster, and that he can’t be happy with someone else like when he is happy with him.
“Yes. You two are fine.” Iceland sighed. Few songs and a lot of laughter later (Iceland did his best to find laughable details to cheer Denmark up, after Norway’s song) the show anouced Iceland’s entry.
“The girl is adorably cute…and are her…are her feet painted gold?” Denmark commented. Iceland slowly nodded. “The song sounds great”.
“Yeah, but I missed your metal entries from way back.”
“Well metal doesn’t get 12 points anymore.” Iceland shot back. “Past few winners were nothing but some trashy pop songs.”
“Heeey! I won in 2013!”
“Your song was called 'Only teardrops’. The name alone sounds like a depressing pop song. It was a good song, but it proves my point that only pop can win here.”
“Still, pop doesn’t suit you that way. I mean…imagine Finland putting a ballad in Eurovision.” Denmark said without thinking, earning a glare from Iceland. “Or Montenegro putting anything but some ballad.”
“Still… name one metal band that won since 2007.”
“Uhmmm…there was…hmmm”
“Proves my point. Sweden’s song is next.”
Sweden really outdid himself this year. The song had great lyrics, the performance on stage was brilliantly thought out and the singer wasn’t bad for the eye.
“Sweden has a better chance of winning now that you are out of the finals” Iceland smirked.
“Well… That is IF he gets through the finals.” Denmark tried not to look offended by Iceland’s comment, because Iceland did this every year just to push Denmark’s buttons around.

*In Norway’s room*
“By Eurovision alone, people would think that whole Europe speaks only English. I want to see language diversity like in previous years.” Finland complained.
“I know what you mean, but it’s easier to vote when you know what the song is about. Not just the way it sounds.”
“At least Montenegro is singing in their language!”
“But it sound like every other song they entered. Same melody, same style…I wouldn’t be surprised even if they used same lyrics.”
The duo stopped commenting to focus on the next song.
“I don’t think Malta is going to get through.” Finland commented after the song ended.
“We will see when the voting ends.”
“You are next! ” Finland cheered as if he was in Vienna.
Norway enjoyed his contestens performing. He loved the song, he loved the lyrics and Deborah’s hair looked flawless on the stage.
Finland cheered at the ending, again, rooting for his friend. Norway smiled, knowing that he had such amazing friend like Finland. Few song later and chitter chatter between songs, it was Iceland’s turn.
“Her dress is adorable” Finland said when the cameras were pointing to Iceland’s contestant.
“Imagine Iceland wearing it!” Norway snorted. The two countries burst into laughter.
“It wouldn’t be fair to Iceland if we don’t listen to his song.” Finland was calming himself down.
“Yeah, but I can’t stop imagining Icy in that dress!” Norway couldn’t stop laughing. The song was great, the lyrics were good. “He has a nice chance of getting into the finals.” Norway said once he calmed down. Sweden was next to perform. Finland’s face lit up while watching Swedish performance. The singer used the stage like he owned it. It truly was amazing to watch. Norway felt as if he had a huge competition this year. Sweden always took Eurovision way too seriously (but who are we kidding, everyone was taking Eurovision way too seriously). “Oh I hope you guys get through to the finals!” Finland cheerful said.
“Don’t jinx it.”

*in the living room*
Sealand was hogging all of the snacks. Sweden agreed to play a child proof version of Eurovision drinking game- Eurovision snack game. Every time someone mentions that Australia is competing this year they each had to take a dipped chip, every time someone performs a ballad, dubble dip. On the very beginning announcers wished “good morning Australia” so Sealand took his chip and handed the chips to his dad and a bowl of dippings.
“DIP!” Sealand said with enthusiasm. Sweden nodded and took a chip, and they both ate their dipped chips. First few songs were performed and at the each performance singing a ballad Sealand would enthusiastically hold up his dubble dipped chip and yelled out “DOUBLE”. When Norway’s song was shown Sweden and Sealand cheered for their friend by tripple dipping their chips (Sealand’s idea). The song was great and when it came to the choirs Sealand sang along. Few dipped and double dipped chips later it was Iceland’s turn to perform. Sweden triple dipped before Sealand could announce it, making the two giggle. Sealand couldn’t believe how much fun it was watching the Eurovision with the Nordics. When he was watching the contest with England, England would get drunk and insult all the countries who didn’t vote for him. And depending on if he scored higher or lower than France, he would either call France to rub his victory in his face, or get a call from France and cry in the corner. Not a very fun way to watch Eurovision for a European nation. After Iceland’s performance, it was Sweden’s turn. Sealand was amazed with how Måns used the stage and the special effects. Sweden was proud, he felt as he can win this year easy.

When the voting process had started all the countries who could vote, voted. After what it seemed like entirety, hosts officially stopped the votes. And the suspension raise. Spots were filling out name by name. The anticipation grew as the each name was read out. After four names were up, both Sweden and Norway’s name was read, and the loud cheers could be heard from both living room and Norway’s bedroom. Sealand jumped to give his papa a congratulations hug. While in Norway’s bedroom Norway and Finland were jumping and hugging each other as if they were teenage girls who just received a text from their crush. Final spot was remaining and in Iceland’s room Iceland started biting down his thumb. Denmark was as nervous as Iceland was. With all the celebration in the house, Denmark wanted to rush to Norway’s side and congratulate him on getting through, but he also wanted to stay with Iceland until the end. Final contestant that got through was—

“THE GOLDEN SHOES?!” Iceland jumped out of his sit, angrily and betrayed.
“Well he did have money to not go bare foot in gold.” Denmark joked trying to calm down the Icelandic nation. It didn’t work.
“SHUT UP! LIKE HELL I WILL ACCEPT THIS! THEY PASSED THE TWILIGHT ZONE AND I AM OUT?” Iceland felt like he wanted to punch something, anything just to get the anger out of his system before ha has to vote for the finals.
“I have a punching bag in the garage I use when I don’t get through. Want me to hang —”