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Basically, any color is OK.


His eyes look blue even though I colored them green…

Print Shops These Days Are Too Amazing

It’s too amazing that they can make full-color scarves and hoodies and such! I wonder how they’d make one like this.


Hetavision 2015 Album Covers (3 of 3)

France, United Kingdom, Australia, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany & Austria

(Yes, that is Australia. Australia is seriously competing this year. )


Germany 4 Portugal 0- it was a huge, huge shocker in the sense that we never expected Germany to thrash Portugal that thoroughly!!!! They’re both good teams so I expected maybe a draw or a 2-1. This???? Whoa- they’re on fire.

I just found it a bit funny because Spain and Portugal are both perceived to be strong teams that, to everyone’s surprise, were practically beaten up in the opening matches :D (“Germanics” because Dutch is a Germanic language). 

[blog update] Portugal and England and


England and Portugal formed the world’s oldest living alliance with The Windsor Treaty, which is still in effect to this day.

Apparently this treaty forms the basis of cooperation for these two countries.

There were even some British parliament members who neglected their own country because they were too engrossed in Portugal!

When it came to battling against Spain, England taught or lead Portugal how to fight.

A little bit of a revision.


A collection of twitter logs that I made while watching World Cup 2014 group stage matches. So much drama happening in World Cup this year I was ;as;lfshaflhsfsfk-