A Place Beyond the Sun [9xRose AU]

[a fully illustrated fanfiction by ruebella-b]

Prologue: It’s been six months since Rose’s heartbreaking trip to Bad Wolf Bay. She’s trying to find her place in this new universe, but her dreams don’t make it easy.

Acid Burned Dog Delivers 8 Puppies: all to die

Humble, Texas: Some monster burned this beautiful dog with acid. Mamasita wound up at the Humble Animal Control and delivered eight beautiful puppies. She is a great mom, trying to keep her babies safe. Sadly, the Humble Animal Control does not adopt out pit bulls. Humble is located a few miles north of Houston, Texas.

This tiny shelter does not have resources and backing, but tries very hard for the animals in their care. A dedicated officer built Mamasita a whelping box for her puppies.

The only chance Mamasita and her puppies have is to be pulled by a rescue group. Please share Mamasita’s story in hopes that she and her family can be rescued.

Contact: Tammy 713-320-1108
Humble Animal Control
240 Dennis St.
Humble, Texas 77338
Phone: (281) 446-2327