I just don’t understand “it’s all in how you raise it” people. Yes, how you raise your dog has a large influence concerning how your dog reacts to the world around it and working to increase your dog’s threshold to stimuli is a good thing but why people seem to think it makes all your dog’s instincts fly right out the window, I will never understand. If you can’t handle the traits of a breed then do the breed and yourself a favor and don’t own that breed of dog.

This is an important photo to post. Remember; if you have a bull breed and not pay attention bad things could happen! Doesn’t matter if you say “but he’s the sweetest dog!” The other dog may not be. Always watch your dog!! Especially if you decided to be dumb and use a flexi lead.

I put Bull breeds because they get idiot furmommies as owners thinking they can change the way these breeds are. I totally understand other breeds can do this but this was mainly pointed towards the furmoms and bull breeds