Do you want a trans roommate?

Hello! My name is Lan Remple, I am a 21-year-old mentally ill genderqueer cosplayer in Toronto, and I am at the end of my lease and panicking about it. I have been looking for a non-shared apartment for the past month and a half, but my chances are looking slim.

If you live in the GTA and would be able to provide a safe space for a person of my description, I would really appreciate it. I am able to provide $550/month at most. I need to have space for my sewing table, which is 5’ by 2.5’, and hopefully some other furniture if possible. I am looking for a one-year lease, but even a few months would help at this point.

I do have a place where I can crash for a few weeks, but it is by no means a permanent solution. Signal boosting is much appreciated. Thank you.


I haven’t been to Berlin for years. Indeed, I’m ashamed to acknowledge this as it’s a city I’ve long wanted to return to and explore properly. And looking at these photographs of this incredible interior is pretty much pushing me over the edge. This three bedroom apartment is situated in the heart of Berlin and is available to let on a day or weekly basis, with a minimum stay of two nights and a maximum stay of one month.

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hi friends!

this is chun li’s spinning bird kick. she is about five years old, a mystery mutt, and peeing blood.

this morning we went to the vet. she’s currently there while i’m hanging around at home eating lunch, because she’s in the middle of getting x-rays and an injection.

so far, we think it’s just a UTI. that still stinks! it’s gross and uncomfortable for her, but we’re hopeful it’s nothing more serious.

the grand total is $286 for antibiotics, a shot, x-rays and the exam. overall, not too shabby!

that’s still a ton of money for me right now! usually i’d be able to handle it. i’m an adult with a full time job; this dog is my responsibility, yadda yadda. the dilemma here is that i am moving at the end of september, so for once, i don’t really have the money to spare. it’s dumb, i know.


i am open for commissions, because i like to draw things for people! it’s awesome! my usual FIVE DOLLAR PONY BONANZA is also a thing if you don’t have a ton of money AND you want a picture of a pony. shoot me an ask or email me at keepitupbro at gmail dot com and we can hash things out!

i am also up for donations. if you’re like “wow, chun li is a cute dog and i want to help her feel better in a way that won’t render her owner unable to pay rent!” then i am not averse to that, you know?

whatever you can do to help, know that i will be very humbly grateful, and so will my little dog.  (even just making, like, half the money would help me out a lot.)