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Happy Birthday to my favorite Midfielder & one of the most creative!


The guy i met at the job interview six years ago has been transfered to our department. It’s great to see him again, he’s a nice guy, but i have a bad conscience because of that. And i’m….i’m not sure if i’m compfortable writing about it….well, lets see how things work out.

I continued to scan the barcodes on comics so i can add them to the catalogue. We’re at 1300 comics. I’m not sure if i should keep my issues of Giffen’s run on Doom Patrol.

Started reading Moriarity. I should also get my complete Sherlock Holmes book from the shelf and start to catch up.

I also started to write down everything i read/watch/listen to. Should i include it here?

It's Your Birthday! (25.01.12)

Xavi Hernandez! Happy birthday babe! 

Today the Barcelona maestro turns 32 and he might be playing in the Copa del Rey El Classico. What other way to celebrate the big 3-2 right? He’ll be motivated to get a goal while his team mates will be motivated to win the game for him. Happy birthday right there!

One of the greatest and most creative midfielder of all time, we here wish Xavi an injury free day and a win.