Hovey Brock (MFA AP15): Adventures in the Panontikon

 (for Alfred Jarry)

Panontikon: (def) the imaginary collection of all possible beings (from the Greek παν (entire) οντ- (being) εικών (image))

"As a means for the preserving of the individual, the intellect unfolds its principal powers in dissimulation…" - Friedrich Nietzsche, “On Truth and Lies in a Non-Moral Sense”

He had entered the Panontikon, the place where every possible ontology—comprising entities, non-entities, even particularly boring people—was represented through a constantly shifting exchange of images, gestures, words and all kinds of events. Everything was booming, buzzing confusion.There was no place to get a foothold—there wasn’t even any ground. He had never encountered such pure chaos—well maybe the Lexington line at rush hour. It was terrifying. He knew he shouldn’t have taken so much Vitamin N but he couldn’t help it.The first time was kind of lame—he mostly felt a strong urge to listen to Wagner while translating Sanskrit but even then the incredible lightness of being made him want to try it again. Subsequent trips were much better—especially the one where he joined this weird cult in ancient Iran—but other Vitamin N-nauts had warned him about going too far too fast.”When you enter the Panontikon, it’s all over!”  It was a dare, really.This time he had taken Vitamin N while listening to Fire Sign Theater.Whoa Nelly!

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Participou da criação, juntamente com Alex Borba e equipe do jornal Argentino Olé! do jornal Vencer. Design, tipologia e formatos. Após criação, participou da manutenção do diário, como diagramador, ilustrador, designer gráfico, infografista e gerenciamento visual 

GB Asana35 AP Review

GB Asana35 AP Review

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for GB. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation.”

Hey, know what’s fun? When your husband accidentally backs over important stuff. Like your baby’s stroller. Your chubby-thighed, full o’ rolls, can’t carry her through the mall one more time baby’s stroller.

Know what’s…

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We Are Together In This: A Conversation with Leah Foster by Allison Hewitt Ward

This Friday, Leah Foster (MFA AP14) and her collaborator, Dr. Unami Mulale, will park the Barona Bus, a traveling container for social engagement and conversations about healthcare, at the Open Engagement conference in Queens after two months on the road hosting events across the country. The bus is just one part of a larger collaboration between Leah and Una through which they hope to build the first pediatric hospital in Botswana,a hospital in which art is valued alongside medicine as vital to well-being.

In anticipation of their presentation of the bus this weekend, Leah spoke with AP staff member Allison Hewitt Ward about her transdisciplinary practice, the shifting terrain of artist and viewer and creating spaces of shared ownership and concern.

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Mining Narratives: A Conversation with Dana Osburn by Allison Hewitt Ward

I think that narrative is important in my work because that’s the way I enjoy media. I enjoy a good story. I want to tell a good story.

Art Practice Participant Dana Osburn is an explorer, demolitionist, architect and annotator in the field of media and culture.  Her work has untangled the narratives at work in television archetypes, small town politics and the persona of “the artist”. Dana took a break from preparing for her third and final summer in the MFA Art Practice program to talk with AP Staff Member Allison Hewitt Ward about her work, world of media and technology that informs it, and how it’s changed since she began her MFA studies. 

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The Power of Speech vs the Originality of Language: David Joselit in conversation with MFA Art Practice

During our Summer 2013 residency period, scholar and critic David Joselit delivered a lecture about themes in his recently published book, After Art. Afterward, he stayed for a discussion with Chair David A. Ross, faculty members Robin Winters and Mark Tribe, and current Art Practice participants. Here’s the transcript from that discussion: 

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Radical Maintenance: How things are people, too

Alexandra Hammond proposes “radical maintenance”, or the rigorous use of trash (both physical and ideological) as a wellspring of artistic production and a [dangerously] utopic approach to contemporary life.

In Woodland, California, the blue-collar corollary to the neighboring University town where I grew up, there is an establishment called Thrift Store Outlet. Located in a ‘70’s era strip mall on West Main Street. Long after the few blocks of turn-of-the century downtown buildings have given way to acreage of parking lots and low-slung big box retail interspersed with Jalisco-style taquerias and auto-body shops, before the towering rice mills at the edge of the big row-crop farms, the store occupies what must have been an old supermarket. Fluorescent lighting, off-white linoleum floors, and aisle after aisle of clothing, linens, china, housewares, board games, furniture and picture frames. This is not your curated urban “vintage” shop, nor does it carry the rusted farm equipment, barn-siding or claw-foot bathtubs of the antique mall or the salvage building supply. Instead, Thrift Store Outlet is the intermediary catchall, the place where normal household objects and garments end up without judgment of their relative age (too new to be antique, to old to be new), rarity or retro aesthetic value. Boost the color and the place could be the subject of an Andres Gursky photograph.

Figure 1: Part of Andreas Gursky’s, “99 Cent II Diptychon” (2001)

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