Hannibal Episode Titles and Their Meanings
  • Apéritif:[n.] Alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate appetite.
  • Amuse-Bouche:[n.] Bite-sized appetizer.
  • Potage:[n.] A thick/creamy soup or stew.
  • œuf:[n.] Egg
  • Coquilles:[n.] Seafood or chicken dish baked in a sauce and served on a shell shaped dish.
  • Entrée:[n.] A dish served before the main course or between two principal courses of the meal.
  • Sorbet:[n.] A small frozen dessert made from sweetened water flavored with fruit, wine, and/or liquor.
  • Fromage:[n.] A cheese that can be served in savoury dishes or as dessert.
  • Trou Normand:[n.] A drink of Calvados taken between meals to aid digestion and restore appetite.
  • Buffet Froid:[n.] Commonly a platter of cold deli meats.
  • Rôti:[n.] A roast meat.
  • Relevés:[v.] {Ballet Reference} The act of rising from any position to balance on one or both feet.
  • Savoureux:[adj.] tasty

Apéritif and Savoureux.


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