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This whole meeting was just a waste of time. Hadn’t he known better Dorian would have fallen asleep a long time ago. But there was something keeping him awake and distracting him. That being the face of Malcolm tucker that was seated across fro him. They had been working together for soem time, but never had they met. Only over e-mail and when the job was done and it had come to an end, they stayed in touch. Funny to work within the government but never bump into one another.

So when the meeting was finally over and people started to empty the room, so did Dorian, makeing it clear he was following him down he corridor and outside as he pulled on his jacket. “So you think Julius is a giver or a taker?” He asked as he stepped up behind him, his eyes on the back of said man and then stepped up to stand next to Malcolm with a soft smile playing across his lips. This was the first he ever saw of him, aoutside of the news paper pictures of course.