The Shipwrecker of Zektbach

So this is a thing I did for lulz in relation to ships in Zektbach series. Hide under the cut because it’s longgggg~~ Also obviously full of spoilers (then again I don’t think anyone in this fandom care much about it?) so proceed with caution.

First we have Shamsir from Chapter 1: Shamsir’s Dance. In the OVA there is this guy and his sister who are Shamsir’s childhood friends. I don’t know anyone yet that ship Shamsir with either of these two, but anyway, possible love interest (though I know Shamsir’s true love is her badass sword, ‘Colada’) Of course in just the duration of one short OVA and 1 chapter, these possible ships sink since Shamsir heroically burn and massacre her whole country while possessed by Ristaccia.

Then comes chapter 2: ZETA ~The world of prime numbers. In this chapter we have a totally cute shota mathematician called Lien. He went to the path of ZETA, meet a hot memeplex left by Rufina race called Sigma. Obviously one intellectual ship coming. Alas, just as Lien becomes transcendental being and venture to Ristaccia ruin to uncover the truth of the world (and becomes more attractively intelligent and swoon Sigma more) The Queen of brawns Shamsir returns and killed the Prince of brains. I think there is people that ship Shamsir with Sigma as well, so in this event 2 ships down at once. Well Shamsir and Lien ship is basically sinking before it even starts to sail really…

Now let’s go back few hundred years in timeline and cover Masinowa arc. In gaiden chapter, we have this cute boy named Gijiri who fell in love at first sight with pretty girl named Misakuya. Almost like Romeo and Juliet, these two come from different race, Gijiri is Kagachi while Misakuya is Yamaji, and boy these two hate each other all right. Unlike Romeo and Juliet though, in this story Yamaji is viewed as superior race, and so Misakuya flatly reject Gijiri.

After going through berserk mode, Gijiri and his childhood friend Minawa, later renamed himself as Ido after becoming Majin, embarks on journey together to reveal the truth of the world and Kagachi. Like wow how many years do these two spent together? Ido being Gijiri’s right hand man in Sazaragi and basically is his confidant for way over 70 years. Yeah these two don’t age so like forever Ido and Gijiri ship right? Wrong, here comes Wenkamui chapter and Ido died while sealing Wenkamui engulfed in flames along with the rampaging Majins.

Remember Misakuya? Besides the fact that she flatly rejected Gijiri, another reason for the ship between her and Gijiri sinks is because she ended up with someone else. One of her descendant ends up with some Kagachin, and thus Kukaru is born. Kukaru alone is the centre of 3 possible ships. Gijiri that later finds out he is descendant of Misakuya is like ‘I kinda pissed looking at you but at the same time I will do whatever I can to not letting you die, let’s start by killing the Turii kid’ In Sazaragi as well, we have the tomboy Isago, which is confirmed to have some feelings towards Kukaru. Lastly, the infamous Kukaru and Malchut ship.

Killing two birds with one stone? More like sinking 3 ships at the same time! In the good intention to save Kukaru by killing Malchut, he ends up accidentally killing Kukaru who is shielding Malchut (WOW Gijiri, your life man…) Oh not that I know any ship between the other Star Children, but if there is, that sinks as well since all of them but Malchut are dead.

How about the possible ship between Isago and Malchut? Nah, other than the fact Malchut went to 600 years slumber after her fight with L’erisia, Isago did end up with someone, and in her blood line is Carla (Agiona member in Blind Justice arc)

We are now talking about Blind Justice arc. We have a ship between Falo the loyal knight and the empress, Matin. As you can see from the image, you can tell just how bias I am toward this ship. Well Carla does some flirting, but obviously our knight is putting his undivided attention to his precious empress only. Being Zektbach, this really amazingly sweet ship sinks as well (BASTARD AND IT IS MY OTP FOR LIFE TOO!!) with our knight died for Matin’s sake.

Talking about BJ arc, here comes the other twin, Nox. The ship between Nox and Hannes from chapter 4 was considered to be the most canon. I mean look at them together in Ristaccia video, and Tomosuke himself said Hannes is his favourite too, wow~ surely this ship is safe.. NOT. People (who are still alive) under Ristaccia influence will all saved by Malchut/A’milia, except Hannes. At this point I guess Matin can say to her bro, ‘join the club bro~’

Speaking of Hannes and the overlap between chapter 3 and chapter 4, we also have the ship between 2 Agiona members. Rouven and Lyudmil. Rouven keeps teasing Lyudmil and saying things like I’ll taking care of you, they even playing chase together you know, how fun. But being a troll as he is, Rouven pulls the ‘you are mine hence I am the one killing you’ move.

Then how about the twincest ship that seems to be so popular? (Pixiv and etc seems to indicate so, as for me personally you already being shown before where my bias lies) They are both safe while their ‘love interest’ don’t.


Malchut that awakens as A’milia after a 600 years slumber, and Gijiri who is immortal. They have a past and with both being non-aging characters surely a ship is in order? Unfortunately Gijiri is the second last boss and his final moment is being defeated by A’milia party and losing his immortality in the presence of A’milia magical ‘save them all from Ristaccia’ power.

Well I guess the ships that haven’t sink yet (that involves main characters) are Joah and L’erisia, L’erisia and Malchut/A’milia, also A’milia and Sasha leader of Millian tribe. Joah and L’erisia basically never face each other again after Joah pulled a ‘I choose you, my memetic angel!’ move and release L’erisia in Aria Te Laria. L’erisia and A’milia are safe until their final confrontation and disappear together, but who cares, everyone else does as well anyway right since the world seems to be reset back lol. Sasha the protector with A’milia ship seems fine so far, however the lack of Sasha name being mentioned in the short written chapter of chapter 8 and epilogue make me worried… surely Zektbach wouldn’t.. or will he? I know there are other pairings that are slash in nature involving main chara but I forgot to mention and just not support them so I can’t be bothered drawing them (sorry) But to clarify they are all sink as well since at least one of the character ends up dying.

Anyway regardless on all the sinking ships, we are all keep shipping the way we like anyway (well I do lol)

After all this is why doujinshi and fan art are for, LET’S KEEP SHIPPING EVERYONE~~~ \^O^/


Merry Christmas 2013!

I wanted to make proper drawing but as usual it is not possible due to health, so I can only do some chibis. 
Falo and Matin is obviously to satisfy my ultimate OTP feels, Gijiri and Ido is sort of my xmas card for sealer-of-wenkamui, while Gijiri and A’milia one is for lemishie. Thank you both for your support especially from last year Christmas, let’s Zektbach-ing again for the coming days~

Late Valentine fan art. 
Trying my hand on soft pastel look, definitely need more work as usual haha
After finishing this I can only think that this is probably better close up than full body, hmm.. (never happy with my artwork because I sux, the autobiography) 

Because I am forever late and drunk on ice cream on Halloween, this questionable piece called drawing is only done now /rolls
And holy crap I really need to set the screen on my note properly bec the colour difference from note screen and other screen is like instagram filter asdghhjkkklll