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I got the best dmmd keychain at the con. what was great is I saw this yesterday and came back for it today, so knowing what I wanted I was just like “I want the thirsty aoba keychain” and I don’t think the artist was expecting that at all because she started laughing. anyway love this keychain so much!

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consider the following: aoba eating ren's ass. ren farting right in aoba's face

He pressed his face into the pillow as moans escaped his larynx, arms squeezing the pillow beneath him to hold on to something before he’d completely lose himself to the pleasure of Aoba’s tongue.

Ren rolled his hips back, wondering just how he could even get them that high (doggy style isn’t for everyone), but his assumed it was to abundance of pleasure Aoba was providing him as he probed his ass with that delicate tongue. But not for long.

The moment  Aoba puled away, Ren whined, almost like when he was an AllMate. N-No! He mentally screamed. M-More, I need more!

“Whats wrong, Ren?” Aoba taunted as he squeezed the cheeks before him. “Tell me what you want.”


“Well?” Ren could hear the smirk in Aoba’s voice as he whined and squirmed beneath him, suddenly letting out a great relief in the sound of a “toot.”

There was a pause.

A very, very long pause.


Before he could utter another word, Aoba already put on his tank and sweatpants, taking a blanket and a pilow with him as he headed downstairs for the night.

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Ok so so far I've seen the names sly blue, shiroba, and moruba.. JUST HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE INSIDE AOBA'S BIG BLUE HEAD?

its a fucking rave in there. dude this is nothing, you should take a look into soras head from kingdom hearts…

no but really its just two people in aobas head. well it used to be three. reason, desire and restraint. restraint ollied outta there when aoba was 13 and found an allmate in a trash heap. restraint moved into it so he could keep a better eye on him. he later forgot about it. thats ren.

so, its just reason and desire. generally, all those aobas are differently mixed cocktails of them. (the percentages given are just like to give you the general idea)

sly blue is about 80% desire and 20% reason, with desire in control of aoba

moruba is morphine route aoba. hes sort of like sly. desire is in control and forcefully took reasons place at the control of the body, but hes not adamantly denying reason. desire is just…throwing a hissy fit of sorts. but reason is still in the back of his mind and can influence him a bit. 

shiroba is 100% desire AND he is blocking reason and not accepting him, thus being the only aoba thats truly just desire. hes mad with anger and thus kinda nutty. 

while were at it, the aoba we get to know at the beginning is 100% reason being in control and him having forgotten and repressing desire. thats why hes so selfless and awkward about wanting and desiring something.

at the end of (the good ends of) truth route, morphine route (and the other routes over time though not openly said) its p much a 50 50 between reason and desire.

og. sorry this turned into an essay whoops. this is the meta i was talking about earlier btw lmao