By larryink

christmas au,

"harry i’m too old to be playing with stuffed animals. i’m ten now," he said. harry’s bright smile dimmed a bit and louis hated it. he sighed. "fine, alright." he picked up his fox and moved the arms around in a wild flailing wave. "hello spot!"

harry laughed, and it was probably the best sound louis had ever heard.

Oneshot, Ao3, holidaycheer challenge 

By blackwayfarers

"Oh," Liam says like he’s been hit in the sternum, turning to Zayn with his eyes wide and running his hands back through his hair. "Oh my God, that’s it. Your family, they must have thought – like, because you invited me back home for Christmas and, oh, God – they think we’re boyfriends."

Ao3, One shot


can't forget you // work in progress (multi-chaptered)

when he’s finished off his meal, and he’s just listening to frankie talk, he stares at his profile in the dim lighting of the kitchen. zach thinks he’s pretty, like the way a girl is, but different. he can’t explain it, but he can just barely grasp how maybe they ended up in compromising positions.

after getting struck by a car, zach forgets five month of his life. he stays in new york city to figure out what and who he forgot.

Henry awoke in his hotel room with a start. For a minute, he was startled to find himself in a strange bed then suddenly remembered he was allowing Eliza to sleep at his place after she had gotten evicted. And when he saw that it was 4am and the last few nice thoughts in his head had all been a dream, he muttered a stream of curses and went back to his self loathing.
—  Magic

Title: Take Me Back (To Where It All Began)
Author: roughvoiced 
Rating: General 
Relationship: Harry/Louis 
Word Count: 4,489
Summary: “How’ve you been?” She asks, stepping back slightly, her hands still clasped tightly around his biceps, not letting him go again, not this time.

“M’good,” He grins. “Really good.”

“And Harry?”

Louis nods, smile spreading across his oven warmed face as he drops his gaze to the floor. “Yeah,” He grins, meeting Barbara’s eyes again. “He’s at mums with the baby.”

au; Harry and Louis haven’t visited home in almost two years but when they do, it’s no longer just the two of them.

sequel to How Do You Whisk?

Hypnotist AU where Louis and Harry are best friends and Harry moans out Louis’ name on stage at a hypnotist show and Harry doesn’t remember anything afterwards. Louis promptly has a nervous breakdown. Harry is oblivious.
Oneshot. 14,331.
By HickeyStyles

dying. this is literally one of the best things in the world. why are you still here go read this. I am not kidding it’s fantastic. Haha, fan-tastic. (I like bad puns.)

sparqel asked:

hey! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog and all your stories and you. also, I'm about to have a surgery and I was wondering if you had any stucky fic recs, as I'll have quite a bit of time on my hands. I know you have a shit ton of messages to get to, so if you aren't able to, no worries. have a good week!!!

Hey there! :) I do indeed have a few fics I can throw your way, in terms of ones I’ve read recently that I enjoyed, or ones I feel will be promising :) Good luck with your surgery; I hope you have a speedy recovery from it, whatever it is <3


1. Uniformly Terrible by Chex (provetheworst) [5,144 words - oneshot - E]

After returning from a mission where the Invaders all had to wear their old costumes, Bucky realizes Steve’s kind of got a thing for people in uniform. Mostly if those people in uniform are Bucky, and if the uniform in question involves booty shorts and tights. Bucky might as well take advantage of the fact.

2. Thirty-Six Dollars by ameonna [1,965 words - oneshot - E]

*WARNING: This is a pretty dark fic with dub/con blowjobs, but I love the way Steve is handled here (‘cause he DOES walk away the victor, weirdly), and I am trash so… yeah. Plus, I love everything ameonna writes, so there’s that, too.

Prompt: Steve & friends are captured by Hydra. They force Steve to sexually service them in order to humiliate/degrade him. What they don’t actually know is that he spent a fair amount of time as a kid giving blowjobs in back alleys for rent money, and he just goes back to that place in his head. By which I mean sarcastic teenage punk who knows exactly how good he is with his mouth and has zero shame about doing what he needs to do. (Your choice if the friends are watching or not)

3. Not A Romantic Bone In Your Body by ameonna [4,743 words - 2/2 - E]

*Pairing: Stucky in first chapter, then StevexBuckyxSam in second chapter (poly relationship, no smut in chap. 2). Also? I died laughing reading this.

Bucky and Steve have been playing this stupid game for years. Sam’s the only one who knows.

You laugh? You lose.

4. liar by becausemagnets [5,411 words - oneshot - E]

Bucky’s breath comes out like a little shudder and his toes curl in his socks. Did Steve read that in a book? Should Bucky read a book?

shameless PWP

5. A Soul as Sweet as Blood-Red Jam by pringlesaremydivision [2,456 words - oneshot - E]

It slips out. It just – slips out, and it takes half a second before Steve realizes what he’s said, and then he wants to die.

Or: Steve’s daddy kink comes out to play while he’s in bed with Bucky.

6. a long way from the playground by tesselated [27,369 words - oneshot - E]

“Actually, I am dating someone.” He says.

What ends up happening is, he says the first name that comes to mind.

What ends up happening is, he blurts out, “Steve Rogers.”

Without thinking, obviously. Because if he had been thinking, he would have thought of something better than this.

And that’s how Bucky ends up bringing Steve as a date to his sister’s wedding.

7. 1939: “Corner Boys” by reserve & robokittens [3,942 words - oneshot - M]

*Warning: Mild dubious consent, “Baby BDSM” (Bucky’s actually 20), and teen!sadist!Bucky)

“You oughta be a detective, Brian.” Bucky laughs a little too loudly, meeting Steve’s gaze. “‘Cause you’re dead on. Rogers is sticking it to one of my sisters. Hell, I’d wager he’s sticking it to all of ‘em.”

8. Stick a cork in it by SoulWriter [5,871 words - 1/6 (WIP) - E]

In which Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson own a small vineyard in Italy, Maria Hill is their cellar master, and Bucky Barnes is the cocky, insufferable sommelier superstar who wants to buy the place.

Fíli and Bongo

Bongo nuzzled into Fíli’s chest, but he was gentle, as though he sensed his little friend’s discomfort. Fíli grinned and wrapped his arms around Bongo’s head, resting stubbly cheek on furry forehead. The pony rumbled deep in his chest, and the sound was one of contentment.

Illustration and excerpt from Chapter 10 of ‘Fate Be Changed’, which is up right now!

Louis never really paid attention to Harry until they get stuck in the locker room together. Inspired by this au meme.
Oneshot. 17423.
By itsametaphor

this has left a deep void inside of me that requires more athlete harry because even though he’s got two left (why not right?) feet, he still has this intensity sometimes, & HIS FUCKING SHOULDER MUSCLES. um, let’s not go down that lane any farther. i feel like someone rec’ed this but cannot for the life of me remember who so let’s just go with THIS IS A POWERFUL FIC WITH AMAZING MOMENTS AND EMOTIONS BUT IT’S HAPPY AMAZING SO GO READ IT AND BE HAPPY AND FLOAT AWAY INTO THE CLOUDS BECAUSE OF THE FLUFFINESS THAT IS LARRY.

Command Me (One-Shot / NSFW)

So following on from "Whispers In The Dark", I received another request Cullen request from rihouston (which is actually a few weeks old - so has no spoilers - but has been delayed thanks to DA:I gameplay. Whoops)… Anyway here it is! Laela Trevelyan belongs to my wonderful friend Reetah, and Bioware owns everything else… Enjoy, lovelies! ^_^

The way she says it is what riles him - her hands pressed down on the war table and her shoulders angled just so. She’s been torturing him throughout the entire meeting. Now she levels a new challenge at him. Luckily for her, Cullen is only too ready to accept…

**You have been warned - do not hit the read more button unless you want some serious feels (and potential ovary explosions).** 

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