hansel-anzell said:

15-19 😊

15: age: 16, 17 in sept.
16: biggest wish: to be happy. Honestly have been happy in months.
17: relationship status: single.
18: biggest fear: that I’m going to be alone.
19: never been in a relationship. :/

anonymous said:

hi there i saw the ask about short neutral names that start with "c" and i was wondering if you had any suggestions that start with "a"? (short ones are nice but they don't necessarily have to be) thank u in advance if you answer this ; w;

Same as the last im pretty sucky at names but ill try?

Alex, Ary, Ada, Aida, Avery, Ace, Alec, Ari, Axel, Art, Anzel, Ash, Aure?

Again if you need anymore help with it you can also message me off anon anytime~ 

i hope you find something that works for you too


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