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i just cannot get over how great you are at building a home for your characters in your fic like all the little details that go into harry not liking his house in once in a lifetime but liking niall's apt(s) (including that narry au that's like a dream house). in that vein why does harry like niall's homes so much exactly? thanks v much you're great!

Oh my gooooooodnessssss. Yes. Thank you! THANK YOU. Spaces are very important to me. 

A thing that keeps coming up as a theme in my fics that include Harry is his relationship to living spaces? I feel like he’s very transient. He has a problem where he doesn’t truly feel at home anywhere. Obviously this has to do with him being constantly in transit for the past 5 years, but I find it really interesting that he has a rep as sort of a rich hobo? He likes to stay with friends of friends, he likes to sleep on peoples’ couches, he went all the way to LA and bought a house and I suspect he sleeps at the Azoff’s more often than not. 

I find it super SUPER interesting that Harry likes buying art. He buys those neon signs and paintings and various other things that you would use to decorate a house, but the Harry in my head is never quite satisfied. He buys a thing, brings it back to his house and arranges it in a corner or on a table and he looks around and thinks “did that do it? Is it home yet?”

I imagine Harry envies Niall’s domestic fluency. Niall can travel non-stop with the band for months and then go home and settle almost immediately into his home. It’s so tidy and precisely arranged but every single thing in Niall’s house is absolutely full of Niall’s energy. It’s his space. I think Harry chases that feeling–the feeling of a room being really lived in and completely suffused with a person’s energy and personality. Harry struggles with cultivating a space like that for himself and Niall’s home fascinates him a little for that reason. 

I feel like this has got a lot to do with how thick Harry’s armor is but that is neither here nor there. I’m also fascinated with Niall’s home for the record. I am Harry. Harry is me. 


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