Workout of the day! I’m doing a mash up of these two routines by alternating between them. I’ll do each a total of 3 times for a 30 minute workout.

These are from the Tone in Twenty Take 2 series, there’s two other workouts (booty and cardio), get all the details on all 4 workouts here!

Crossing Paths || Open

Most days out in the woods were quiet. 
The occasional rustle of leaves by the squirrels as they shuffled through them for loose acorns.
The occasional whoosh of an arrow as the squirrel became Trace’s next meal.
And the call of birds that always sung, no matter the time of day or weather.
For Trace it was usually a comfortable place. He didn’t truly have anywhere he called home – but the woods were kind enough to him as it was and there was never too many people to bother him.

Today though it felt oddly quiet. As he stalked through the woods, he couldn’t help but feel he wasn’t the only one out here doing the same.
Maybe he was just being paranoid – a debt collector often had to be.
Still, he wasn’t going to take any chances.
When hearing footsteps not far from his position, he quickly twisted off the path he was on, hiding the squirrels on his back and readying his crossbow before hiding in the brush until his “pursuer” was right on top of him.

Quickly he stepped right behind in front of them, the arrow tip pointed straight at their heart,
“Why are you following me?!” he snapped gruffly, his eyes narrowed and his finger prepared on the trigger.



Petra: Captain? 

Levi: hn? 

Petra: Permission to speak freely sir? 

Levi:* Sigh* Permission granted, Petra, you don’t have to be so formal with me Petra: Once again, i dont know if we’re going to make it out of here alive…but if we do.. do you think…do you think we could leave all of this behind us Levi? Levi:….. 

Petra:I-I mean together…leave all of this behind us 

Levi: Where will we go? 

Petra: Anywhere with you is fine….home ( i think that’s what she said) 

Levi: That could probably be arranged…. But lets have this conversation after, i think it’ll keep our eyes on the prize, you know the plan 

Petra:…I do Levi: Good, sleep well 

Petra: I love you captain  *cue fan girling* 

Levi:…….what was that? 

Petra: err…you have a little something on your uniform! haha.. 

Levi: huh? argh damnit! i’ll get this taken care of right now, hold on