January 29, 2015: Guyysss!!! I missed a day!!! I even forgot to take a picture! What is this blasphemy!??!?! Well, here are extra selfies to make up for it even if you guys don’t care lol. I’m just ashamed. Well anywayssss, yesterday nothing happened. I had a new class for the semester: Economics. I was not excited, and I’m still not excited. I could have had a free block, but the school system decided tack on another requirement to graduate. So, yeahhh. I barely know anyone in my class. For the people I do know, I don’t even talk to them. It’s actually kind of funny because literally every social group at school is represented by the few people I do know. It’s a weird bunch, but we make it through by trying to make conversation during class and lunch. Then, last night, I volunteered at an elementary school’s literacy night, so the kids had different activities. I was a part of the group that read a book to the kids, and then the kids got to pick out their own book to keep. ‘Twas very cute. The other group made bookmarks, which also looked lots of fun. Today was just another day of school. I did, however, have a field trip to the same elementary school to do observations for my class that teaches you the very basics of becoming a teacher. I don’t want to be a teacher, but I love the class. It was cool, and I definitely want to intern at an elementary school now. Tonight, I got to volunteer at my schools Open Mic Night, which is kind of like a talent show. It was very fun. Now, I’m here to do homework and play my ukulele(:

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Best Wishes,

zodiac "most compatible" with 5sos
  • aries:u + cal = sunglasses emoji
  • taurus:luke or ash pls yall would be so cute
  • gemini:listen.... calum hood
  • cancer:michael michael michael michael michael
  • leo:none lol soz but if opposites attract then calum
  • virgo:michael..... then ashton n luke
  • libra:calum n u NICE
  • scorpio:luke or ashton i mean rly have u seen muke
  • sagittarius:Y/N Hood honestly
  • capricorn:u n michael could rule the world
  • aquarius:none tbh but u n calum could get it. u have a lot in common
  • pisces:u and luke or ashton would be the dream team... also michael

happy 35th birthday lee minwoo, dearest angel of mine

coolwater m. vocalist, dancer, choreographer, lyricist, composer, producer, ceo, entrepreneur, fashionista, designer;; there is nothing that you aren’t capable of. you who electrifies the crowd with your stage presence. you who serenades us with the lovely songs you write. you who captivates us with the intricate dances you create. you who are so passionate for your music and career. you are truly  a m a z i n g  and  inspirational.

on the flip side of this cool, talented, hardworking man is the dorky and lovable, special stupidlee minbong. the mischievous minbong who steals others’ food. the minbong who picks his nose and wipes it on others. the minbong who showers with sunglasses on. the minbong who so proudly shows you how to fart voluntarily. the adorable ball of fun minbong who makes you laugh with his ridiculous && clumsy ways.

and then you have the sweet and caring minwoo. the minwoo who visits his parents at the hospital whenever he can even with a busy schedule. who spends extra time recording in the studio to help make it easier for the others. who hugs and greets hoobaes and readily gives them advice. who constantly makes us hearts and calls us pretty (even if we’re not). who jumps around on stage with a bum ankle just to give us a proper show. though you are tough and cool on the exterior, but inside you are a man completely  ((  f u l l  o f  l o v e  )) who is willing to do anything for the ones you love.

this isn’t even scratching the surface of all the wonderful things you are. i could spend an entire day writing of the ways i love you and it wouldn’t be enough but whatever way you look at it, it’s hard not to fall for this amazing man and everything he has to offer. coolwater m, the proud artist who sings his own songs at the noraebang. mstyleo, the fashionista who turns an airport hall into a fashion runway. dance master m who amazes us each year with brilliant choreography. special stupid who creates farting exercises in his free time. //self-proclaimed// shinhwa’s center who always likes to be in the middle. the king of fanservice who sticks his body out of moving cars to thank us. the adorable puppybong who seduces us with his eyesmile and aegyo;;

to you who’s perfect in more than a million ways and one; to the beautiful, gorgeous, talented, lovable, one-of-a-kind lee minwoo, happy birthday 

Imagine your favorite character going to an anime convention with you and being amazed by all the cosplays of people they recognize