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HoriKashi for the ship post! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


who’s the cuddler: 

kashima is definitely the cuddler! (although hori enjoys cuddling just as much, if not more, than kashima does. he’s just not very open about it, haha.) anyways, she’s always looking for excuses to cuddle and she just needs to wrap her precious princess hori in her arms and protect him from the dangers of the world.

who makes the bed:

hori does!!! kashima’s not a slob, but you can’t trust her with these tasks early in the morning.

who wakes up first:

again, hori wakes up first! kashima’s a late riser, and sometimes sleeps in on purpose. (and if he doesn’t get up first, who the hell’s going to drag her out of bed, anyways??)

who has the weird taste in music:

i guess it depends on your definition of weird, but probably kashima?? im assuming?

who is more protective:

THIS IS SO TOUGH BUT IM GOING TO HAVE TO GO WITH HORI ON THIS ONE. kashima is hori’s knight in shining armor, his one and only prince charming!!!! but idk hori is a doting mother hen when it comes to kashima. without a doubt, if something went down or someone threw some serious shade at either one of them, hori or kashima would probably beat them up. however, hori probably worries way more about kashima than she does him. he’s probably always super paranoid when it comes to her bc she’s always doing silly things and might get hurt, and if anything happened to her, hori would probably die tbh. (however, it goes without saying that kashima also cares about hori a lot.)

who sings in the shower:

KASHIMA. KASHIMA ALWAYS SINGS IN THE SHOWER. COMPLETELY OUT OF TUNE. OFF PITCH. DYING CHICKEN. (and hori finds it so endearing he literally cannot whenever she sings in the shower. like who knew, he thinks whilst laughing his ass off. kashima is adorable.)

who cries during movies:

THEY BOTH DO! kashima gets way more emotional than hori and is a snot-faced mess, but hori definitely cries as well. he gets so invested in the plot and characters he cant help it. (he tries so hard to keep it in though. i cant cry in front of kashima especially in front of kASHIMA. but he does and then when they get home they cry about it some more and kashima’s trying to be all suave and gently wipes away his tears and caresses his face telling him to dry his tears and finishes with a cheesy pickup line but it doesnt work bc she’s a snot-faced mess too.

who spends the most while out shopping:

kashima does! she really enjoys buying clothes and snacks and parfaits and dessert and food. (and hori definitely does not help in this case he can’t say no to her face. impossible. simply unthinkable.)

who kisses more roughly:

HORI. (ok i can totally get into the idea of kashima being a rough kisser, but she can’t do it! she just can’t! to her hori is a delicate, fragile maiden who must be protected and she cannot bring him harm! he must be treated like a delicate princess!!!) and on hori’s side of things, ok man this boy has a lot of pent up sexual frustration in regards to kashima like honestly

who is more dominant:

they can both be dominant whenever they want to be, but i like to think kashima’s the more dominant one. (after all, she gets whatever she wants and hori can never say no to her.) and even when she’s not being dominant, she still technically is bc everything hori basically does is for her.

my rating of the ship from 1-10:

i give this ship a big, fat ZERO. I FUCKIN HATE HORIKASHI. I. HATE. HORIKASHI. LIFE-RUINERS. they have ruined my life. they have taken away my sanity and my patience and have basically ruined me forever. my life will never be the same. disgusting. this ship is trash. garbage pickup is in two days. put them in where they belong. yall know what to do.

When I posted those pictures earlier this month the fans that had taken them said that Colton had said it was his last day filming Arrow and I remember thinking “lolol on these precious children don’t understand that he means last day for the SEASON” good lord I was wrong. Anyway, Willa was filming this day too (the pic is on instagram and I am not looking for it) so there must be a Thea/Roy reunion and ::fingers crossed:: they run away together.

I feel like I am the definition of butthurt over how this show treated Roy. He had some nice character development this season but there was the potential for so much more. All this time the show spent fleshing out Felicity’s love life, her mom, boring flashbacks… could have been spent developing THE SIDE KICK. I am laughing that the side kick of the character the show is about isn’t on the show anymore. What a joke.  I mean, seriously, what is this show going to be now? Olicity drama and shipper Diggle with Laurel doing what??!! If anyone has had it worse than Roy fans it’s Laurel fans and good luck to y’all because I only see more hell for you guys. 

I hope Colton finds something amazing next where he is appreciated for his talents. I only watched this show for him and I came to really enjoy it (especially before I saw the terrible fandom) but I am done. Nothing about what is left of the show is anything I care about. Diggle and Olivers characters have been ruined and the show has become 100% fan service. Enjoy crying about a fern every week. 

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F, M, K: Emmett Carver, Alec Hardy, The Tenth Doctor

My BABIES!!! How could you do such a thing? 

Okay, so realistically. I would kill Ten. Cause, well, he’s gonna die anyways. I would so fuck Carver in a heart beat. Like seriously take all that aggression out in the bed you fucking sexy piece of man cake. And of course that would leave the precious Hardy for marrying. Because at the end of the day who doesn’t want to lie in bed looking into those brown pools of honey and listen to that accent through the phone at lunch. 

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14, Celesse!

Cutest thing he’s ever done? He’s precious though so there’s so many! How can I pick?
One time Chris ate Nick’s entire birthday cake the night before (that Crow spent a Lot of money on) so Celesse stayed up all night baking a new, giant cake and told Nick Crow made it

The cake didn’t look that great but Nick loved it anyway because it was the thought that mattered ❤❤❤

Akatsuki no Yona just brings the feels out of me ! ;-; like seriously I never got so many feels from a manga! It’s so good omg! Is just not fair! Hurting me right in the feels like that! T-T

And Zenooo~ *sobs* poor soul! He’s acting so cheerful and young and omg he’s just too precious! How can he do that?! Normally if a person would be immortal they would most likely NOT be cheerful and happy go lucky like him! Just how?! All his sadness , fear of loneliness just closed up inside of him! Woah! I just admire Zeno! He is one of those characters that I look up to! He even knows the future ( well does predictions anyway~) and he still goes on with it! he’s amazing Hands down! *respectfully bows*

[ I’m gonna talk over this okay. Mun is sentimental. Shut up. ]

LOOK AT HOW FRICKIN AWESOME HE LOOKS. And I’m not even talking about how goddamn charming and good looking he is, by this time I couldn’t care less about how he looks. I’ve been rping him for one and a half years and I can honestly say he is more as a character of my own than just a character I saw on a manga page. He is my precious muse, he is literally my frickin baby and I am his damn mama and look at him. Just look at him.

See the frickin evil in his eyes because that’s where he ends up. I cannot even express how much this one image means to me because, as a character we know so little about, I developed my own Tokusa as a mixture of what’s canon and what’s original, whom I play most of the time as an akuma anyway, and if you have been maybe following my posts solely about him since my headcanons reached their peak you would also notice that this is indeed my Tokusa.

That’s exactly why I’m so sentimental over it because he is not an antagonist he is a mere side character we all know so little about and then, two years laters and BAM. My Tokusa.

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Omfg if I didn't love you before, I'd love you now that's for sure❤️ ! You actually took the time to look at my blog description 💕 uhm yeah, what should I say? I mean who doesn't love this precious bundle of joy? *squeals* I just adore him and everytime he lost a match I cried with him like a little baby xD I guess this says enough about me... Anyway, I'm doing pretty fine since it's holidays and all ^^ oh, I saw you posting stuff about monogatari on your other blog! Mind telling me about it?

It will never amount to as much as I love you <3 of course! I try to look at (more like stalk) everyone’s blog that follows Knb-drabbles. 

GODD DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THIS PRECIOUS LITTLE STAR. From his expressions and his “I’m better than you” attitude that he has when he meets someone to how much he as grown as a character and the fact how much he has grown close to his team and kasamatsu oh babe I was sobbing right along with you! Do you have any favorite headcanons for him? :3

Oh, ore monogartai is just this little shoujo manga that was made into an anime and has completely consumed me body and soul. It’s no big deal xD

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Have you showed any songs or mvs to your mom? if yes, what did she thought of it? Tell your mom to come to the dark side~ (while caressing your precious k-pop albums) lol jk but oh it happened *glares at the two people named mark* haha. Waaait are you planning to get VIP/+ Tix? or like the cheapest one? i mean if you do go. how much is for gas anyway lol like $50? Imagine seeing your sidebar gif live. holy jesus. J-Hope looks really good in black ;____; how did he even became your bias?

Yes i have lol but she was like “are you sure these are boys?” (I think the first one i showed her was B1A4) she was joking but i got annoyed so now I only show her Ailee stuff when she’s singing in English. But she does think the way they do the CDs are really cool. They’re not that expensive. I just bought the new EXO CD (Chanyeol’s version) and with shipping it only came to like $25 and tbh I’ve spent more than that on CDs i bought at Target or something. IF i get to go I’ll probably go for the cheapest o can get lol because lets be real Kpop artist barely come to the US for rn and I’d be happy just going in general. Dude we’d probably end up spending like $100 on gas because we live like 4 - 5hrs away from LA and that’s if there’s no traffic at all on the way. But there is always traffic and the ride usually ends up 6 or 7 hours in the end. So that long to and from is A LOT. That’d be a dream though seeing him in person. If we can’t go to this I’m gonna try to convince them to go to KCON in August. Tbh i liked V at first and then Jin and then RM and finally i got JHope because he’s sunshine and i love him haha but RM is still really close :P