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6 8 favorite Twisted Sisters moments → requested by anonymous

Cristina is a hero. Especially to me.


Es usted un natural de México, Miguel? Oh my god.

colors from palettes #6 and #14, requested by anonymous


wheezy junior  [a star wars fanmix]

i. tarzan boy / baltimora | ii. shooting stars / bag raiders | iii. dont you worry child / swedish house mafia feat. john martin | iv. blame it on the girls / mika | v. to the sky / owl city | vi. kill your heroes / awolnation | vii. underdog / imagine dragons | viii. work this body / walk the moon | ix. lets dance to joy division / the wombats | x. father of mine / everclear

[listen here]


30DAYTGC » Day 17:

A song that reminds you of your ship- Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne [insp.]


"Should have known I’d find you two down here. Little warning next time? I thought you eloped without me."


You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve,
and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground.

There’s a hole in my soul,
I can’t fill it,
can you fill it?

— Flaws, Bastille

I T ’ S  T I M E - a fanmix for Chuck Season 6, i.e. songs that could’ve been on the S6 soundtrack had there been another season [listen here]

01. imagine dragons - it’s time / 02. radical face - ghost towns / 03. the lumineers - flowers in your hair / 04. blind pilot - things i cannot recall / 05. vance joy - riptide / 06. said the whale - a cold night close to the end / 07. the vaccines - if you wanna / 08. the paper kites - bloom / 09. american authors - best day of my life / 10. lord huron - ends of the earth / 11. radical face - welcome home / 12. james blunt - bonfire heart


tr1llkitten said: Anything Alana will and Hannibal

The promises we made were not enough
The prayers that we have prayed were like a drug
The secrets that we sold were never known
The love we had, the love we had, we had to let it go.

Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars Link is the censored but still very explicit video

AAAAH I hope I’m not too late! 

Happy Birthday to the very wonderful Kat!

She’s really nice to chat to about all sorts of things, and a great source of inspiration. Her art is really clean, cute, and not to mention, simply AMAZING. 

Hope you have a great day, and stay cool, man.