its a great thing that the girls are taking their time with album 3 cause remember how rushed the whole salute era was?? they recorded the whole album in less than two weeks, released the album a WEEK after the lead single came out not to mention the lazy shitty ass promo campaign. the fact that theyre taking their time means they’ve learned from the stupid mistakes they made in the past. just be patient and im sure it’ll all be worth the wait

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44. Thoughts - rose/ten

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"I swear I never meant to read through your secret thoughts!"

If he thought about it from an unbiased, untampered perspective, it had been inevitable from the start, really.

Rose paced the extremely short length of their jail cell, one hand smoothing down her hair and the other in a small fist by her hips. “I’m so angry,” she muttered as she walked.

The Doctor, on the other hand, sat and watched, terrified that one word from him would set her off completely and cause her to show off some of her mother’s genes. Specifically the slapping and yelling ones.

"Rose, it’s okay," he squeaked after a moment.

Rose stopped and spun around on her heels to face him. “No it’s not! They were so rude! Ugh.” She sat down next to him and folded her arms across her chest. “I can’t believe civilizations can be like this. Now we’re stuck in this puny, stinking cell for, how many hours again?”

"Twelve," he provided helpfully.

"TWELVE!" she shouted, kicking her foot against the wall.

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self proclaimed king of hockey on tumblr is like…confused as to why people aren’t on their knees bowing to his all mighty greatness over his article, titled “how I became the face the nhl on tumblr” (emphasis on the I, singular) when literally EVERyone and their mother knows teenage/early 20-year-old GIRLS have been running this nhl shit show on tumblr since the dawn of time. 

he literally wrote “it was always only me” and “i’ll never forget when the nhl was me” and he’s confused as to why people are like lmao hey…….hold up… then he goes and tweets that he’s “not even gonna broach the witch hunt right now” referring to people (girls!!! were witches!!!!) being annoyed at his superiority complex, but then is like “why are women offended”


Look, I’m Hispanic, and I’m excited about The Book of Life. While I may not actively celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, I’ve always loved the universal nature of the celebrations connected to it and how we as a culture are always willing to share it with others, despite how some may look down upon us for encouraging “cultural appropriation”. But, tumbkr, come on, The Book of Life is NOT the first mainstream animated movie to “portray another culture” nor is it the “first step in getting more animated movies to portray culture”. First, culture is a broad term, and if we’re using the definition “ideals, language, design, and spirituality drawn from the roots and history of a societal region”, then we have examples of Aborigine, Polynesian, Mesopotamian, Scottish, Aztec, Celtic, Native American, Indian, Brazilian, Nigerian, YES Mexican, and Spanish, just… Countless cultures in animation, even without leaving major studios and second, you’re ignoring a lot of movies here even if you disregard Disney, as many of you do for whatever reason.

The characters in the movie are not the “first and only representation of Hispanic and/or Mexican protagonists, even as part of an ensemble in animation.” Just… Yikes, no, you’re ignoring a lot of characters and performances there. I mean, tumblr, you’re often praising The Road to El Dorado, and Audrey Ramirez from Atlantis and suddenly they don’t exist? And this film is not the “last example of a Latin character in animation we will have for a while” as not even a month from now Big Hero 6 comes out with Honey Lemon, and that’s just the immediate future.

Basically, I agree that The Book of Life is a significant release for animation in both content and timing of release, but in your efforts to praise it and explain to people why they should support it, I really wish you’d stop erasing the past. Despite the misinformed attitudes and assumptions this site carries about animation, the medium HAS made significant progress since the racist shorts of the 20’s-50’s that were products of their time, and in some ways animation has proven more flexible and varied than live action film and television both in ideals and execution.

Yes, go see The Book of Life, but please don’t ignore the strides the medium has taken to get here when you do.

Why do you care more about the image of a hockey player who literally gives zero shits about you instead of a person who was abused or felt like they were in danger lmao

All I gotta say is some pieces of shit are lucky I was learning about acupressure and meditation and reiki this morning and I’m too chill and at peace with my mind to destroy your shit life :-)