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Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran:

It’s’s weird seeing him without his acoustic

Damage Control

fobbed!Twelve, Rose Tyler

Malcolm makes a confession…and ruins a suit.

beta’d, as usual, by the ever-patient thedoctordanceswithrose

The rain starts pouring as Malcolm gets in his car and drives to Rose’s flat, making visibility a thing of the fucking past.  It’s not far from Number Ten, and he’s only more thankful of this when the short distance he can see reveals a huddled figure walking swiftly on the pavement.  If there’s one thing he’s learned in the past few weeks, it’s the ability to recognize Rose anywhere.

“Get in the car,” he shouts through the open passenger window as he pulls up near her.

She turns and stares at him, then shakes her head and keeps walking.  “I’m fine, thanks.”

“Oh, don’t be stupid!”  He nudges the pedal to roll the car forward in pace with her.  “Rose, get in the fucking car!”

“Won’t that hurt your precious reputation?” she asks.  “Or are we just dropping all pretense and going with the idea that I’m a streetwalker now?”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!”

He slams down the pedal, and the car lurches forward to the next available spot for him to pull over and park.  He gets out, slamming the door and rounding the bonnet to stand a few feet in front of her, effectively blocking her path.

“It wasn’t just fucking sex, alright?” he shouts over the rain.  “It never was.”

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I started to wonder, as I bathed a sachet of tea in a mug I stole from your house, if all I’ll ever mean to you is what I took away. If my place in your life, my puzzle piece in the Greater You, ends up as only a missing piece. Negative space. I just worry that I’m the appliqued letter on your favorite sweatshirt that one day wears away. Or the childish “y” at the end of your single syllable name, discarded with age for seriousness. That absence to prove that I took from you and then left it that way. Each evening when you tell me about the triumphs of your day, are your words catching in my hair only to later on be washed down the drain? Will you cut out my embroidered “love” on your heart?

When my tea finally dyed the water it was in, I sent out a prayer that I won’t just be a passion colored bruise left to fade on your skin. I hope that I don’t leave as A Waste of Your Time, who’s lips can not touch yours— only the ceramic of a mug you’ve left behind.

—  Negative Space - Chloe Allyn
A Day in the Life

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1765

Warnings: None

Description: An assortment of some short clips from an “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil” video, AU where Dan and Phil are in a public relationship. Written from the viewers POV. *shrugs*

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The more I think about it RVB needs a keeper of the canon.

The writers dont count because thats not what Keeper of the Canon does. Or not for the Star Wars, Halo and several other universes I know of that have Canon Keepers. (Though the Star Wars one reset so I dunno if they use the same guy anymore even).

They need someone to make a straight timeline and ask questions to help get things in order or get details and to answer those same questions on demand to help the writers. Someone super detail oriented though flexible enough to let some things go considering RVB has joke things all the time. The more writers there are the more details there will be that one added that another forgets and contradictions will start happening. Hell they happened with just Burnie, Hello Out of Mind vs s10!

If they didnt have an extended book universe coming out this might not have been a thing but oh boy its going to need to be a thing. Because Eddy Rivas is writing it from what I can tell and oh look thats now 4 different writers/directors on RVB…

Heck there might be people working for RT who’d be good at it. Maybe someone in the community if not. And I doubt someone who does this would have to stay SUPER close on hand during the writing process they just need to have a day to check things over and talk things out every once in a while. Update the timelines and spreadsheets.

(I think that if Miles Luna wasnt writing RVB hed be good at this but its probably better to get objective views on it.)

before i made this blog: *ivar tag updates like once a week but its just someone calling ivar annoying*

now: *ivar and juvar tags update almost daily with beautiful fics and art*

me: *lone tear of joy*… it is Our Time….

vivzie-pop replied to your post:im gonna need to actually make alarms for me to…

oh noooo what happened? 8c

lol i was working on my animation for class tomorrow and i suck when it comes to saving often it crashed and i’m back to keyframes when i was almost ready to export and I’m just gonna have to go hold my head high and admit the truth and hope everything turns out for the best flops into bed goodnight world