I think, at the root of this whole “women aren’t real sports fans” debate is the idea that it isn’t acceptable for women to sexualize men even though, for centuries, women have been reduced to objects.

Too often women are written off as only enjoying a sport for the eyecandy. First of all, during a hockey game, there is no eyecandy - literally every inch of the players’ bodies are covered. Honestly, the players look like block rectangles with legs and a helmet. Wow, so hot. Also - female and male hockey players are indistinguishable in pads but for the occasional ponytail. There really isn’t anything sexually appealing about a hockey game to a heterosexual woman - other than the hockey porn, of course. We don’t sit on the edges of our seats through 60+ minutes of play to ogle the players. We do it because we love the game - for the excitement, the thrill, the beauty of it.

But even if a woman is in it for the eyecandy, for the ass and abs, she has every right to be a fan of the sport for that reason, among others. Turn on your TV and watch a few commercials. What do you see? Women in tight, short skirts. Women with plunging necklines. Women engaging in blatantly sexual acts until they themselves are the product, not the things they’re selling. Are men sexualized in the same way? Very rarely. The vast majority of society sees no problem in the sexualization of women because “it’s the way things have always been.” While that is, in of itself, deeply problematic, it’s a phenomena in our society that we can’t deny.

So why is it, that the moment men are sexualized, there is this outcry, this dismissal of the women doing the sexualization? People don’t point fingers at men at Lingerie Football League games and say, “You’re not a true football fan!” Men who go to Powderpuff Football Games just to leer at the women aren’t crucified. Male fans of beach volleyball aren’t called into question. Why? Because that has become the status quo, because somehow, in some deeply twisted way, men are permitted to see women as sexual objects, but women aren’t allowed the same right.

What, a woman who can appreciate the physical attributes of an athlete isn’t a “true sports fan?” That woman can’t know the game inside out, can’t play it better than you, can’t crunch numbers and spit out facts? Women are smart, women are strong, and women are also sexual beings. We can find athletes sexy if we want to. We have every right to sexualize men as long as they continue to sexualize us. And if that doesn’t make men lesser people, then why is it grounds to dismiss a female fan?

At the root of this debate is an issue of inequality, of the repression of female sexuality. And in order to solve a problem, you must always start at the root.

re. the holocaust & fanfiction

okay, so there’s something that a lot of people don’t understand, and that’s how untouchably raw the holocaust was and still is to the world’s jewish population, and all of the german and previously occupied lands. it’s very very recent history, and we often forget that if we’re not a part of it. the issue with writing fanfiction about the nazi period is that it really, honestly trivialises the immense horror that occurred in the holocaust. honestly there’s no way to put into words how horrific the holocaust was, and still continues to be, as its impact is still very much felt by the families of the millions that were killed, and still after decades we’re still struggling to come to terms with it as humanity.

a lot of people on tumblr and in the shinee community will have been deeply affected by the holocaust, and that’s not an opinion that’s just a straight fact. the holocaust was cold, and calculated, it was completely unlike anything ever witnessed by humanity and it’s destroyed so many families. writing fanfiction about it is so insensitive, and honestly if you think that it’s okay you really haven’t grasped the full extent of the holocaust. i don’t mean to patronise you but you really do . not. understand.

i’m all for writing about the past, trust me i really am, and as a writer i am all for artistic freedom to write about what you wish to write, but the holocaust really isn’t one of those things. you can’t romanticise the holocaust, it just can’t be done, because romanticising the holocaust is romanticising all of the lives that were lost, all of the families that were destroyed, it’s trivialising really triggering issues that people are still struggling with, that countries are still struggling with. it’s whitewashing an atrocious part of human history.

imagine if you had written a story romanticising 9/11 or ground zero, or one of the many plane crashes as of late, that would be completely unacceptable, and honestly compared to the holocaust those disasters really aren’t as horrific, they will fade into history books, it sounds awful but it’s true, humanity can’t remember everything.

but the holocaust lives on, the holocaust is still fresh, it’s raw, it’s like an open wound still because it was so horrific, the pure thought of humanity doing what humanity did is sickening, and it will remain sickening for years and years to come.


Tiny Hannibal accepts the ALS Ice bucket challenge and nominates nbchannibal!

He interrupted her, his tone soft. “When you asked me out for a coffee-,” she pursed her lips in surprise – “Except I’m not rude.”

Molly blinked, trying very hard not to laugh. “That’s – your fantasy? That you’re not rude?”

“Well – yes,” he said with a raised brow.

—  The List: Chapter Seven: Coitus (teaser)