Hereeeres Vinyl!

The horn won’t be that long btw, it’s just poppin out cuz it’s not sewn uwu

She is looking damn beautiful if I do say so myself~

I fixed the pattern a bit so she’s not leaning forward, and I also tweaked her head a bit. It’s almost exactly where I want it to be~
Her eyes are magenta, they just look red here, and I wish they were xD

Anyways, goodnight everyone :3


Tonights episode of Steven Universe totally made my heart sing. I could not go to sleep with out doodling Steven. If you’re not watching Steven Universe, you should! Also you should follow these amazing artist from the show:








colemanengle and jeremysorese (cause they do amazing work for the comics)

I’m also missing tons of people but that was just the few that I could think of off the top of my head. Anyway goodnight and watch Steven Universe already!!


I love Tyler, not the rock fairy loser, the other Tyler the one that makes you cringe often, anyway goodnight 


MOD: so with halloween fast approching I decided to give my two elementals costumes…say hello to Succubus Red Fire 

and her brother Nightmare ICE (blue fire) 

also as a challenge/contest whoever can give me the best headcannon for how Nightmare Ice came to be (aside from me just drawing him for halloween) will become cannon…yes if I really like your headcannon about Nightmare ICE then I will make it Canon and you get all the lovely credit for when I get to that part of the story so good luck can’t wait to see what you guys think up about him…also elements of harmony dont do jack against an element of the planet so yeah no twilight rainbow power for you…because seriously that whole rainbow power was stupid in my opinion anyway LOL anyway goodnight and good luck

It pleases me greatly to know that Sam is a morning person. I mean just think about it - petty much whoever your OTP with Sam is, they’re almost certainly not a morning person. Just think about what that would mean…

-Sam getting up bright and early almost every morning and working out and by the time he’s getting out of the shower they’re just waking up, and that’s the first thing they see, every morning - Sam emerging from the bathroom all wet and mostly naked.

-Sam making them breakfast and bringing it to them, cos he’s been up for ages so he might as well.

-Sam sometimes staying in bed just to watch them sleep in the early morning, and smiling fondly even though their hair is a mess and they’re probably drolling, cos heart eyes motherfucker.

-Sam being woken up when they finally come to bed at like 3 in the morning and him groaning in protest but kissing them goodnight anyway.

-Sam waiting up for them to come to bed, even though he knows they’ll be ages, just so that he can kiss them goodnight and cuddle them to sleep.

-Sam dragging them to bed when it gets too late and they’re busy doing something super important but probably spending too much time on it, and Sam just telling them they need to take a break and carrying them to bed.

-Sam giving them morning sex because even though they’re only just awake, it’s like the middle of the day for him and he’s awake and eager and totally turned on to see them lying half-naked in bed.

-Sam making really sarcastic comments when they finally emerge upstairs at like midday with bedhair and still in their jammies.

I don’t understand the hatred for Beatles For Sale. it’s actually a really good album like ???? it may contain some weak covers & it’s probably their weakest album overall but perhaps people just feel that way because it’s rather understated. No Reply, I’m A Loser, Baby’s In Black, I’ll Follow The Sun, Eight Days A Week, Every Little Thing, and What You’re Doing are all just really wonderful beautiful songs & some of my favorites. they’re all well-performed songs that contain emotionally nuanced lyricism, lovely melodies, & fantastic production okay I love them so so so so much