favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Nephthys with Emanuela de Paula

From birth, shadowed Nephthys has been one half of a whole. Isis is more than a sister, more than blood. Isis is life, the womb that brings forth the Pharoah, and Nephthys is the barren spreading desert. The darker sister doesn’t think anything of this: death is her realm. Time moves on, and Nephthys becomes an afterthought, the forgotten one. Twin to beloved Isis, sister to undead Osiris, wife to chaotic Set. No titles, no stories, just Nephthys. She supports, she betrays, she laments; she plays each part the tale asks of her. Centuries pass and pyramids rise. Centuries pass and royal families fall. Centuries pass and Kemet is fought over, a scrap between wild dogs, and no longer can she remember if they once all stood as equals.

Moonlit and cold, Nephthys is the kite that soars on night thermals, its mournful cry piercing the darkness.