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I don't for a second believe those tweets came from Liam. This has Modest written all over it. How could the frontman of this band be perceived as anything other than 100% hetero? Liam in person is COMPLETELY different. Nope, no way.

It’s just that this fits with Liam’s previous twitter activity when addressing things he sees/reads about himself (unless you believe those tweets were their team’s doing as well). Liam is being very homoerotic on stage these days so I think this is just another one of his unnecessary reactions to online criticism/rumours. Still, I’m open to the idea of it not being him. 

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tbh i think you're just in denial about shipping kagehina. i mean, sure, their friendship is great and all, but you seem to like shipping them and disguising it with the word "friendship", even if you don't know it yourself. but i could be wrong; it's only from my speculations.

you make it sound as if anything other than romantic involvement isn’t quite important….I’m all for deep bonds, which happen it friendships too.

I never made a follow forever when I got to 100 followers, so I’m making one because I reached 200+ about three weeks ago. It honestly means so much to me that so many people follow me, it’s crazy to even think about.  I just want to thank anyone who has ever RP’ed with or has messaged me!

the baes, before anyone else:

rxdiantx: STEPHHHH, OH MY GOSH, LIKE I DON’T EVEN THINK I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY EXPECT FOR LIKE THANK YOU??? FOR RP’ING WITH ME?? YOUS THE BAE. I freaking love Teresa and Jace together, they make me so freaking happy. Not just them, but also our 3473872 other threads together!!

indiemuseblr: JAY BITCH, YEAH THAT’S RIGHT! I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY OTHER THAN YOU’RE A BITCH, BITCH! Just kitten, I love you, but you break my heart 24/7. As your best friend, I think that I should have some sort of free pass where I get to slap you because you break my heart. Seriously, like Scout and Mikey smh. Don’t even touch me. I’m this (puts a small amount of distance between my fingers) close to terminating our friendship. STILL YOU’RE SOMEHOW THE REAL MVP.

genxrations: JORDYNNNNN, oh my gosh our para started as like “sure i’d like a starter” and now it’s just pure beauty! Like AIUEHGIAEURAR I die every single time I reply because my heart breaks in half because Ryan just wants to hold Evie and never let her go…like ever because she’s so precious! I’M SERIOUS LIKE YOU’RE SUCH A BAE AND THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY SLOW REPLIES. 

swxncharming​: ayyeeee you’ve been real busy lately, but regardless I love the thread that we had! It came out of nowhere and it’s hilarious because Emma and Kyle are just freaking idiots for going along with each others shit! I hope work goes well and that you have more free time because yous a bae. 

the rest of my favorite babies. we may have interacted, and i may just be appreciating your writing from afar. if you're on here and we haven't plotted, we need to do all the things! i tried not to forget anyone, if i did please tell me!

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i am going through somethings. My roommates are hella petty and talk shit about literally everyone. it's exhausting being around that. Being an only child, i'm used to being by myself so I'm mostly in my room.I try to hang out with them and things are great but once i leave, they start to talk shit about me. Now i know i'm not ugly but for some reason them saying it behind it behind my back has started to affect me. I might sound like i'm going in circles but i'm really confused

I am just assuming you’re in college… or something of the sort

but i am not really understanding what advise you need?

they are your roommates. that’s it!

you are under no obligation to be anything other than that….

you are not required to hang out with them, talk to them, or anything that requires you to be nice to people who haven’t been to you….

they’re insecure and use bullying to make themselves feel better

so just stay away from them as much as possible because you don’t want your name associated with any drama

i would suggest seeking other living arrangements when time comes but for now… fuck them and put a lock on your door


i had no concept or knowledge of homosexuality until i was in sixth grade. and that was only because i started to hear people use the word “gay” as an insult and somehow i formed a vague idea of what it meant, because up until that point i’d only heard the word in books like the wizard of oz where it meant “happy”

i did not encounter the word “lesbian” until i was in seventh grade. i was reading a magazine with my friend on the bus and the word came up in an article and i asked her what it meant, and she said “it’s a girl who’s gay.” like, i had NO IDEA. i had never heard/seen that word in my life. i did not know girls could like other girls that way. i didn’t know that was a thing.

if i were anything other than straight i would have grown up so confused. my heart goes out to lgbtq kids who don’t know there are other people like them. and it’s not like people tried to repress mentions of gay-related things, the topic just never came up. at all.

although i do remember watching the movie “masters of disguise” with my friend when i was in sixth(?) grade and jennifer esposito was in it and at one point i blurted out “she looks hot” and my friend went “… hot?” so i backtracked really quick but i was confused and somewhat ashamed because i didn’t have any idea where that came from

so: MORAL OF THE STORY. we need more representation. we need more open discussion of sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, etc. in mainstream culture. something has got to change here in the united states of “sex doesn’t exist and when it does it’s only between straight people” america

You See Him After The Break Up - Zayn/5


It had been a few weeks sine the blow out with Zayn. You hadn’t planned on seeing him at all. It was when you ran into him at the grocery store, all you could do was hope that he wouldn’t do anything other than give you a quick smile. Oh, how you were wrong. The minute that he laid eyes on you, there was nothing else. Only you, and getting you to just come home. “Y/N, please. Can’t you see that I haven’t slept at all? I can’t do anything without you, sweetheart. This is the first fucking time I’ve left the flat since you left me. Please, baby I can’t live without you. Just come home with me.”
There was nothing you could say. The bags under his eyes were darker than anything you had every seen. Your heart clenched at the sight of his flat hair, and his bright red eyes. “Z…. I don’t know, maybe you should just go home and get some rest and then after you get a good amount of sleep, you can call me and we can try to talk this out. Okay?”
He sighed, not thinking that was good enough, obviously. “I can’t. I can’t
fucking sleep without you there, even if I wanted to, which I don’t, because I never want to wake up to the world when you’re not next to me.”
You couldn’t help yourself. He looked so tired, all you wanted to do was make sure he got home okay. “I’ll give you a compromise, okay Zayn? I’m gonna finish grocery shopping and then I’m going to take my food home, and then we’re gonna go back to the flat, and you’re gonna get some rest. That doesn’t mean that I’m coming back, it just means that I need to make sure you get some sleep. Okay?”
He chokes out a sob, quietly but heavily, and nods, following you around the store, not even letting go of your arm, and just so happy that you let him hold onto you.
His groceries were long forgotten, and all that he could think about was your skin, and how much he missed the smell of your shampoo and how he would never admit it, but he had been cuddling up to your pillow at night, and trying to go to sleep like that. It never worked.

By the time that you had loaded all of your groceries into your trunk, Zayn’s puppy dog eyes were still directly behind you. “Can I come with you? To put the groceries away?”

By the time that you had arrived at your previously shared flat, there was nothing to do but hold Zayn’s hand, as if he was a little boy, and guide him up to the room that you once called yours. He tried to pull you onto the bed with him, but you refused, not wanting to get even more sucked in by this sweet, clingy Zayn that you had never really seen before. It felt good to be needed by him, and you wanted it to last. He settled for curling up on the very edge of the mattress, while you took a seat on the floor next to him. He gripped your hand like a lifeline, and you were okay with that. Finally, after just staring at you for a while, he ended up falling into the deepest sleep of his life, taking advantage of the fact that this might be the last one that he has with you.

R E Q U E S T   P A R T   T W O

R E Q U E S T   P R E F E R E N C E S

R E Q U E S T   L I T E R A L L Y    A N Y T H I N G

colliding truths.

sullen - 

the prejudgment that falls 
from frowning forehead 
onto heavy eyes, 
the insatiable front of youth
tending to broken rhymes 
in shiny mirrors 
as a florist tends 
to the heads of drooping roses -

convincing for a moment

but moments pass, 
youth wrinkles 
and flowers wilt, 
the blues don’t cheer up 
but become the bluer 
or the black

for the light never has 
to pretend it is anything 
other than light 
in the darkness
of night.

so much for a heavy dose 
of happy thoughts 
when our truths


See, this right here is what I meant when I asked why people think Ichigo is attracted to Orihime. I KNEW most of the fandom’s reason was 589’s blush. I wanted to see if there was more than that to it. If you had MULTIPLE reasons. That’s why when the only person who did a reblog response was talking about 589 I was so upset. This is a valid response that opens up more to this “Ichigo attracted to Orihime” idea. That’s why I even asked this question.

Now, is there anything else to this other than 589 and Hueco Mundo? I’m still curious.

(Oh, by the way, sorry for my childish behavior earlier with the whole gif response thing. I know it pissed some of you off, and it was uncalled for on my part. I’m going to be as civil as possible through the rest of my observation. I promise.)

the-mrsrobinson said:

It just occurred to me, why is there no Tiana's Place restaurant? Do you see that happening in the future?

Because life is cruel and Disney misses out on easy opportunities. In their minds the princess and the frog didn’t garner enough money for  them to consider it for, well just about anything other than a gazebo in the parks. It’s sad and it sucks.  

anonymous said:

NoChillNoChillNoChillNoChillNoChillNoChillNoChillNoChill... Literally trying to hold myself together and not get optimistic about the outcome of Zankie... because the rational part of my brain still hangs on to the fact Zach identifies as straight, and discovering anything other than that on freaking national TV would be enough for him to hide it... I'm not making sense. But all this retweeting and defending from the Rances... NoChillNoChillNoChillNoChill. It's gone... RIP My Chill

I identify with this ask on a deep emotional level.

pastelmorgue said:

Your eyeliner is always the most beautiful shade of black. It's way darker than what I typically use, may I ask what you use, and would you recommend it?

I’ve been on a super duper hunt for the blackest most oil/water/life proof liner available on the market for the last four years. It’s the biggest reason why I hate felt tip liners with every ounce of hatred in my body, they aren’t black enough and often their tip dulls down and sharp lines become impossible. I’ve never liked gel liners because of the application process. I reeeeeeally don’t like the amount of dragging gel liners may require, and for me gel liners are significantly significantly signifICANTLY harder to get sharp cat eyes with (which is what I fucking live for yo). Pencil liners are a fucking joke so I don’t use it for anything other than tightlining as well as my waterline. Normal liquid liners i find to have a felt tip dipping into a well which still leads me back to the annoying felt tip problem. I was self-taught eyeliner with brush tips (the hardest kind) and now that I have a wider knowledge of the different kinds, I find myself going back to brush tips every single time. It’s always easier to switch from thick to thin lines and application (with a lot of practice) is really simple! Personal preferences aside….

My holy fucking grail thank you based madoka liner is MAC’s liquilast liner. Let me tell you, eyeliner is the most important thing on my face (aside from foundation) so finding one that was oil resistant to stop the annoying transferring onto my upper lid OR FLAKING. I’ve worn this eyeliner while:

  • at the beach violently splashing my face with water and rubbing my eyes while wet
  • in the shower
  • in the sink washing semi perm out of my hair
  • using makeup remover (not waterproof kind)
  • while crying
  • while crying in public
  • washing my face with “makeup melting” cleanser

Through alllll of that, this eyeliner stayed. Usually when eyeliner hears water, it slides itself off and runs far away. THIS EYELINER IS FUCKING LIFE PROOF. BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH YOU PROOF. LIFE IS OVERWHELMING PROOF. FRUSTRATING WORK DAY PROOF. WORKOUT SWEATING HARD PROOF. WATERPARK PROOF. I literally have gone through about 6 of these goddamn eyeliners in the past year. I have another 4 backups, because I run through eyeliner like I run through water. I’m so happy I discovered it. 

This eyeliner is a brush tip, as black as black will get, and is bulletproof basically. It’s like 20$ without tax, but let me tell you… as someone who has fucking bought all the hyped up products at Ulta/Sephora/Drugstore… let me tell you how it compares:

  • Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner: it flakes and crackles after a few hours.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liner: it smudges something fierce even after letting it set.
  • MAC Blacktrack: No, MAC, you haven’t made the blackest fucking gel liner at all. My Saucebox black eyeshadow is blacker than you, you suck. This liner also transfers rather easily.
  • Urban Decay Perversion Saturdated wtvr Gel Liner: It’s rather smudge resistant for the first 3 hours of use, but then at the end of the night it melts and slides down giving you panda eyes.
  • Stila Waterproof pencil liners that I forgot the name of: Gorgeous on pigmentation!!!! But it smudges like a motherfucker and isn’t waterproof let alone oil proof.
  • Stila Waterproof liquid liner that I also forgot the name of: It’s the same problem as above, but the pigmentation on their black liner was laughable at best. It shows up as grey. 
  • Revlon Colorstay liquid liner: It’s a joke. It’s a fucking joke. Don’t even buy it.
  • Milani Eyetech something something liquid liner: No. This is a smudging machine after only an hour of wear.

TL;DR, I’ve been through every eyeliner I could get my hands on… this is the best eyeliner by far and I will probably buy it for the rest of my life. If anyone wants my thoughts on a liquid eyeliner, chances are I probably have used it and have an opinion.


anonymous said:

I hate hate hate how I enjoy performing femininity. I hate it. How do I stop? This is Stockholm syndrome and I know it but wearing a dress and conforming to beauty standards still makes me feel good sometimes.


The above is a photo I took the other day while using my computer a mirror to try on a new lipstick I got. 

The first radical text I read was Beauty and misogyny: harmful cultural practices in the West by Sheila Jeffreys. I know what long term make-up use can do for me health wise, I know that the beauty standard is based in white supremacy, I know that as a lesbian I am still catering to men’s comfort while wearing make-up, I have a radical understanding of femininity, and what that means politically. 

I don’t pretend that conforming to femininity is in any way political, or radical or anything other than trying to fit in, and that’s fine. Sometimes it’s easier to fit in, and I can’t criticize women who have a radical understanding, but also want to feel comfortable living in this horrible society. I might not be the right person to ask this to. 

FINALLY finished! Happy Birthday shendralar!!! I’m so happy to have met you and that you became a part of our raid group and a member of Conviction. You’re seriously one of the best people I’ve been privileged to meet here on tumblr. <3 you!

(So while I don’t really view Mai and Adelon as having anything other than a platonic relationship, I still feel that they are close. Maybe more like a father/daughter relationship? I dunno… Anyways ENJOY!)