Nosso maior inimigo somos nós mesmos, reféns da nossa própria ignorância. Orgulho.. O que o espelho mostra é duro de ver.. admitir que o que tu critica é bem parecido com você.

WOW am I in an amazing mood…I just got Thori’dal on my Hunter, shortly after getting my Priest’s cloak!

And earlier this week, I completed Val’anyr on my Druid, who also has one final quest to complete before finishing Dragonwrath.

To celebrate, here are all my legendaries!

Dear anon,

Yun kausap ko last night. Hay sabi mo mag sstay ka. Anyre? Nasan ka na ngayon? Iniwan mo din ako. Hahaha I told yah. Hahaha susuko ka din kakaintindi sakin. Ang dami mo pang sinabi na mag sstay ka as long as gusto ko magstay ka. Eh bat ngayon nasan ka? Wala! Hahahahaha okay lang. Kasalanan ko din naman eh. Umasa ako na tatagal ka sakin. Kaso yun nga wala din napala. Hahahaha! Miss na kita. Sorry na kung tinataboy kita dati. Balik kna pls? Hahaha wag kna magtampo ng sobra.

Tangina si anon pba kinakausap ko dito? Dejk lang. Basta. Hoy anon kausapin mo na uli ako.

anonymous said:

dereeeekkk! I need advice! So I liked this girl and things were going good but she's kinda mean so I don't really like her anyre hahaaa. What do i Dooo!!

I’m so bad at relationship advice, but ummm, If you don’t like her, tell her. I know that’s hard to do but you don’t wanna leave her wondering, just say you wanna be friends or your not ready or something. I hope this helps!

This photo is really from Thursday, but I did the same thing at the same spot this morning. The only thing different is my shirt and two inner tubes. I don’t know what it is with me and Texas and flat tires. If you know where I work, you know how ridiculous it is that I don’t have a tube or a pump. Anyrate, pic by @crandallfbm Austin, it’s been great. Session 294/365. #rideeveryday #dontletgo

anonymous said:

Duuuude your zackaerith/clozackaerith idea is actually breaking my hear right now and omgggggg that second one I want it soo soo much! Cause Tina would be all freaked out and we but not more so than cloud :3

I’mma assume you meant Tifa by Tina up there. :B

But yeah, tbh thinking of Tifa’s reaction kind of makes me want to write that particular fic from her POV - at least one part of it at anyrate. it’d be gold, lbh. x3

1984 Begins?

Alright so I found this article and yeah I know it is off which is a right leaning site. Normally I vet the articles from there through a couple of different sources but I have not had time yet. At anyrate, this article is pretty #creepy and makes me that much more glad that the…

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