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How on earth do you pronounce Louis' last name? I have never really knew how to pronounce it. To be honest his last name is a mouthful.

♛“Pssssst: that’s not the only thing about him that’s a mouthful.” 

Alright *shoves Lestat aside* to answer your question: How to pronounce Louis de Pointe du Lac: you’re lucky I took French in high school which has been EVER so useful to me in my adult life. NOT.

  • Louis: “Loo-wee”, with less emphasis on the “wee” part.
  • de: “dih,” means “from” in French.
  • Pointe: “Pwan” with almost no emphasis on the “n,” means  “tip.”
  • du: “due,” means “of.”
  • Lac: “Lack,” means, “lake.”

BRING IT ALL TOGETHER! Emphasis on Pointe and Lac bc of reasons.

“Loo-wee dih Pwan due Lack,” “Louis from the tip of the lake.”

This has been your French lesson.

Fantasy AU

It was embarrassing enough to be only half-avariel. It was worse when that made you the only winged elf not to be able fly gracefully. Alexis could fly no doubt, he just had problems staying aloft and landing. And controlling himself. He had a tendency to run into things.

Alexis was fed up with how the others treated him. Earlier that day he sneaked out of the city and ran, since he couldn’t fly long distances, into another town a few miles from his city. He wasn’t sure how the people would react to him here. His people normally kept to themselves. Alexis had seen the earth-bound races before, but only as visitors in his city, never the other way around. In a desperate attempt to blend in, Alexis folded his wings against his clothes. They were still visible but he hoped most people wouldn’t notice them as easily.

His assumption was anything but correct.

He hates having to work after he comes home after the anniversary. Hates it more than anything. But money is money, and work is work. So he does it quickly, and is just in time to come home and lay on the couch before dinner. Not that he’s going to eat. He’s hardly eaten anything in the past two weeks. Hardly even spoken. Even when he sees the other walk in the room, he doesn’t greet them. Instead, Musa’s dull eyes run over them before he drifts his attention back to the television.