But why is no one talking about how CLINT was so worried about Natasha when they lost her. Cursing himself for letting it happen. Anxiously waiting by the comm for any signal from her. The look on his face when Tony and Bruce seem to put her as not most important right now.

Yeah. We should talk about that. And while we are, let’s talk about how Bruce didn’t drop everything to look for her. He never even acted concerned.


Hi! I hope you like it :)


Lay: *He anxiously sits by the window waiting for you to come home, checking the clock every five minutes. When you finally pull up in your car he throws open the front door and runs out to meet you, his first priority making sure you’re okay *


Chen: *you unlock the front door after you finally come home at 3:00 in the morning, still happy from the fun night you’ve had. Your smile quickly disappears however when you see Chen standing right behind the door, his arms crossed and an angry expression on his face*

“So,” he says as he leans against the wall, blocking you from walking any further, “are you going to tell me why you were out so late or do I have to ask?”


Kris: *You don’t even make it up the front steps before Kris wretches the front door open, practically fuming with anger*

“Where the hell have you been?! Do you have any idea what time it is?! Why didn’t you call me, you could have been dead for all I know!”


Tao: *You close the front door behind you and take off your heels, you’re feet tired from dancing all night. You yawn as you walk in to the dark kitchen, thinking about getting something to eat before heading to bed. You’re just about to open the fridge when suddenly the light comes on revealing Tao standing in the doorway, a look of extreme annoyance on his face. You sheepishly smile at him, but he doesn’t return the look. You sigh, knowing he’s not going to let you forget this for a while* 


Luhan: *You barely even make it through the front door before Luhan confronts you*

Luhan: “And where have you been?”

You: “I was out with my friends, just like I said I would be doing”

Luhan: “Yeah, but you didn’t say you would be out this late!”

You: “I just forgot about the time, you don’t need to be so angry about it. What, did you think I was never coming back?” you say, attempting to be funny

Luhan: “Y/n, its really not joke! I was seriously worried about you!” 


Xiumin: “Crap, crap, crap,” you say to yourself as you drive home at 3:00 in the morning. You completely forgot about the time so you stayed out way to late, even though you told Xiumin you would be home at 11:00. You hope that Xiumin fell asleep so you don’t have to deal with him being all worried about you. When you get home you shut the front door behind you as quietly as possible, but just as you start tiptoeing across the hall Xiumin steps out from the living room, his arms crossed. You give a small sigh and mentally prepare yourself for the severe scolding you’re about to get*


Suho: *He starts getting worried when you still haven’t contacted him after 11:00, even though you promised to text him every hour or so. He starts pacing the house after 12:30, getting really anxious. By the time 2:00 in the morning comes he’s called you seven times and texted you fifteen times, now severely worried about you. He constantly checks his phone, hoping that you finally responded. When you finally pull into the driveway he’s so relieved that he forgets about being angry and is just happy that you’re home safe and sound*


Chanyeol: *When you walk into the house you discover that Chanyeol fell asleep on the couch, even though he tried staying up until you got home. You breath a sigh of relief because you won’t have to deal with him being angry at you tonight. You drag yourself upstairs and crawl into bed, happy to be getting some sleep. You’re happiness is short-lived, however, when in the morning you feel someone shaking your shoulder, trying to get you to wake up. You slowly sit up, still half asleep, and see Chanyeol standing in front of you, tapping his foot on the ground and a scowl on his face. You grimace as he half-yells at you for coming home so late and not waking him up, knowing that you’re not going to be getting anymore sleep that day*


Baekhyun: *He didn’t scold you for coming home so late last night, but today he was completely ignoring you. When you said hi to him that morning he pretended not to hear you and kept his nose in his phone. He didn’t even say anything when you said goodbye and kissed him on the cheek as you were leaving for work. You know that’s his way of coping with his anger since he doesn’t like yelling at you, but you almost wished he just scolded you last night instead of ignoring you all today*


D.O: *You already know that D.O is going to up waiting for as you unlock the front door. You have a million excuses running through your head as you open the door, half-hoping that he won’t still be up. But sure enough, D.O is sitting on the stairs with his phone in his hand, looking up at you. You forget every excuse you had prepared as you both stand in silence, waiting for the other to speak. “…….I’m sorry D.O, I didn’t notice the time and I completely forgot to contact you, I know I said I would be home earlier, but I just……forgot. I’m sorry.” You grimace, knowing that wasn’t a very good apology. D.O stands up and, to your surprise, gives you a small smile. “I’m just glad you’re okay y/n, just…….next time, try not to forget to contact me, you know that I get worried about you…..” You give him a smile in return and promise him that you won’t forget, happy that he was so understanding*


Kai: *You quietly close the door behind you as you walk into the house, kind of already expecting Kai to be waiting up for you. You walk in to the living room where Kai is sitting on the couch, running his fingers through his hair like he always does when he’s worried or stressed. He slowly lifts his head and meets your eye, looking more relieved than angry. You apologize to him and try to explain that your phone died so you couldn’t call him, but before you could fully explain he pulls you into an embrace and whispers in your ear, “I’m just happy that you’re home jagiya. But please don’t do this again, I don’t think my nerves can handle it”*


Sehun: *He watches you as you walk up to the front door, at first relieved but feeling more and more angry. You just closed the front door behind you when he confronts you, mad and slightly hurt*

Sehun: “How nice of you to finally come home at 3:00 am, why not just stay out all night?”

You: “Look, I know you’re angry, but I just forgot about the time, I didn’t mean to stay out that late”

Sehun: “You didn’t contact me at all! You didn’t call or text me once!”

You: “Sehun my phone died! Do you really think I purposefully didn’t message you? You know I would never do that on purpose!”

*He struggles to find a response to that, knowing that you would never ignore him on purpose. Not able to think of a good response, he just scoffs at you and walks away, still wanting to argue with you even though he knows that it really was just accident*


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Lucky charm

A few days had passed since the Ceremony and the events with it. Everything seemed to be back to normal. Families were back together safe and sound and knights were training as usual. Some were studying and hanging out with their friends. So was Osama. She was in Runi’s room, but her mind seemed to be somewhere else. Her thoughts wandered around the anxiousness she felt when she couldn’t make sure was Runi alright when they were separated from the island when the monsters attacked. She understood she couldn’t always make sure was he alright. She had just to trust that he knew how to take care of himself. He was a knight after all like her…

Suddenly she snapped back to reality. Her eyes had stared at the hand in her lap. It felt like Runi had sad something to her but she hadn’t payed attention. 
“Huh?” she blurted out.

Daddy (Mature)

You were lying in your bed, scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. There really wasn’t much for you to do when Justin wasn’t home. You had cleaned the whole entire house out of boredom, you cleaned the pool, went grocery shopping and now you had nothing to do. You anxiously awaited Justin’s arrival. He had left to go to New York for the night for a meeting last night, and he had just landed back in L.A. You guys had been having so much fun together recently. No fighting, you weren’t getting annoyed with him, he wasn’t annoyed with you. Everything was just… perfect. You figured that you should look presentable for when your boyfriend came home so you hopped in the shower.

After your shower, you dried yourself off and braided your hair. You put on some silk pyjama shorts and a tight white tank top. You didn’t care to put underwear or a bra on because you were at home, and it was late at night. You checked your phone and you saw one message from Justin.

“Daddy’s home.” It read.

You squealed and ran downstairs. You didn’t hesitate to open the front door as soon as you heard Justin knock. You immediately attacked him with a hug and a wet kiss.

“Hi!” you said, giggling.

“Hi, Y/N. Why are you so excited to see me? I was gone for a night.” He said, smiling down at you.

You sighed.

“I just get so lonely without you sometimes,” you looked up at him, leaning towards his ear, “Daddy.” You whispered.

He looked at you with dark eyes and a smirk. You giggled and brought his things inside for him. As you made your way upstairs with his bags, Justin was right behind you. You made sure to stick your ass out and sway it as much as possible because for some weird reason, you had the constant urge to make Justin horny. You didn’t know whether it was the satisfaction of getting him into that mind state, or the fact that he would fuck the shit out of you whenever you did. Either way, it still made you feel so good whenever you turned him on.

As you bent down to place his bags on the floor, his big hand met your ass with a hard smack. You snapped up and turned to face him, blushing. He smirked and pushed you onto the bed. You bit your lip, watching Justin’s mood change rapidly.

“Have you been good for Daddy?” he asked.

You nodded, adjusting yourself on the bed.

He nodded as well before looking on the bedside table and finding your vibrator. He picked it up and held it in front of your face.

“Are you sure about that, kitten?” he said.

You bit your lip, looking at him.

“Did you just lie to me?” he said again.

You nodded, looking at him.

“Yes, I lied. I just couldn’t help myself. I needed some pleasure since you weren’t here to give me any.” You said to him.

“I don’t like liars.” He said. “You know how I punish you whenever you lie right?” he asked.

“Yes, Daddy.” You said. “I’ve been bad, Daddy.”

He smirked before flipping you over and smacking your ass once again. He rubbed his hands up and down your folds over your shorts.

“No underwear huh, kitten?” he said. “Someone wants to get fucked.”

You nodded, looking back at him.

“Why don’t you tell Daddy what you want me to do to you?” he asked.

You flipped yourself over and adjusted yourself so you were sitting up facing him. You looked up at him and admired his glorious face. The way his jaw clenched, the way his eyes darkened when he wanted you. The way his shirt fell on his chest. Everything turned you on.

“Kitten?” he said.

You were now extremely turned on after having a little moment to yourself, thinking about what he wanted to do to you. You bit your lip and began putting your thoughts into words.

“I want you to fuck me so hard, Daddy. I have been a bad girl.” You whimpered. “I need you to show me whose boss. Please, Daddy. Give it to me now.”

He licked his lips and stared down at you. Before you knew it, your clothes had been ripped off of your body.

“Take my clothes off, kitten.” He ordered.

You obeyed and removed the fabric that separated you from his amazing physique. Once he was naked, you ran your hands down his torso, admiring every bump, indent, curve and marking. He pinned your arms down in an instant and spread your legs. Without warning, he plunged into you. You moaned loudly.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” He said, exhaling loudly.

You moaned as he picked up the pace. Your hair was blocking your view of Justin but you knew he was close because you could feel his hot breaths on your face. 

“Oh my god, Daddy.” you moaned. 

“Tell me how you want it baby.” he said. 

He pounded into you, sending your mind into a daze. You didn’t answer him. All you could do was moan.

He pulled out abruptly. You looked up at him, confused. 

“I said, tell me how you fucking want it.” he barked. 

“I want it rough. I want it so fucking rough, Daddy.” you whined, squirming underneath him. 

“What do you want me to do to you, kitten?” he said, smirking. 

“I want you to fuck me like the little whore that I am. Please, Daddy. Give it to me.” you begged. 

He thrusted into you again, making you scream. He had you pinned down so you had absolutely no way of moving. He thrusted deeper and deeper each time and before you knew it, your orgasm was creeping up on you. Justin could tell you were close by the change in your moans. 

“Don’t you dare cum yet.” he breathed out, pounding himself into you. 

“Please, Daddy. Can I cum?” you begged. 

“No.” he ordered and slapped your breast. 

You moaned and avoided your climax as much as you could. Your hands tugged on the bed sheets hard, pulling them from the mattress. 

Suddenly, Justin pulled out again and brought your mouth up to his cock. He stroked his length aggressively and fast. 

“You ready to take Daddy’s cum in your mouth?” he said, breathing hard. 

You nodded and opened your mouth, letting your tongue rest at the bottom of your mouth. 

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna fucking cum all over that pretty face, kitten.” he moaned. “Oh shit.” he exhaled before releasing into your mouth.

You moaned as you swallowed his load. He actually tasted good to you. Most girls don’t like the taste of it, but since it came from Justin, you loved it. 

He yanked your legs down so you were sitting on the corner of the bed. He stood in front of you, eyeing you like a meal. He ran his big finger up and down your wet folds, smirking to himself. He began massaging your sensitive clit, making you jump. 

“Oh god.” you breathed out, throwing your head back.

“Daddy’s gonna make you feel so good, kitten.” he breathed out, kissing your inner thigh. 

He kept massaging your clit as you shut your eyes and enjoyed every second of the current events. You heard him rummaging around for something, but he still rubbing your sensitive bud. Your eyes shot open as you heard a low humming noise and before you knew it, a vibrating sensation hit your clit. You arched your back as Justin teased your folds with your vibrator. 

“Fuck, Daddy. Make me cum.” you begged, moaning loudly.

“You wanna come for me, kitten?” he questioned while inserting 2 fingers inside of you. “You like when I stretch that pussy out? You want me to add another one?” he asked. 

“Yes, please.” you said, moaning uncontrollably. 

He inserted another finger inside of you, now making it three. You screamed out in pleasure and pain as he tested your limits. Your orgasm creeped up on you and soon it consumed you as you became a screaming mess. 

“Yes! Oh fuck yes, Daddy. Oh my god.” you moaned loudly. 

Your words were a bunch of mumbled swear words and praise towards Justin. As you came down from your climax, Justin just looked at you, smiling. 

“I love making you cum.” he said, exhaling proudly. 

“And I love when you make me cum.” you replied, giggling. 

You both got yourselves cleaned up and changed into pyjamas. Since Justin had rid you of your actual pyjamas, you changed into one of his shirts and some cute cheeky underwear. Justin slipped into a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs. You made yourselves comfy and then you cuddled up to him. It was silent at first until Justin’s phone rang. It was Scooter. They talked for a few minutes before you decided you were going to go downstairs and get some food. You crawled onto Justin’s lap and looked at him.

“I am going to get some food downstairs, want me to get you anything, Daddy?” you said, knowing Scooter could hear you. 

Justin’s eyes shot wide open and he playfully shoved you off of him. 

You laughed as you left the room and before you shut the door you heard Scooter yell, “Daddy?!” 

Justin just looked at you and shook his head, making you extremely satisfied. 

Iris is going to be so worried about Barry when he’s facing Grodd. When he’s not there, she’ll anxiously be watching the screen and asking Cisco what’s happening. And a huge sigh of relief when he makes it out alive (I hope
Cisco tells Barry how worried she was about him later).

But the moment Barry returns to S.T.A.R. LABS, I hope she literally walks right past him without saying a word. OR she says that she’ll help the Flash, but as for Barry, their relationship is over. She can no longer trust him. Then Iris will leave.

And that’s when we see him looking so devastated.

Love Me Like You Do

by Anonymous

Of all of the things Louis had imagined, never did he expect to become a chief editor for a magazine and to date the world-famous model Harry Styles. But he certainly never imagined one day that he would be anxiously awaiting a phone call from the top floor of an office building to tell the Harry Styles to get himself dolled up and ready to wait for his Daddy to come home before he got fucked into the mattress.



Harry is a famous model and Louis is a quiet writer who may or may not be his Dom

Words: 9155, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’

Love Me Like You Do for theglitterbee

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Word Count: 9155

Of all of the things Louis had imagined, never did he expect to become a chief editor for a magazine and to date the world-famous model Harry Styles. But he certainly never imagined one day that he would be anxiously awaiting a phone call from the top floor of an office building to tell the Harry Styles to get himself dolled up and ready to wait for his Daddy to come home before he got fucked into the mattress.


Harry is a famous model and Louis is a quiet writer who may or may not be his Dom.

Chance || closed RP ~humanitys-coolest

A chill rose up from where Aria is sleeping. Trying to wake herself from the nightmare she was having, while struggling through the pain and the suffering that the dream was showing her by anxiously turning side to side on the soft mattress of the bed.

“No.” The blonde woman softly cry out as she speak from her dream––showing what happened on the day of the expedition where all of the terrible things happened; where all of her memories was lost and the life that she was bearing inside her womb, died.

“No.” as she continued reacting while breathing heavily. Then everything in her mind fell into its proper pieces. A flash back happened in her dream to the day before the expedition. She had her relationship with Levi and already did what a married couple do. She was 2 months pregnant before the expedition and had to keep it a secret from him―thinking that she have to be by his side when all else fails. The woman almost died, beaten to death. Lost her memories and the child she was bearing due to the reckless decision she made. Aria suddenly woke up from her dream screaming ‘No’ in a high pitch voice and sat up from where she was sleeping.

{ humanitys-coolest

I think it's important to clarify something

I can only speak for myself here, but I have no problem with the theory behind Brucetasha. Even though I was majorly disappointed with Whedon torpedoing Clintasha (the only silver lining being that having a family gave Clint some great character development he’s missed out on in all the previous movies, which he sorely needed), if handled properly, Brucetasha could have been great. I think it could have been a good pairing for people to rally behind. The problem is that it wasn’t handled correctly. At all.

Avengers is a giant crossover movie. And since the first movie was used to actually introduce how all the Avengers got mixed up together and thrown into a team, there was very little interaction between Bruce and Natasha to start a romance (indeed, she spent most of the movie anxiously terrified of the Hulk, and for good reason). Thus, come AOU when we see them getting all romancy, it doesn’t even feel like the same characters. It feels like we missed an entire movie of interaction between these two.

The other big problem is that Natasha’s character was sacrificed for the sake of romance while Bruce’s wasn’t, and it was blatantly obvious. “Love is for children” became “I adore you” while “I don’t always get what I want” stayed “There’s no future with me.” Not only does that seem like, to me, a relationship doomed to fail, but it flies in the face of everything previously established about Natasha (and somewhat Bruce, but particularly her).

Whedon, if for some reason your heart is set on having Brucetasha be a thing, you’ve gotta actually set a precedent for it. But more importantly, if you have to change a character to make the relationship possible, you shouldn’t make the relationship at all.

I started this rant saying I have no problem with the theory behind Brucetasha, and I don’t. It could make for a great pairing, despite Whedon’s meddling. Which is why I don’t think anyone should feel bad about shipping Brucetasha, because they’d probably end up treating the characters better than Whedon actually did.

I’m sure there are going to be fanfics which treat the characters with the respect they deserve, which is why I’m more excited to read them than see the movie again, if though I don’t ship it.

On this day, exactly one year ago, we learned our family would be growing.

I remember texting Mr. Malone during the day that I felt a little out of sorts, and was thinking I needed to take a pregnancy test when I got home. We anxiously awaited the results, which at the time, seemed super vague. (Looking at the picture now, that blue line looks pretty freaking obvious.)

We let it be and went to dinner, where I couldn’t shake the idea that I was pregnant. On the way home, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up a digital test and ice cream. KEEPIN’ IT CLASSY!

Sure enough, a few minutes later, we were reading “Pregnant.”

Time. Fucking. Flies.

I Really Lilac You

read it on the AO3 at

by Ninchuser

A florist/tattoo au where phils the shy/flustered tattoo artist that tries so hard to romance the hot pastel florist across the street.
Prompt inspired by tumblr users earthbound-howell and crivaiir

Phil nearly presses his face to the window, the cold material fogging over with his warm breath. His vision is slightly obscured by the obnoxiously large plastic letters on the glass, but it doesn’t deter him from staring past them. He hopes the new owner’s as nice as Katie, the previous owner of the store and his best friend.

He licks over his snakebites with his tongue and sucks his lips into his mouth, nibbling anxiously on them - a bad habit that led to painfully dry and chapped lips. The truck seems to move too slow as it backs into a parking spot, concealing the brightly coloured flower shop behind it. God he hopes the florist would be as colourful as their flower shop.

Words: 3588, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
Evenings Together || Closed

“We’re almost there,” the red gem assured. Her fingers continuing to block Sapphire’s line of vision as she led the blue gem to the open palm of the temple. Momentarily scooping her up, just to set her back down once the gap had been cleared.

“Okay,” she said, and her fingers slipping from the other gem’s face. A grin lighting up her face as she showcased the decorated hand. Candles scattered about the statue. Providing soft light into the evening hours. A banquet of flowers resting in the middle, or, was, until Ruby snatched them up from their resting spot, and offered them out to Sapphire.

Her hands fidgeting anxiously by her sides, before holding up her finger to signify that she needed just a second. Shuffling over to the small radio, and pressing play. A soft, orchestrated, jazzy song beginning to play.

“Would you like to dance?”

To believe that one should be happy just to be alive, despite leading a hideous existence, is to think like a slave; to think that it is pleasant to have an ordinary and comfortable life…People squirm in agitation before a dark wall and dream about buying washing machines and television sets; they anxiously look to tomorrow, even though it will bring nothing.
—  Yukio Mishima
Tiptoes | Kuroko x Reader

Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Character/s: Kuroko Tetsuya (x Reader)
Genre: Romance
*Crossposted on deviantart

The ten woes and perks of having a short(?) boyfriend — a novel by Kuroko Tetsuya

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Who? She?
She taught me the meaning of confident
She taught me what inspiration is
She taught me what inspiration also feels like
She taught me how sexy feels like
She taught me not to be afraid from people
She taught me to stand up for what I believe in
She taught me how to feel again
She taught me it’s okay to be overweight
She taught me it’s okay not to be okay
She taught me to believe in my dreams
She taught me to fly
Most importantly, she taught me to Stay Strong!!!
I’ve been strugginling with body images since I was a 8! I NEVER went to the beach! During summer, I used to wear jeans just to cover up my legs and many tops to cover my man boobs! I started skipping meals at 10, then I directly had a fall down so I used to eat nonstop! All day I felt anxiouse, lonley asking why can’t I be skinny like them? Days pass, and so did my health. I was shivering so I directly went to the hospital. I stayed 2 months till I got recoverd! I’m 16 now, yes, I still feel anxiouse, yes, I still feel frightined and scared! But now? I feel confident and PROUD of my body!