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Of course Jesse didn’t really notice the changes, not like Mia. The throwing up could have been anything, a virus or something. Then came the increase in appetite, weird dreams, and weight gain. But the surest sign was her missed period. This had Mia freaking out. Ever since her and Jesse started having sex, it became a daily thing. Multiple times a day. At times they would use a condom but most of the time they were too distracted to even think about using one. No one said they were the smarted pair on the planet. 

The biggest stress was telling Jesse. How could she tell him? ‘Yo, I’m pregnant. Weird right?’ She wasn’t even 100%. There was no way Mia was brave enough to buy a test or go to the doctor. But the signs were all there. She sat on the couch and anxiously snacked on a bag of chips. One that she had pretty much gone through herself. She had to talk to Jesse so they could figure this out.

Heyy! it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday!!
Big 3.0 jeez! Haha
Another March 26 is here, and as always I’m hoping you’re having a FANTASTIC day and enjoying it as much as it’s humanly possible, but this year has something even more special about today. Exactly 19 days ago I was at The Public Theater, in one of the most nerve-recking days of my life, trying to get tickets for Hamilton. Well, that didn’t happen, but that day I got a pic and autograph from one the most important and beautiful human beings on this planet, you! hahaha btw, I’m so sorry I was asking so many things and crying and being really really weird, I’m normally not like that hahaha
But honestly, it was one of the best days of my trip, despite the anxiousness, and you bet I’ll tell my kids and grandkids about this day! It’ll probably be one of the best stories of my teenage years haha
But today is a great day for you, and again, I hope you have a day as amazing as you, because you really deserve it! You’re awesome and I’m so happy and enthusiastic about everything you’re doing, it’s all wonderful.
Today I wanna thank you for everything, from the first day I heard about you and every day after and the day that I met you and just say you are insanely talented and so so so sweet, it just makes you even more perfect! I couldn’t possibly count how many times you’ve made me smile, or how many times I annoyed my friends because I wouldn’t stop listening to you sing , or even make them watch your movies haha.
Please, don’t ever stop being such a cutie ! Haha. Enjoy your day and have fun!
Love from Brazil,

I was in line at Starbucks on campus earlier and by the time I got to my seat there was like a torrential rain storm going on that I was completely unaware of. This girl hurriedly grabbed a chair at my table and faced towards the window to anxiously watch the downpour.

I hardly talk to strangers but something about her seemed unfamiliar yet warm. Like she definitely wasn’t from around here but she seemed nice. I asked her If it was supposed to rain and we just started talking from there.

You could just tell she was a good person from her eyes. They were so kind and earnest. She asked me about my degree/life/family. We have totally different yet intersecting pasts. She moved over here from NY and doesn’t know anyone so I gave her my number.

We just talked about our family and parents and I ended up crying about something and she teared up and it and such an open and honest moment to share with a complete stranger. But something about her made It seem totally normal.

I hardly cry in front of loved ones. Sema says I need a feelings intervention so this was really strange. But she is a total sweetheart and I’m so happy our paths crossed.


beach for a day such a calming day to spend it to the beach and enjoying the warm sticky breeze. the shore, the waves and the feels. such a break and sitting there thinking all my plans and the unpredictable future is such a paradox of positivity with a little of anxiousness. great day in general.

Don’t Mistake This For A Hope Speech Chapter 3 link

Henry tries to convince an amnesiac Regina to see Robin and Roland. 


Robin nervously paced the waiting room while Henry talked with his mother. Snow wrung her hands as she sat in a chair anxiously awaiting news of her stepmother.

"Do you really think a picture of your wedding day will be enough to bring back her memories?" she asked.

Robin shook his head. “No but it might be enough to convince her I’m not crazy or out to hurt her. Maybe then she’ll agree to see me.”

Snow just nodded at his words. She hoped he was right.


Regina stared at the photograph in disbelief. She was married? To a man she didn’t even remember. She studied every piece of his face that she could see. He wasn’t facing the camera in the photograph, he was looking at her. Or rather they were looking at each other. The way he was looking at her… she couldn’t remember anyone looking at her that way. It was too much. She looked away from the picture and back at her son. Her now fifteen-year old son.

"Is he good to you?" she asked with all the composure she could muster.

"Yeah," said Henry earnestly. "He talks to me about girls, and traveling and life. I love Robin. He treats me no differently than he treats Roland."

"Roland?" said Regina curiously knitting her eyebrows.

"My new little brother," said Henry proudly pointing him out in the photograph. Regina stared at the young boy in the photograph. He looked adorable and extremely happy. He clearly got his dimples from his father. He looked young. Almost young enough to be…

"Is he…?"

"No. He’s not your biological son," said Henry quickly.

Regina let out a sigh of relief at Henry’s words. It was hard enough knowing she’d missed years of his life. She didn’t think she could handle if she’d forgotten the birth of an entire child.

"So he’s my stepson," she replied Regina with a grimace. She didn’t know why but she felt awfully uncomfortable with the idea of having a stepchild.

"Yes," answered Henry. "But you and I both know blood doesn’t define family."

Regina began to nod at her son’s words when she realized something. “Wait what do you mean blood doesn’t define a family?”

Henry’s eyes widened when he realized his mistake. Five years ago he was still unaware of the fact that he’d been adopted. He’d been hoping to put this off for a while.

"I mean I know that you don’t have to be blood related to be someone’s family," he said nervously. "And I know that because… you adopted me."

Regina felt her heart break at her son’s words. He knew he was adopted. How did he find out? For some reason she couldn’t fathom she knew that she’d never planned on telling him at all.

"H-How did you find out?"

Henry hesitated before answering her. “I found the adoption papers in the back of your closet.”

Regina silently cursed herself. She knew she should’ve kept those papers in her safety deposit box at the bank. He hadn’t even heard the truth from her. Henry saw his mother’s inner turmoil and squeezed her hand.

"Hey," he said looking into her eyes. "No DNA test is going to change what I know. You’re my mom. Always and forever."

She smiled sadly at his words and put a hand to his cheek. “You’re so grown up.”

"You’re just saying that because I’m a foot taller," he joked.

She let out a genuine chuckle at that and wrapped her arms around her son. He warmly returned her hug being extra cautious of her injuries.

"I was really afraid that I’d lost you," he whispered.

She rubbed his back comfortingly. “I promise I’m not going anywhere.”

"Well that’s good to hear," he said letting her go. "But I’m not the only one who needs to hear it."

Regina sighed thinking of the man and boy in the photograph. Her husband and stepson. She was a wife and stepmother. Just thinking of herself in those roles felt wrong and painful somehow. Why was that? Henry watched as his mother grappled with the idea of a new husband and child. He knew this couldn’t be easy for her but Robin and Roland needed to see her.

"Mom… do you want to meet them?"


Snow and Robin rushed over to Henry as he walked back into the waiting room.

"How was she?" asked Snow anxiously.

"She was good. She was up and talking. She’s pretty beat up but I don’t think she’s in a lot of pain," he answered quickly.

"How did she take everything?" asked Robin.

"Like she used to take everything. With a mask on and walls up," answered Henry. "She’s confused… about everything. And I can already tell she’s not going to talk to me about it."

"This is Regina from five years ago," said Snow sadly. "Opening up wasn’t something she was exactly comfortable doing."

Robin hesitated before asking his next question. “Did she… did she say if she was willing to see me now?”

"She said… she didn’t want to see you," said Henry sadly shaking his head. "Or Roland. She’s just… not ready."

Robin just nodded resignedly at Henry’s words. He knew that the photo would be a long shot but he really thought that it would be enough for her to see him.

"She believes you though," said Henry quickly. "She knows that you’re married now. I think that’s she’s just afraid of how much she’s forgotten."

"I understand Henry," said Robin giving the boy a pat on the shoulder. "Thank you for all you’ve done today. I want you to know that I am very proud of you for helping your mother like this."

He sent him a painful smile. “You should head home with Snow now. I’ll be back around later tonight.”

"Okay," said Henry sadly. He gave his stepfather a small hug before gathering up his things.

Snow looked at Robin with a small hopeful smile. “Hey I never said things would happen quickly.”

"I know Snow," he said, rubbing his forehead in exhaustion. "It’s just… every minute I’m not allowed to hold her… it feels like I die a little inside."

"I know," said Snow understandingly. "But we are taking steps in the right direction. She knows you’re a part of her life now. And that’s a start."

Robin gave her small smile. “Yes I suppose it is.”


It was after visiting hours but Robin convinced the nurses to let him stay a little while longer. He stuck to the shadows and tried to peek into Regina’s room. Once he saw that she was sleeping he let himself take a closer look. The sight of her with her eyes closed still gave him a bit of anxiety but the doctor had assured him that she was just resting now. Even with all the cuts and bruises she was still the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He missed her. She was in front of him but he still missed her more than he ever had before. He’d find a way to get her memories back. He had to.

"I won’t give up on you," he whispered to her sleeping form. "I swear I won’t."

i’m not one to complain about other people at the gym or anything but ugh… this one girl just got on my nerves today???…. i was deadlifting and i had just started my first set and she walks over SO CLOSE to the bar to look in the mirror to check out her ass like ten times. ok, whatever, cool i guess!!!! so i finish my first set, take a rest, and she’s standing behind me SO CLOSE like watching and waiting???????? i don’t mind when someone waits to use the bar after me but dO YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR EYES GLUED ON ME whilE stANDING THAT CLOSE????? then i anxiously finish my next 2 sets and leave the area, just so she can do like 5 squats and leave… like those squats were so urgent….. u needed to watch all 3 of my sets at close proximity just so u could do……. 5 squats….


PART 1/2

As we anxiously wait for Season 5 of Game of Thrones Bryce and I thought we’d celebrate the new upcoming season with a photos-shoot.

Alicia Jalbert (Horse&Hound Creations)
-Deanery’s Model, Costume, Hair, Makeup
-Dothraki Maiden and Warriors Costumes                                                     -Sets

Bryce Pinkston (Horse&Hound Creations)
-Khal Drogo Model, Costume, Hair, and Makeup

Photographer: Ed Tan

Dothraki Models, on set Makeup, Hair, Costume, and Staging assistants.

- Alexis Bennigson
- Megan Sgtserger Dellario (Sgtserger (breakers Cosplay))
- Whitney Rae Henderson (Starkraves (breakers Cosplay))
- Brigid Rose Lohman (Sinclaire Cosplay.)
- Steven Schenck (Cosplay26)

Baby Model: Annabella Ward

You can find us on facebook at

A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved who joined us on what turned out to be the third wettest day in Seattle’s history.  Go figure.


if you remember hearing what makes you beautiful playing on the radio before it even became so overplayed, if you remember anxiously waiting for the live while we’re young video to come out, if you remember fangirling over how deep harry’s voice got in little things and then binge-listening to the whole take me home album when it came out shortly afterwards, if you remember reading articles and articles about Haylor when it first became real, if you remember mr. X and scaring yourself with reading all the theories online, if you remember one direction’s first time in japan and laughing over the kiss you video, if you remember your disbelief that payzer broke up after shipping them for so long, if you remember anxiously waiting for the release of best song ever video and then watching it three times in a row, if you remember freaking out over the zerrie engagement or laughing at harry twerking at the teen choice awards, if you remember just how fun it really was keeping up with one direction years ago…

then you, my friend, know just how real it’s been.

anonymous asked:

So I've been going to therapy for my anxiety and I think as I work through it, it's been getting harder to cover up. My gut reaction is to start crying when I'm put on the spot in front of people (even if it's a simple question) and I used to be able to smile through it and get through it, but I can't anymore. I just break down and it's embarrassing. I'm not sure what to do about it. Because after I get the tears out, I'm fine. But it's that anxiousness that starts it in the moment.

Oh lovebug, this is so familiar to me. :/ love, I know it’s so awful, but feeling unable to cover it up is actually an important part of working through it! You accepting that you are anxious, allowing yourself to be, will eventually lead to you being able to separate the anxiousness from yourself and it will all become easier.

It’s gonna be a frickle bumpy road, friend, but you are doing amazingly well! You’re so brave for telling me about it as well, thank you xx

Recast John and Sherlock?

Hi all.  I just had a thought scrolling through my Sherlock blogs …  and hear me out…. What if they simply recast John and Sherlock using different actors who are much more available than MF and BC and let the viewers get on with the show?  It works for Doctor Who (produced by the same folks I might add) so why not one of the longest running franchises in literary history?  I mean look how many fantastic actors have played the iconic detective?  I know there is so much more of this story left to tell and I’m anxiously awaiting hearing and seeing it.  I feel like I’m going to grow old before I get to see more of this amazing work.

   For me it’s not so much that BC and MF HAVE to play Holmes and Watson, just that Mofatt’s version be brought to life in the foreseeable future.  Perhaps if they had actors who were willing to put aside professional time to pursue this show, we’d have more episodes.  We wait so long for even a scrap of an episode (Christmas Special) that we all turn on each other and fuss to death about the personal lives of the actors involved.  I love this fandom’s intricate and detailed meta pieces, fanfictions, visuals and videos and just want more of the fun stuff that revolves around the show!  I feel that in the most basic sense, the two main actors are holding the show hostage!  Well, and no disrespect intended to anyone who works or acts on the show, if you can’t commit to filming this series because of lager, more lucrative projects, then let’s get some talented actors in to give us more Sherlock!  It may be just the kick in the pants the boys need to reevaluate their decision to blow off a show that has catapulted them both to great fame.  Just my two cents.  

    I’ve picked my two favorites to recast as John and Sherlock.   Anyone else have better choices, I’d love to hear them.   John Simm as John Watson and Luke Norris (from Poldark) as Sherlock.    See photos below.  Now just picture them in costume and lets get on with more episodes!


TFOE: If I had to pic a Sherlock and a John, and I mean, if it ultimately came to that point in time, I would choose for Sherlock, Johnny Depp because not only is he a chameleon able to take on any role given to him…He’s not to bad to look at whatever age (especially in his young days) given his unique, true to himself style. And for John I would say Ralph Finnes cause Voldemort or Chris Pratt cause it would be good to see him in a role that separates him from Andy Dwyer but he can still be able to bring in the hilarity needed to play JW.


PART 2/2

As we anxiously wait for Season 5 of Game of Thrones Bryce and I thought we’d celebrate the new upcoming season with a photos-shoot.

Alicia Jalbert (Horse&Hound Creations)
-Deanery’s Model, Costume, Hair, Makeup
-Dothraki Maiden and Warriors Costumes                                                      -Sets

Bryce Pinkston (Horse&Hound Creations)
-Khal Drogo Model, Costume, Hair, and Makeup

Photographer: Ed Tan

Dothraki Models, on set Makeup, Hair, Costume, and Staging assistants.

- Alexis Bennigson
- Megan Sgtserger Dellario (Sgtserger (breakers Cosplay))
- Whitney Rae Henderson (Starkraves (breakers Cosplay))
- Brigid Rose Lohman (Sinclaire Cosplay.)
- Steven Schenck (Cosplay26)

Baby Model: Annabella Ward

You can find us on facebook at

A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved who joined us on what turned out to be the third wettest day in Seattle’s history.  Go figure.


"At the end of the day, with the whole thing with Milah and his quest for revenge for those hundreds of years, when he gives his heart to somebody, it’s theirs and he’s in it one hundred percent even though he’s been a pirate for hundreds of years and he’s done things that he’s not proud of so when he’s in love with somebody he’s really in it, you know?” — Colin O’Donoghue [x]