Some gothic goodness of my wife, millimob

A few BTS, photography stills from an upcoming video project I’m working on for Principe Cu!

I could wait to share these because, well… they are awesome and I’m feeling very gothic and moody, so boom!

I haven’t been posting a lot of work lately because I’ve been busy working and living this glorious life i’ve made for myself. TG!

Positive living and zen vibes.

Don’t just lurk, LOVE.

Hey guys, I’m in a bit of a jam right now and I really need help.

You see, I thought I was going to a 4-year university, but I changed my mind. My school let me out easy, but I’m stuck in my apartments contract. If you/anybody you know is looking for an apartment in the San Antonio area, PLEASE look at this post and contact me ASAP! If not, please reblog to get the word out.

Please help, I really need to get out of this place before September 3rd!!!