I find the things that pro weed people say to justify smoking weed, almost funny…

whether it’s how it’s a plant? (yeah, i know, LOTS of plants are poisonous) it’s used in hospitals? (cuz weed is the ONLY thing hospitals have to treat patients?) it’s not addictive? (NAW just the high is) that soda is worse for u..and all that other stuff…


Are these people sick at a hospital in need of weed for medical purposes?


Are these people avoiding caffeine or soda?


i could go on…

So basically they use all these so called facts about weed to help their argument yet they only actually use for the plant for ONE thing

getting high

THAT’S IT, truly, they could care LESS for all the other “positives” about weed…they only real reason is to get High and feel good

(don’t give me ur stress shit, there are MILLIONS of other ways to deal with stress that doesn’t damage ur body or get u arrested, just like how there are millions of other ways to feel good)

and they ignore all the PROVEN health issues like lung damage, suppression of the immune system, lowered blood pressure, impaired memory, just the fact that it can create miscarriages in pregnant woman should be enough of a red flag!

and then they say “caffeine and a bunch of other legal stuff hurts u too” So…that makes weed better somehow? “so on top of the damages of caffeine and all the other things we are exposed to, lets just add weed right on top of the pile too! that makes perfect sense!”

If ur SO concerned about ur health, y not spend the extra money on fresh raw fruits (Anything else really) INSTEAD of on weed?

Bullshit :/ sorry so long and tedious

So my boyfriend has been telling me for about a year now that his parents, siblings, friends, and family know that he is smoking weed. He said they were completely fine with it and that they trust him. I don’t know why, but I believed him. Anyways recently he came back from Florida and he told me he would stop since he is trying to join the Navy. I was ecstatic! Honestly even though I don’t want him in the Navy, I was so happy that he was will to stop smoking.

Unfortunately the other day he was complaining that he doesn’t want to stop and went out to smoke. This broke my heart, and literally tore me to pieces. I refuse to date a pothead. I don’t want to date someone who looks at their future so poorly. I asked him time and time again to stop, but he refused. I gave him ultimatums, me or weed. He choose to make himself happy and do whats best for him, aka weed. I gave up sexual activity and kissing (the kissing part I gave in after a week) in hopes of him realizing he is going to miss out on a great summer.

Obviously he didn’t mind because he started planning the next time he’d do it again. I had enough. I asked him if it was okay to ask his mother for her advice but he insisted that she was fine with it, and even if she said no that he would continue on with his smoking. I gave him a kiss and went home.

Now there is some things I should include. His mother and I are pretty close. I trust her with my life. I can tell her anything and go to her for any problem.
I also need to include the fact that his bedroom has no door knobs because his mother caught him smoking before, and she got pissed. My boyfriend told me she only got mad because it was in her house and that she would have been fine with it if he would have done it outside. I don’t know why I believed him. 

So as I went inside my house I texted her asking for advice. I needed someone to talk some sense into her son, or some sense in to me. May I was the one being the bad girlfriend by making him choose. I didn’t know that this would be a problem since he explained before that she was cool with it. This is how the conversation went:

Me: I am having a problem :( your son is annoying me, and I need some guidance in this issue. No I am not pregnant lol

Her: Umm you better not be
-Now what’s up
-Well go home issue solved. Lol

Me: Well your son in frustrating me with this smoking thing :( And I am home because he “wanted to chill home alone”

Her: What smoking thing

Me: He is smoking weed again. I hate it. I keep telling him to stop but he won’t.

Her: Oh really

.. At this point I began to realize that she didn’t know he was doing it again. I had been lied to and so had she. It was really disappointing to her. At that moment he starts calling my house phone, cell phone, mom’s phone profusely. I didn’t answer. Five minutes later there is a pounding at my door. My mom was so angry because she is scared half to death not knowing whats going on.

He waved me to come outside and I did so. He asked what I told his mother. I repeated what was in the text messages and then he blamed me for losing his job. He works under his parents in a business they own and she was furious. He told me that we were over and said “go fuck yourself” as he stormed away. I asked for my stuff and he mumbled something as he jumped in his aunt’s car and drove away.

I honestly didn’t mean for this to happen. I thought she knew, I thought she would be okay with it. I thought she would talk to me about understanding why her son smokes, and all these odd and crazy scenarios in my head. However this conversation didn’t go about this way. I know he is so angry with me, but he needs to stop. If our relationship needs to be sacrificed for him to stop smoking weed, then so be it.

I love that boy, and he makes me happy. However I don’t want to date someone with such low morals, and if he doesn’t want to stop then I don’t think I was worth much to him anyways. I need someone who thinks about the future and not just present needs. I need someone with strength. If you want to smoke weed, fine do it. Don’t expect me around, and don’t expect me to not let your mother know now. 

Why do people have to have such a negative attitude toward people that smoke marijuana….!? I just don’t understand. I got reported on insta by a woman that works for a school I haven’t gone to for two years and now I can’t post new captions on any new pictures. So NOW thanks to some nosy, ignorant no-name I have to go through all this trouble to get a new insta started. FUCK YOU!! Weed rules and straight-edge droolz.

Honestly if anyone has a problem with what I choose to do, say, post, take pictures of, etc. you can unfollow me so you won’t have to deal with it, simple as that.

Mind your own business and concern yourself with your own life instead of another’s.

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