Tonight, a forest grew

Was browsing a neat tattoo blog. Reblogged a photo of a lady with great tattoo artwork. Went back to look at the photo later, suddenly it hit me, there are BOOBS in the picture. There. Right in your face. No way of missing them.

Ok, so this isn’t a big deal for most people, but for me this is HUGE! I’ve always just unconsciously made the connection from boobies to sex, scrolling past them and having to quickly divert my eyes in respect. But tonight, I saw a bare nukkid lady and didn’t think, “That’s a bare nukkid lady right there that is.” I just thought, “Wow, that’s some cool artwork, rebloggin’ that hard.” Legitimately, no sexual response whatsoever, just diggin’ the art for what it is, ART!

And you know what, I’ve always talked big and thought that’s the way it ought to be, but I actually just unwittingly applied it, the dream has been achieved! SO STOKED RIGHT NOW!!!  :D

Thank you tumblr, you’ve helped me grow into a better person.