My grandmother recently passed this ring down to me. Every piece of jewelry she gives me is accompanied by a story of its origin and its significance to her, which I always appreciate.
This ring’s story in particular I think is worth sharing.
You see, it didn’t always look like this. It once was her wedding band/engagement ring set.
After her husband left her and her three boys for another, younger woman, she eventually had the set melted down and inscribed with her initials.
There are many ways one could interpret her decision, but I like to think it’s very symbolic. The old rings were once nothing more than reminders of pain, abandonment, and betrayal. The melting of these useless old scars to create something beautiful, something she was proud of, symbolizes the dignity, strength she displayed in her new life as a single mother. The initials on the ring, none but her very own, are a symbol of her independence, a subtle way of telling the world (and herself) that she could make it on her own.
The ring’s journey ultimately reflects her own, and maybe she never realized it, but I think it’s a beautiful thing.

The Tiny Praga Model 1921 pistol,

Produced by the Czech company Praga Zbrojovka in 1921 and 1922, the Praga Model 1921 was one of the smallest common semi automatic pocket pistols ever produced.  Its only had a 2 inch barrel, with an overall length of 4.21 inches and weighing in at only 12 ounces.  To make this tiny little peashooter even smaller, the Model 1921 featured a folding trigger rather than a trigger guard.  Using a detachable magazine, it could hold six 6.35mm Browning (.25 ACP) cartridges.  One other interesting feature was an indentation machined on the slide.  The purpose of this was so that the user could work the slide with the use of his or her index finger.

While a unique design, the Praga Model 1921 was not a commercial success due to competition from various other pocket pistols.  In addition, the pistol was so small that it was often difficult to hold, aim, and fire it and it suffered from reliability issues.  Only 8,000 were produced before Praga retired the Model 1921 and produced other models.


A very large Vintage French taxidermy hare, It’s very rare and looks like if it comes from a fairytale the mad hatter tea party. The condition is very good, only the hook on the back I have replaced so it is easier to put it on a wall. It’s such a lovely hare, you can dress it up with a crown or a veil and make it a eye-catcher in your interior Height: 19.68 inch