Antiques AU

Character A works at an antique store that’s going out of business. When cleaning out a section of the store, they find a zip-lock bag containing a charm, a length of twine, and a frayed business card with an unknown language printed on it. Curious, Character A takes the necklace to twins Characters B and C, who are both aspiring antique dealers, to find out what the necklace is. As they’re inspecting the charm, it breaks/cracks/opens/begins to glow and the three characters find themselves in a different reality that is like theirs, but indescribably off in a way that they can’t quite put a finger on. 

It’s up to the author to figure out what is going on and how to get the three characters back to their own dimension, if at all.


When is a bookshelf not a bookshelf?

When it’s actually a door!

Through my internship at the Museum of Edinburgh, I have been put in charge of cataloging and lightly cleaning the books in the library of Lauriston Castle! Most of the books are indeed real, with the exception of the middle three shelves on the hidden door. I have the absolute pleasure of working behind this door and down those stairs!

The majority of the collection is unfortunately not original to Lauriston Castle- it was transferred to the National Library of Scotland in the 1950s, and books were bought “by the yard” to fill in the gaps. However, some originals do remain, and it’s been fun to pick them out from the others!

I’m sure you’ll see more from me on this library in the future!


I think I’m happy to call that a vast improvement.

I don’t usually feelings of an energy from most items in my collection but this skull felt MAD to me. I don’t know any animal that would enjoy stinking of cigar smoke and being covered it a thick layer of smokey dust. The day he arrived I found myself talking to him for ages like a madwoman while I gave him his first wash, even though I had a guest over baha >_> The seller said he’d had him for 30 years, I hope he feels comfortable here.