Vintage / antique Schoenhut wooden circus toys (circa 1930s). The doll on horseback has the same malevolent grin as the Schoenhut clowns. The rusty nail sticking out of his bald head adds a certain je ne sais quoi.

Photo credit: eBay seller ID “girltoyinternational”

Along the way to Branson, we stopped by an antique shop with (allegedly) $1 million dollars in inventory.

Chatting with the owner, we discovered that he distributes to 80% of the USA’s antique stores, and until the recession was averaging $10million gross sales a year.

Most of his inventory comes from housing closures in Europe and massive estate auctions that he completely buys out.

One of the most expensive units was an old cabinet at $35,000. It was handcrafted in 1820, and the cabinet-maker had engraved his signature on the inside of the cabinet. He was the main cabinet-maker for French royalty; it was purchased by this “picker” from a castle just north of Paris.

He was having a sale (up to 50% off) to clear out his 8 warehouses to have 6 more transport trucks unload upon their imminent arrival.

Great American Road Trip 2015
Clinton, Arkansas
April 14, 2015