My friend Kyle has this stunning antique piano in his house. The first time I went over to his house about a year ago I randomly stumbled upon it in a corner room of his mansion of a house. He doesn’t know the story behind it, but I’ll make sure he finds out so I can know what this old guy has been through.

Surprisingly, you can still play it (you know, except for those broken keys).


Forever held at arms length
Looked at from every angle
An antique doll found with a paint chip
A flaw, however small -
Scrutinized into oblivion
See, you were set on a version of me
And when I didn’t fit the mould
It was seen as a fault
When my porcelain wasn’t mailable
I was discovered as a lost cause
Explained away as a piece of dust
Brushed under the rug, out of sight
Out of mind, as if I would disintegrate
And sometimes I think I just might
But then a potential buyer picks me up
Once again tilting back my chin
Noticing that ever growing paint chip