etsyfindoftheday 3 | 3.30.15

large vintage kilim rug by gallivantinggirls

amazing. gallivantinggirls is probably my favorite vintage shop on etsy — they always have the most unique pieces and the coolest product photography to best show off their OOAK wares. this boho rug has a bright geometric kilim pattern and fringe accents, and i can totally see it in our apartment.


The Translator 

Education Week curated a series of articles assessing the state and implementation of Common Core education standards. The feedback is diverse and emotionally mixed.

Some say Common Core has improved upon certain roadblocks in education policy. Others say it is more of the

same old

Even those who feel a move forward critique a certain lack of clarity in the standards. But embracing its potential many have set out to interpret the standards.

They are determined to decipher
the code.

Client Education Week  Art Director Vanessa Solis