This was March 2013. This was the first day on Skin-N-Wheels Ink fest when we (Anti-Piso) suspended Badillo (member of anti-piso) 150 ft. in the air. This in this pic we was raising him.

In this pic:
Me (blad headed guy with the shades on. Member of Anti-Piso)
Alexis 90 (Leader of Anti-Piso/Manager of Live Once Ink PR.)
Badillo (Member of Anti-Piso, the guy thats getting suspended)
Adam Callen (Owner of Live Once Ink, Tall guy in the back)


@alexisnoventa gracias por el excelente show. Mucho exito siempre! Antipiso!!!!! #bodysuspension #antipiso #alexis90 #liveonceink

the best thing that happened to me at my first tattoo con

On sunday I went to La Isla Tattoo Fest with one of my best friends, she was getting a tattoo while I was there for moral support and to experience Anti Piso. Anti Piso is a body suspension crew in Puerto Rico, and they were presenting body suspension the whole weekend of the tattoo fest. Over the past year I’ve become more and more curious about body suspension and it’s aspects. I stopped by the Live Once Ink booth to talk to the manager/head piercer (and what I consider) one of the leaders of Anti Piso.

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