I walked outside for 15 minutes and my eyes nearly crusted over in spite of the antihistamine I took

I think I’m allergic to nationalism

Accelerated Reading ..... a wonderful program!

I teach in a school district using Accelerated Reader. It’s wonderful! I’ll explain a bit about how we use at our school, and other forms that can be used. Accelerated Reader is an excellent program that helps raise the reading levels of students over a year. In this program, students must read assigned amount of time each day. Before students begin the program must be tested to determine their reading levels. This program is called STAR. Each student will be assigned a target level of about nine weeks (or at any interval set by the school district) that he or she should be able to achieve. One of the book also level objectives should be set according to the average student’s reading range.During AR, students choose and read books that are reading level. After a student has finished reading a book, he or she will have an AR test on the computer, it will ask comprehension about the book. Each book has a point value. After taking an exam, students will receive points that correspond to the percentage of correct answers on the test. For example, if a student answers correctly 80% of the comprehension questions in a book that is worth four points, the student will receive 3.2 points. Then at the end of the qualifying period, all points are compiled.There three components that can be used to determine the final AR grade each nine weeks. This grade may have many different ways. The breakdown is as follows: • Percentage of points scored Meta • Percent Average Received on comprehension tests Reserve • Percent Level Goal AchievedThis program can also be used simply as an incentive for prizes or other rewards. Within the program in several different ways and prints to explain how to use effectively to meet the needs of students within a school. AR is a great reading program! Children can read at their own level, and may select books of interest to them. Parents should not be forced to buy these books. Students should be allowed to use the library to borrow books, as needed, and the library should have many of these books in hand. Parents should encourage their children to read during the scheduled time AR and in his spare time to well.In to operate this program, schools must purchase proof to go along with the books. These tests are downloaded to a computer server or equipment to be used within the school. Each student has a username and password for the program. This helps to reduce fraud in the program itself. Students Believe it or not, I have been cheating on this program before. If each student has a different password, the only way another student can be tested with a different name is to have the specific password. It has all the responsibility. For more information on this program, you can visit Many comments on the program have been made. You can visit for more information on program benefits. There are other items offered by this same company. Http:// visit to learn more!

The New Jersey Science Convention

If science is your life, if you teach the subject or to create new scientific products, it is an annual convention that you do not want to miss. The agreement brings together the science in a huge variety of jobs or scientific studies and introduces them to new products, publications, practices and workshops.In Somerset, NJ, a huge group of science enthusiasts gather each year professionals to attend classes, learn about the latest technological advances, or just chat with friends in the business. The convention is co-sponsored by the Association of Science Teachers of New Jersey and the New Jersey Science Education Leadership Association. He has, over the years grown to be quite an event, with more than 2,500 educators, 140 exhibits and 300 workshops and exhibitions seminars.Displays or equipment of the new science, technology advances, latest in scientific publications, and more. At the turn of this century, the NJ Department of Education mandated that teachers and educational personnel to complete 100 hours of training every five years. Almost all convention programs and activities will be considered for the 100 hours. You can put on a play and it should not be that complicated. There may be suggestions for new ways to teach students a new twist on an old subject, a display of a project in science class at school, or proof of certain reservations of a new science . Lodging options include the dual-tree Hotel Somerset, which is connected to the Convention Center via a walk, or the Holiday Inn is on the street. Book your room early, but given that these hotels fill up quickly during the event. It is necessary to pre-register for the event and you can do this by going online or print forms and post them. Volunteers are also needed to help set up banquets, organize activities, filling out forms, take tickets, provide flowers and so on. If you want to volunteer call 609-921-3544 or email: If you would like more information about the registration of exhibition space, by fax at 973-398-8707 or email:

DIY Foot Refloxology || 7 Pressure Points To Relieve Seasonal Allergies

Mind Body Green writes:

Has spring greeted you with sniffling, sneezing, congestion and runny, itchy eyes, nose and throat? Experts say that this allergy season is more intense than usual, dubbing as a “pollen tsunami,” especially in the Northeast.

After a long, wet winter, everything has seemingly bloomed all at once. Beautiful, yes, but if you have sensitivities to pollen like I do, you’re probably suffering from allergies right now.

Allergies are your immune system’s overreaction to pollens and other substances.

While they’re not necessarily dangerous, for those with asthma, allergies can trigger more serious reactions.

You may have also noticed that if you’re experiencing a lot of stress when allergy season arrives, the symptoms can worsen. Anything that relieves stress will therefore help reduce allergy symptoms.

So before you reach for those over-the-counter antihistamines that will often leave you feeling drowsy, plus other unpleasant side effects, there’s a powerful, natural way to find relief.

Reflexology calms the nervous system and transports you to a state of deep rest and relaxation by stimulating reflex points on your feet, hands, face and ears. There are thousands of nerves in these areas — 15,000 in your feet alone! This is why a reflexology session is so very soothing and nurturing, leaving you feeling clear and energized.

While releasing tension and stress, reflexology also affects your organs, glands and pretty much every other part of your body, because each part has its related pressure point/area on the feet, hands, face and ears.

The chart above indicates some reflex points/areas on the feet that when stimulated, will help you breathe easier. Using your thumb or index finger, simply press and hold for five seconds on each of these seven areas:

Find more information here.

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pearlet + kissing

The first time they kissed was during a game of ‘Spin the Bottle’. It was messy, and both of them were on their knees on the carpet of Katya’s hotel room being cheered on by a rowdy bunch of Queens. They pulled away, all wide eyes, and swollen lips and didn’t mention it again that night.

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When Matt thinks of Claire, he thinks of her hands. Her face, in his memory, is an indistinct jumble of impressions- the smell of antiseptic clinging to her hair, the faintest prickle of salt-taste sweat on her upper lip and brow, the subtle taste of antihistamine on her breath. These are all things dependent on her mood, her situation, her job- not a single one of them is simply Claire. 

Her hands, though, are warm, even sheathed in latex, her fingers are strong and firm and his skin holds the memory of her touch long after she’s gone, as if her handprint lingers on his body. Claire does not hesitate when she touches him. There’s no tremble in her touch. Her breath may hitch and hiss as she explores his wounds, gathers the pieces of Matt to put him back together, but her hands- her hands hold no condemnation. 

saturday six

1⃣ i have been sneezing like crazy and my nose is running. i’m pretty sure it’s spring allergies. i don’t have any antihistamines available other than benadryl, and that would likely make me sleepy, which would suck because i’m at work where i can’t nap.

2⃣ yes, i’m at work on a saturday, but don’t worry— i’ve been here for an hour and done almost no actual work. i have this idea that i’ll have some super productive time here today where i get everything caught up, but the truth is i’ll probably fuck around on the precious all evening.

3⃣ i just realized that the shoes i’m wearing are navy blue. i got them last summer and this whole time i’ve thought they were black.

4⃣ there’s this woman i’ve been loosely acquainted with for a few years who has started going to my saturday morning meeting. so i am getting to know her better. she has a newish boyfriend who lived here like 10 or 15 years ago and recently moved back. when he lived here before, i fucked him a couple times. it was a brief dalliance. i have seen the guy at the coffee shop, but never said hi or anything since he’s been back— i’ve not acknowledged his return and i’ve not seen him and the woman together. so anyway, i don’t know if this woman knows i know her boyfriend from back in the day, knows that we fucked, or what. it hasn’t come up whether i know him or not. so i don’t know if it’s going to be awkward. it probably won’t, but whenever i’m around her, at least once the thought, “oh, hey, yeah, your boyfriend. i fucked him before you knew him,” flits through my mind.

5⃣ my dad got a Tesla. i’m certain he will never let me drive it. i don’t even want to. but i can’t wait to check it out when i go to indiana in august.

6⃣ i am very much enjoying life today. feeling content and steady.

Drugs I've tried

Tobacco products
Marijuana (hash/oil/wax/buds)
LSA (morning glory)
Adderall (mixed d/l amphetamine salts)
Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine)
Acacia confusa
synthetic cannabanoids
Unknown “molly/E” powder/pills
Various prescribed pharmaceuticals (SSRI’s, antipsychotics, strettera, rozeram, Depakote, antihistamines, etc.)
Nitrous Oxide
Thorazine IM injections
Various supplements & OTC medications
Human Growth Hormone

Colbert and Person are beginning to have personal problems. There’s no particular reason for the strain; it’s more like they’re two rockstars who have been touring a little bit too long together.


Person begins belting out his latest song, which he sings in flagrant violation of Colbert’s ban. Colbert doesn’t even try to shut him up anymore. It’s tough to reach Person these days. He’s had a severe allergic reaction to Iraq. His eyes have swollen to red slits. They ooze tears constantly, which mix with the snot pouring from his nose. Doc Bryan has put him on a regimen of antihistamines and other medications to combat the allergies. God only knows how these medications interact with the Ripped Fuel and other stimulants Person uses. The whole morning, Person has been babbling about his latest scheme. He and Hasser are going to change their last names to “Wheaten” and “Fields,” respectively, in order to put out a country music album, eponymously titled Wheaten Fields.

Now, as the explosions continue, he shares their first song, much of which they composed last night on watch. It’s called “Som’ Bitch,” and its aim, according to Person, is to hit every theme of the country-music lifestyle. Person sings:

Som’ bitch an’ goddamn and fuck
All I ever seem to do is cuss
About how life’s a’ fuckin’ treatin’ me
To save my one last shred of sanity.

Som’ bitch and goddamn an’ fuck
The price of Copenhagen just went up
My NASCAR won’t come in on rabbit ears
My broken fridge won’t even chill my beer.

When he finishes, he turns to Colbert. “You like that?”

—  Evan Wright, Generation Kill, pg. 297-299
dog is ok.

had a scare tonight. sounded like she was snorting really badly, then bloody discharge from both nostrils.

i rushed her to the ER vet, they diagnosed it as a “reverse sneeze” and said it was very common, prescribed 75mg benadryl for antihistamines and to monitor her.

it was terrifying. i have never really owned a dog “on my own” before and with my babe out of town all I could think to do was to take her in for observation immediately. I missed my love a lot when this started happening, she’s my rock.

$100 later and 2 hours of the rest of the world falling away she’s home and squeaking her blue football

i would do anything for her.

Check your kit

First Aid Kit

Some of you may follow my Tumblr (

)  or instagram (

) sites. Those that do, will have seen my recent post about checking the contents of  your first aid kit. For those that haven’t I’m going to expand on it a bit here.

Whether camping, skiing  hiking or enjoying field archery I always carry a simple first aid…

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Mama, do you have anything either mundane or magical (or both) for allergies and a really bad head cold? I feel like death warmed over.

Usually I try to have antihistamines or decongestants around the house. Allegra and Claritin are good non-drowsy, off-the-shelf medicines for allergies, depending on what you’re allergic to.

Also, a nice cup of tea can help too. Staying hydrated is very important.