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okay i know these are sometimes annoying & there’s a couple of you i don’t think i’ve ever talked to but just ignore this if u don’t want to do it 

….now that that’s out of the way… 

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Name: Ellie
Time and Date of Exact Moment: March 26 8.01 PM EST
Average hours of sleep: 7-8 hours
Last thing I googled: distance v displacement antiderivatives (gotta love calculus) 
Nickname: Eleanor & a few ppl call me El 
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: honestly if you’re hot i’m probably down
Height: 5′9″
Favorite color: i actually love most colors except for orange ((mostly bc i can’t pull it off)), but my favorites would be turquoise, purple, & black
One place that makes me happy: Breckenridge, CO 
What are you wearing: leggings and a black&white striped kinda sporty shirt 
Last book you read: technically it was The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but the last book i read for fun was The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin 

that was really short wow okay 

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Practical Application

I believe you can learn too many difficult ways to do things.

For example, a teacher may ask: “What’s the area of this two dimensional object?”

My answer: *takes antiderivative, integrates, checks with alternative method of antideriving, checks original graph on graphing calculator, writes down answer*

Teacher: *multiplies base by heighth* *smiles*

i have a fifteen page paper and two big tests in the last four days before spring break of my senior year like im not trying to write about simulations in thomas pynchon books or learn shit about volumes and antiderivatives im tryna make margaritas and sit in my backyard while boys fan me