•A woman in Utah gave birth to twins. When one was stillborn, she was arrested and charged with criminal homicide based on the claim that her decision to delay cesarean surgery was the cause of the stillbirth.

•After a hearing that lasted less than a day, a court issued an order requiring a critically-ill pregnant woman in Washington, D.C. to undergo cesarean surgery over her objections. Neither she nor her baby survived.

•A judge in Ohio kept a woman imprisoned to prevent her from having an abortion.

•A woman in Oregon who did not comply with a doctor’s recommendation to have additional testing for gestational diabetes was subjected to involuntary civil commitment. During her detention, the additional testing was never performed.

•A Louisiana woman was charged with murder and spent approximately a year in jail before her counsel was able to show that what was deemed a murder of a fetus or newborn was actually a miscarriage that resulted from medication given to her by a health care provider.

•In Texas, a pregnant woman who sometimes smoked marijuana to ease nausea and boost her appetite gave birth to healthy twins. She was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance to a minor.

•A doctor in Wisconsin had concerns about a woman’s plans to have her birth attended by a midwife. As a result, a civil court order of protective custody for the woman’s fetus was obtained. The order authorized the sheriff’s department to take the woman into custody, transport her to a hospital, and subject her to involuntary testing and medical treatment.


I’ve been seeing anti-choicers pass this around and I am simply disgusted by this blatant misinformation and manipulative words so out of the actual context of what happened.

No one rejoiced at the death of Savita Halappanavar.  No one.

She was a 31 year old dentist.  And her husband was Praveen, a 34 year old engineer.  She was 17 weeks pregnant but went to the hospital because she had back pain on October 21st.  That’s when she found out she was miscarrying.  According to The Irish Times, this was what Mr. Praveen Halappanavar had said:

“The doctor told us the cervix was fully dilated, amniotic fluid was leaking and unfortunately the baby wouldn’t survive. The doctor… said it should be over in a few hours. There followed three days… of the foetal heartbeat being checked several times a day.”

Savita begged for almost three days that her pregnancy be terminated.  But the fetal heartbeat was still present and that the procedure to treat the miscarriage should wait, even though the fetus was declared non-viable.  Savita spent the next few days in agonizing pain, still begging for an abortion but her request was consistently denied.  Savita was even told by the doctors that, “this is a Catholic Country.”  The fetal heartbeat finally stopped and that was when the doctors decided to perform the procedure, but by then it was too late.  Savita died of septicaemia (aka bacterial blood poisoning) and multiple organ failure.  And Mr. Halappanavar took his wife’s body home on November 1st to lay to rest, because a fetal heartbeat was deemed more important than his wife’s.

She was killed by anti-choice beliefs.

“Pro-lifers” have to stop crying, grow up, and own up to it.

I Am Pro-Choice

I am pro choice because 51% (6.6 million) of pregnancies in the US are unintended, and I have no right to tell women to just “stop having sex.” Neither do you.

I am pro choice because being a parent, especially a single parent, is extremely difficult. In 2009, only 41.2% of single parents were paid all of the child-support dues that they were owed. 29.2% of single parents received none of the child support payments that they were due. In other words, most people fail to fulfill child support requirements, making lives harder for the single parent, and the child.

I am pro choice because raising a child is expensive. In 2008, 65% of unintended pregnancies that resulted in births were paid for by public insurance programs. This is due to the fact that most unintended pregnancies happen to low-income and poor women.

I am pro choice because we do not have mandatory sex-education programs nationwide. Approximately 85% of high schools in the US teach abstinence more frequently than contraceptive use, which is proven to be ineffective. In fact, teen pregnancy rates in states that predominately use abstinence-only programs have much higher pregnancy rates than states that require actual sex education.

I am pro choice because 3/10 teenage women will face pregnancy in the US, and these adolescents who become mothers are destined for educational issues. Only 40% off teenage mothers will graduate high school, and only 2% will earn a college degree by the age of 30.

I am pro choice because, contrary to popular belief, abortion is not synonymous to killing a human being. 90% of abortions occur within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Not until after this point in pregnancy does a fetus have fully functioning lungs, a proper circulatory system, a urinary tract, etc. The fetus doesn’t even experience substantial sensory development until around 19 weeks. Also, fetal viability generally doesn’t occur until 24 weeks. It is very rare for a fetus to survive outside of the womb prior to that point, and those who are born significantly early, yet survive, are much more likely to develop illnesses and disorders.

I am pro choice because 1/6 women will experience an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime, and an estimated 5% of these women will become pregnant.While the percentage may seem low, it is still substantial. It is estimated that somewhere between 25,000 and 32,000 women become pregnant from rape annually in the US.

I am pro choice because there are currently over 153 million orphans in the world, yet there are people in the US hellbent on “saving” fetuses while completely ignoring the actual living children in need of saving.

I am pro choice because unsafe abortions are the number 5th leading cause of maternal death worldwide, out of the overall 287,000 maternal deaths per year. Restricting reproductive rights will only make it worse. Other women often suffer from hemorrhaging, ectopic pregnancies, toxemia, etc. Not to mention that many women must stop taking certain medications during pregnancy, such as many stimulants, for an example. For anyone who regularly requires a stimulant and forgets a dose, imagine doing that for 9 months.

I am pro choice because a child should be brought into this world only when it is able to be cared for and provided for, which many people are incapable of doing due to costs, health, age, and many other factors.

And most of all, 

I am pro choice because a woman’s body belongs to herself and no one else. 

DAILY REMINDER: You can believe that life begins at conception and STILL be PRO-CHOICE.

I believe that life begins at conception, yes. But that DOES NOT MEAN that the fetus has the right to use the pregnant person’s body without their consent. It DOES NOT MEAN that the fetus is sentient OR a person. It DOES NOT MEAN that it has the “right to live." 

A fetus is not a baby, it is not a person, it does not have rights. Just because it is alive and growing doesn’t mean that it deserves to use another person’s body against their will.

Pregnancy is an "inconvenience"

Let’s see what pregnancy can cause:

  • Depression [x]
  • Deep vein thrombosis [x] - second highest cause of maternal death after bleeding
  • Gestational diabetes [x]
  • Thyroid disease [x]
  • Preeclampsia [x] and eclampsia [x]
  • Loss of job [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] - while technically illegal, many pregnant people are fired under other guises (ex. given new physical tasks to do then fired when not able to complete them, etc.)
  • Loss of education [x] [x] [x]
  • Death [x] [x] - approx. 650 people in the US every year, 800 per day worldwide, 289 000 total around the world in 2013

Please, antichoicers, tell me again how pregnancy is just an “inconvenience” that everyone who becomes pregnant should have to go through.


The Penalty That Working Moms Pay For Having A Kid Starts Right Here

When 118 countries are ahead of us on this, you know we’ve got work to do. And it’s not just moms — we dads could use some paid time off with the new arrival as well.

For a country that pretends to care about kids, we sure do suck at it.

guardianriel asked:

The thing about pro-lifers is that they don't understand that if abortion ended up illegal, people who don't want to be pregnant will find a way to get one. One that will probably kill them. All they're trying to do is endanger lives and that seems very much against what pro-lifers are claiming they're trying to do. Talk about contradiction.

I think they do understand that.  They just don’t care about pregnant people’s lives.  I’ve literally heard anti-choicers, on MULTIPLE occasions, say things like “If a woman gets an unsafe abortion and dies, she deserved it for trying to kill her child”.  How “pro life” of them, eh?

Threats Against Abortion Providers Have Doubled Since 2010, Report Finds

Abortion clinics nationwide face significant threats of harassment, intimidation, and violence, according to a new report showing that threats of violence against abortion providers have doubled since 2010.

The survey of 242 abortion providers in the United States found that there has been significantly higher levels of threats and targeted intimidation of doctors and staff in recent years. The report comes as widespread intimidation tactics were deployed against clinics during the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision affirming a woman’s right to choose an abortion.

More than 500 plastic handcuffs placed inside “care packages” were reportedly delivered to abortion clinics throughout the country last week, according to The Christian Post. The packages were sent by the anti-choice organization Pro-Life Action League.

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“I’m pro life.  I’m not trying to take anyone’s rights away I just don’t think people should be killing the unborn :)”

Okay being against the right to abortion is taking a right away.  It is taking away the right to get an abortion.  It is taking a valid and safe medical procedure away from people who need it.  It is reducing bodily autonomy for pregnant people.  That’s the literal definition of taking a right away.  Sorry to break it to you.

Also, taking away a pregnant person’s right to abortion is PROVEN to lead to a higher rates of death by unsafe abortion, suicide, and child abuse.  So that’s what your “harmless” baby-saving crusade brings, just FYI.