I love the antichoice notion that fetuses are the only innocent ones. Is the pregnant person not innocent as well? If they have not committed a crime, they are, by definition, innocent. Having sex is not a crime. Why do only fetuses get labelled as innocent? Where is the outrage over the pregnant person’s innocence?

If you don’t believe that sex should be punished and that babies are not a punishment, why are you not defending the pregnant person’s innocence? I get it, you think abortion is murder, but the pregnant person has committed no crime and therefore does not deserve to be sentenced to 9 months of forced pregnancy and subsequent childbirth. Why does the fetus’ “innocence” (which it cannot be, as it cannot be guilty either) more important than the pregnant person’s innocence?

•A woman in Utah gave birth to twins. When one was stillborn, she was arrested and charged with criminal homicide based on the claim that her decision to delay cesarean surgery was the cause of the stillbirth.

•After a hearing that lasted less than a day, a court issued an order requiring a critically-ill pregnant woman in Washington, D.C. to undergo cesarean surgery over her objections. Neither she nor her baby survived.

•A judge in Ohio kept a woman imprisoned to prevent her from having an abortion.

•A woman in Oregon who did not comply with a doctor’s recommendation to have additional testing for gestational diabetes was subjected to involuntary civil commitment. During her detention, the additional testing was never performed.

•A Louisiana woman was charged with murder and spent approximately a year in jail before her counsel was able to show that what was deemed a murder of a fetus or newborn was actually a miscarriage that resulted from medication given to her by a health care provider.

•In Texas, a pregnant woman who sometimes smoked marijuana to ease nausea and boost her appetite gave birth to healthy twins. She was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance to a minor.

•A doctor in Wisconsin had concerns about a woman’s plans to have her birth attended by a midwife. As a result, a civil court order of protective custody for the woman’s fetus was obtained. The order authorized the sheriff’s department to take the woman into custody, transport her to a hospital, and subject her to involuntary testing and medical treatment.


DAILY REMINDER: You can believe that life begins at conception and STILL be PRO-CHOICE.

I believe that life begins at conception, yes. But that DOES NOT MEAN that the fetus has the right to use the pregnant person’s body without their consent. It DOES NOT MEAN that the fetus is sentient OR a person. It DOES NOT MEAN that it has the “right to live.” 

A fetus is not a baby, it is not a person, it does not have rights. Just because it is alive and growing doesn’t mean that it deserves to use another person’s body against their will.

I’ve been seeing anti-choicers pass this around and I am simply disgusted by this blatant misinformation and manipulative words so out of the actual context of what happened.

No one rejoiced at the death of Savita Halappanavar.  No one.

She was a 31 year old dentist.  And her husband was Praveen, a 34 year old engineer.  She was 17 weeks pregnant but went to the hospital because she had back pain on October 21st.  That’s when she found out she was miscarrying.  According to The Irish Times, this was what Mr. Praveen Halappanavar had said:

“The doctor told us the cervix was fully dilated, amniotic fluid was leaking and unfortunately the baby wouldn’t survive. The doctor… said it should be over in a few hours. There followed three days… of the foetal heartbeat being checked several times a day.”

Savita begged for almost three days that her pregnancy be terminated.  But the fetal heartbeat was still present and that the procedure to treat the miscarriage should wait, even though the fetus was declared non-viable.  Savita spent the next few days in agonizing pain, still begging for an abortion but her request was consistently denied.  Savita was even told by the doctors that, “this is a Catholic Country.”  The fetal heartbeat finally stopped and that was when the doctors decided to perform the procedure, but by then it was too late.  Savita died of septicaemia (aka bacterial blood poisoning) and multiple organ failure.  And Mr. Halappanavar took his wife’s body home on November 1st to lay to rest, because a fetal heartbeat was deemed more important than his wife’s.

She was killed by anti-choice beliefs.

"Pro-lifers" have to stop crying, grow up, and own up to it.

Lies Crisis Pregnancy Centers Might Tell You

By Sasha

LIE: “CPCs are here to provide support, unbiased information, and the resources needed to help you make the best choice.”

THE TRUTH IS many Crisis Pregnancy Centers are operated by anti-choice staff (mostly volunteers, not trained medical professionals) trying to manipulate people in crisis and keep them from making fully informed decisions about their reproductive health. They will often misrepresent data, make up statistics, and generally try to dissuade you from making choices that don’t fit into their “pro-life” agenda.

LIE: “You’re not pregnant.” or “You’re only x weeks pregnant and have plenty of time to make a decision.”
THE TRUTH IS CPCs have been known to give patients false negatives or understate how far along in their pregnancy they actually are in order to delay decision-making. Should you actually be pregnant, it gets riskier, more expensive, or altogether impossible to get an abortion the longer you wait.

LIE: “Condoms don’t work.”

THE TRUTH IS condoms, when used correctly, are among the most effective forms of birth control at preventing pregnancy (97% effective) and protecting against sexually transmitted infections (80% and greater protective effect).

LIE: “Birth control and the morning-after pill cause abortion.”

THE TRUTH IS both the birth control pill and emergency contraception (the morning-after pill) work to prevent pregnancy by inhibiting ovulation and fertilization. That is to say, neither causes abortion; in fact, these methods have no effect on a fetus if taken once pregnant.

LIE: “Abortions cost much more than carrying your baby to term.”
THE TRUTH IS the two don’t even come close. The average cost of abortion ranges from $350 - $600, while a recent study places the average cost of delivering a baby at around $30,000 for vaginal delivery and $50,000 for a C-section.

LIE: "You don’t need an abortion. A large number of pregnancies end in miscarriage anyway."
THE TRUTH IS the National Institute of Health estimates about 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Crisis pregnancy centers often inflate this number to imply it’s unnecessary to make a choice because it’s likely to be made for you anyway. If you’re pregnant and don’t want to be, relying on a miscarriage is extremely risky—the odds are slim and the longer you wait expecting to miscarry, the smaller your window of opportunity to make a choice.

LIE: “Abortions cause breast cancer.”

THE TRUTH IS no relationship has been identified between abortions (whether induced or spontaneous) and an increased risk of breast cancer. The American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, and American Medical Association all agree. 

LIE: “The abortion pill is unsafe.”

THE TRUTH IS, if taken as indicated, the abortion pill (aka Mifeprex or RU-486) is perfectly safe. The Food and Drug Administration states that in many cases in which serious adverse effects were reported, the drug had been used in a manner contradictory to FDA instruction. Further: “since the approval of Mifeprex in September 2000, FDA has been informed of eight deaths in the United States due to serious infections following medical abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol that FDA has concluded may possibly be related to the use of these drugs.”

LIE: “Surgical abortions can kill you.”

THE TRUTH IS the National Abortion Federation has determined legal surgical abortion as one of the safest medical procedures performed in the United States—even safer than giving birth. Ninety-seven percent of patients less than 13 weeks pregnant who undergo the abortion procedure report no complications.

LIE: “Your baby already has a heartbeat/ can feel pain/ knows who you are.”
THE TRUTH IS this depends entirely on how far along you are in your pregnancy and the stage of embryonic and fetal development. A medically untrained volunteer at a CPC clinic is unlikely to be able to correctly read your sonogram, much less be able to identify which stage of pregnancy you are in.

LIE:  “If you have an abortion now, you won’t be able to have children in the future.”

THE TRUTH IS, as with most medical procedures, there are risks and possible complications associated with abortion, but according to The Mayo Clinic, there is no research that suggests it affects long-term fertility.

LIE: “Women suffer permanent psychological and mental damage as a result of having had an abortion”

THE TRUTH IS while a number of studies have found a wide variety of emotional responses to abortion, there is no scientific evidence proving long-term psychological or mental damage. In fact, research suggests the contrary: “while some people may experience sensations of regret, sadness or guilt after an abortion, the overwhelming responses are relief and happiness.”

LIE: “An abortion will ruin your life and make it impossible to have successful relationships later on.”
THE TRUTH IS the choices you make concerning your reproductive health may, at times, be difficult but they are personal decisions that you alone should ultimately get to make. If you’ve determined that having an abortion is what you want to do, the decision and its impact on your future (if any) are up to you.

For more information, visit NARAL Pro-Choice America or check out other BCIW posts on Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

To find legitimate, unbiased health centers, try searching the directories of NAF Member Facilities and Planned Parenthood Health Centers.