Theft exists only through the exploitation of man by man… when Society refuses you the right to exist, you must take it… the policeman arrested me in the name of the Law, I struck him in the name of Liberty.
—  Clément Duval

some sort of class/school-wide picture was being taking in front of the elementary across my from parent’s house when i got ‘home’ 30 minutes ago…

obviously, the photographer kept having them yell *something* on the count of three… i couldn’t tell what so i just kept figuring it was:

photog: *1-2-3-*!
kiddos: “HAIL SATAN!”

then when the pictures were finished, it sounded like a fvckn riot was going on, so many voices and young bundles of energy and a huge mass of bodies huddled together…

what i’m gitttin’ at is: i hope all this young kids grow up to be anti-authoritarian, free-thinking, sassy-satanists, who like to yell and be energized and encourage each other to keep up morale for each other (but not like school-patriotism-spirit bull shit, but yeah… excitement and energy and Power)

Designer_Burn Kim


Burn Kim works as a freelance illustrator/designer, is interested in questions surrounding human behaviour and today’s society. His Current practice focuses on discovering figurative images from language.

Roadshow: What do you expect from Roadshow?
Burn Kim: I look forward to seeing the island in real life.

Roadshow: Which images occur to you when you are invited to Roadshow? And why?
Burn Kim: Some clumsy pieces on the road because it may should be made quickly.

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anonymous asked:

What is the likelihood of a (counterphobic) Type 6 ENTP, and what would that look like?

I found excerpts of this somewhat rare type in a few different places, some personality sites and my enneagram research folder, so a portion of this I am not sure of the source. 

Let’s talk nature’s patterns. ENTPs are much more likely to be 7s than any other head type. That said, iff and when they are 6s, 6w7 is more prevalent. When a 6 is more counterphobic, they’re likely to be an sx dominant and also likely to have an 8 in their tritype. I say more because phobic and counterphobic is based on a linear scale not a one or another label, counter to what many will have you believe. 

When ENTP Sevens have a counterphobic 6 wing their idealism can motivate a sincere desire for social reform. May work hard for a cause. Can be antiauthority, passive/aggressive, flippant, defiant. Some report hating to be told what to do. Clashes with Ones likely. May call down trouble on themselves. Complain about the status quo. The realm of hippie rebellion.

-Personality Cafe

A type 6 NT of the counter-phobic kind would likely confront. I also think that trusting reason will often lead to conflict with authority… authority (especially the arbitrary/ hierarchical kind) is the most vulnerable human construct to the deconstructive analysis of reason. 


In Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey, his description of the SJ temperament closely fits the Enneagram 6. He maintains that SJs put their trust in authority, whereas NTs put their trust in reason. Type 6 is known for putting trust in authority or comparatively for being anti-authoritarian. But the anti-authoritarianism of the 6 is still a way for the 6 to define himself in terms of authority. NTs are not inherently anti-authoritarian; they are autonomous. NTs ignore authority, trusting reason above any authority. If Keirsey has described SJs and NTs correctly, then it looks to be that no NTs are Enneagram type 6.

^A thread I disagreed with. Granted, Enneagram 6 is much more common in xNTJs, and I would speculate makes the naturally assertive types more of a team player, easier to get along with, etc.  

So let me tell ya what I think. An ENTP with a counterphobic 6 would be the ultimate devil’s advocate. You’ve got a lot of high anxiety with the idea-factory Ne envisioning all the bad/good things that could possibly happen. With that, you also have someone who is incredibly hard to surprise. ENTPs, often unconsciously, push buttons to see how far they can go and what they are dealing with… An ENTP 6 may especially take pleasure in testing others, and may be manipulative in seeking to ease their anxieties for who/what they can trust in. 

Sixes are natural troubleshooters, true skeptics of the enneagram. If an ENTP’s 6 is healthy and their Ti honed, you have someone who is an incredible people and systems reader. On the other hand, if average, you have someone with trust, anxiety, and dependence issues and a tendency to misread their defensiveness for courage.

Six: Temerity
The passion of Sixes is fear. The counterpassion is a caricature of the virtue of courageIn these situations, Sixes are harsh; they aggressively face dangers that don’t exist or don’t need to be confronted. This is the counterphobic Six so often described in Enneagram literature.

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