motherofdragones said:

do you like lotr

No. I’m sorry to say this but the Lord of the Rings (and all of Tolkien’s books, in fact) is racist as fuck. Orcs are clearly based on people of colour - I could totally give you many proofs but I have very little understanding of Tolkien’s universe so I’ll just sit here and rant instead of researching properly. FYI, Tolkien isn’t even that creative of a writer, he practically stole half of Norse mythology. I hate the fandom too, by the way. All of them are lily-white privileged jerks.

(Anti Honesty Hour)

what we learned in the past hour:

  • I love working for Disney
  • Ravenclaw House is The Bomb Dot Com
  • I don’t like Brave or Wall-E
  • Merida’s my least favorite princess
  • Belle is my favorite, along with Elsa and Rapunzel
  • Flynn Rider and Aladdin are my favorite princes
  • Finding Neverland is my favorite movie
  • Juno is not
  • I didn’t like Frozen except Elsa is amazing
  • Emma Watson is beautiful
  • Regina is my least favorite OUAT character (Hook and Ruby are my favorites, for the record)
  • I don’t like big dogs
  • The Lion King is a wonderful movie
  • I love Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, and Zachary Levi
  • Peter Pan is (of course) my favorite Disney movie
  • Harry Potter and JKR are AMAZING
  • I don’t want to be a garbage man or professional football player
  • I do not like OUAT’s version of Beauty and the Beast
  • I am not a supporter of Severus Snape
  • the end

applecidercastiel said:

Anti-honesty hour: Tell me how you feel about Sam Winchester and why!

I think Sam Winchester is super ugly and most definitely the opposite of whatever my favorite TV character of all time would be. He is always yelling and making everything about his own pain instead of understanding those around him and trying to make them feel better. What a douche. Also, he has the most repulsive body I’ve ever seen … like… how does one grow so tall and have so many muscles all over like HELLO HAVE YOU HEARD OF MAYBE NOT LOOKING SO GROSS? I especially hate his face, and the gross forehead wrinkle he uses when he’s sad or confused. He looks like a goblin when he does that like hey NO stop, I’m afraid right now, definitely NOT emotionally compromised. And don’t even get me started on that hair like. HAIR? LONG HAIR? That falls across his cheek with one rogue strand over his forehead??? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT SAM? Who are you trying to be? Certainly not someone I would bed in 0.02 seconds, THAT’S for sure. 

anonymous said:

whats the plot of les mis

omg well its the lovliest happiest story of all time.

It starts off with this lovely lady called Fantine who is finacially secure and happily married and brings up her beautiful daughter called Cosette. and then there is their neighbour Jean valjean who has a great job and can afford all the bread he wants for his nieces and nephews and never ever gets a arrested.
And then theres javert whos the friendly neighbourhood policeman always gives everyone a nice wave as he passes.
Then theres marius whos a really happy guy with lots of friends who were at one time considering becoming revolutionaries but decided that politics wasn’t really their scene so became a dance troupe.
Basically its just a lovely story about how nice france is.

anonymous said:

Thoughts on Severus Snape?

What a hero. Lily should’ve dumped James and married Severus like come on. Heart of gold right here. Such a good guy. I’m so glad Harry gave his son Snape’s name as his middle name and passed over Remus.

#anti honesty hour

anonymousnerdgirl said:

Do you peruse romance the way Hook does?

Definitely! First I find the person (even though I’m trying to get revenge for my past love, but I can multi-task) and I make Robin Thicke level creepy comments on them (it’s sexy right?).

It’s especially best when it’s the parent of my past love’s grandchild! KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY PEOPLE.

Maybe lock them up in a jail cell without food or water or anyway to get out, I have to play hard to get.

And then (after I help their enemies try to kill them multiple times) I save their parent or other family member and then guilt them into a snog.

I then trade my car in to get a plane ticket to go stalk find them.

And then do whatever they say, whether I like it or not (because I want sexytimes) and of course hide my past from them (mystery keeps the romance alive!)