I’ve been crying for about 10 minutes because of these rumours that Tyler’s going to die. I love him so so so much since season one.

And even though I’m happy that Michael Trevino might be moving on to a show in which he gets the chance to show more of his potential, I can’t help but feel like this is the last straw.

Julie & Co. ruined Caroline Forbes and Stefan Salvatore. Not only their friendship but a huge character development that lasted 5 seasons - just to shove a useless, unhealthy and problematic couple down our throats. All because she did not know what to do with these two amazing characters while TVD was the Delena Show.

Julie & Co. ruined Matthew Donovan, Jeremy Gilbert and Tyler Lockwood. They ruined Jeremys character development by making him come back to his season-1-ways (and turning him into a womanizer?) for nothing and then sending him away before Bonnie, his girlfriend and the one whose apparent death made him feel so depressed, actually came back to life. They ruined Matt Donovan by making him turn into the stupid 100%-against-supernatural-beings idiot, even after he had this awesome and adorable and otp-worthy love story with an original vampire. They ruined Tyler Lockwood by making him go back to being the asshole with anger issues he was back in season 1 and then totally giving him a love story that had everything to be lovely, but just happened to fast and had moments that were almost carbon-copied from his relationship with Caroline.

And don’t get me started on how much they ruined the whole original family and the show that could have been 100x times better than TVD.

They’re using the same storylines of two or three seasons ago.

And now they’re probably killing off a character that always had so much potential just because they don’t know what to do with him anymore - and maybe because the actor’s tired of being put aside all the time.

All the actors are leaving because they’re done.

They’re ruining the show because they don’t know what to do with it anymore and refuse to give the fans what they want. They’re ruining the show because they refuse to acknowledge everything the fans have been pointing out and stating that’s wrong or bad. They’re ruining the show because they think a tv show belongs to its writers, therefore, everything they do is correct and should be accepted without disagreement.

They’re ruining the show because they can’t write but refuse to admit this.

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Another one escapes! Apparently, Michael Trevino has been cast in ABC's Kingmakers pilot according to SpoilerTV spoilertv(.)com/2015/03/abc-pilots-2015-full-descriptions(.)html

That’s GREAT for Michael!

And I guess now it’s slowly becoming clear what Paul (or was it Ian? I don’t remember) meant when he said casting dynamics were going to change. Steven McQueen gone, Michael Trevino gone, Chris Wood has been cast in Julie’s new show (yeah I’m surprised they gave her one, too), although Chris wasn’t really a cast member that changed dynamics, but still.

Now let’s all wait to see when Zach will stumble upon something better - god knows the guy deserves it. At least Michael used to have some decent storylines, Zach never got anything.

What confuses me is how is it that Klaus, someone who spent a thousand years  trying to break his curse so that he could become a hybrid and sire his own line of hybrids, only turned twelve werewolves by the end of it? I find that hard to believe. And how is it that he’s completely forgotten about his ridiculous urge to create hybrids - which was, arguably, his main motivation for two seasons he was a part of The Vampire Diaries

The truth is..

TVD was my favorite show. But now.. I hate tvd.
Why ? Let’s see
- Dullena

-Sad Stefan

-Dead Bonnie

-Vampire Elena


-Victim Bonnie

-Selfish Elena

-Sired Elena



-AND STORIES (it was stefan’s story remember bitches ?)

so thank (f*ck) you julie plec

and who was she.. yeah caroline dries

I AM %1000…00 DONE