Dear Social Justice Warriors,

Facts do not care about your feelings.

Facts do not care about the color of your skin.

Facts do not care about your gender.

Facts do not care what religion you follow.

Facts do not care how much money you make.

Facts do not care how loudly you speak.

Facts do not care about social, political, or economic implications.

Facts are not politically correct.

Facts are facts.

  • Me:I'm sick of feminists hurting innocent men.
  • Feminists:lol tell me, when have feminists ever hurt innocent men?
  • Me:*provides a bunch of incidents of feminists hurting men*
  • Feminists:Those aren't real feminists that doesn't count.
  • Me:....
  • Feminists:Men are fucking rapist scum! #killallmen #misandry4lyfe
  • Me:That's sexist, how can you judge an entire gender like that?
  • Me:and that's why I'm not a feminist.
I am an anti feminist

Who is thankful for the past forms, which did some good

Right now, feminism is a toxic circle jerk that creates problems to complain about without actually trying to accomplish gender equality because that would involve helping men and admitting women can do wrong.

They turn on women who are not feminists. A woman can speak her mind unless it goes against their rules.

It’s more of a cult than anything else

Women currently outnumber men in higher education and earn more degrees than men. Guess which gender has gender based scholarships and bursaries? They are the majority and yet receive incentives and assistance just for being women, the rationale is to counteract male dominance. Thanks feminism. 

Seriously this is the environment where feminists are being convinced we live in a patriarchy? 

My women’s studies class subsidized by a scholarship I got for having a vagina tells me I’m being oppressed by men. 

Fucking idiots.

So I Finally Saw An Episode Of Agent Carter

And holly fuck was it terrible! This is SJW/feminist pandering bullshit at it’s finest! All the male characters are portrayed as assholes or villains with Jarvis being the only exception. 

Also I’m getting seriously sick and tired of shows having a generic as fuck female lead who’s a badass and everyone looks down on her because she’s a woman, that’s fucking terrible writing that doesn’t really develop Peggy as a character. And Howard Stark oh good lord they turned him into a fucking starwman! The episode I saw had him get into an argument with Peggy about Steve’s blood (because Howard stole a tube of Steve’s blood for his research) and he flat out tells her that he only did it because he believes Steve’s blood could help people so yes it was wrong of him to steal the blood but at the end of the day his intentions were still good. And what does Peggy do? She calls Stark selfish and the viewer is supposed to side with Peggy because you know “She’s the only woman who will stand up to the evil deeds of men and the male patriarchy!” seriously the scene was so bad I excepted Peggy to call Stark an MRA and I excepted her to tell Jarvis to tell Stark to check his white cis male privilege in the scene that followed. 

This is what happens when you decide to cater to SJW’s and feminists you get a shit show like this and I highly doubt the events of this show are gonna effect the next Captain America movie, at least I hope not I don’t want Civil War to have a scene where Howard leaves a message for Tony and tells him to check his white cis male privilege because Peggy told him to all those years ago. 

Again mainstream entertainment is dying a slow a painful death, because everyone is catering to SJW’s and feminists because they have invaded the entertainment industry and they are killing it from the inside out.

Egalitarians and anti-feminists believe men and women can accomplish whatever they want within their individual ability. 

Feminists believe women can’t do whatever they want because men wont let them. In order to do what you want you must first pledge yourself to feminism. 

Feminists selectively choose to ignore the success of women in our society because it does not match their narrative. Instead they choose to believe women are so weak they need extra help to accomplish the same things as men. 

1) The only inequality of the sexes in America (where I live and where I dont need feminism) favors women because women have five more rights than men.

2) There is no pay inequality in the US. Please educate yourself. X X

3) Because it is common sense. Protect yourself there will always be bad people.

4) The fuck do you mean “men are not taught not to rape”? OF COURSE THEY ARE!! Male rapists are condemned in the media, men who are accused of rape are beaten to death in the streets and the people who beat them are rarely punished and when they are, there is general outrage that they were. Rape is the one crime most men fear being accused of because they all know it will RUIN THEIR LIVES. Thats why false rape accusations are so high because everyone knows that if a woman accuses a man of rape he is fucked, even if he didnt even do it.

5) You’re talking about Malala Yousafzai ? Arent you? What you cant even remember her name but she is so important to you? I want you to know that I adore her bravery to fight for the oppressed women in HER country. And by the way, just so you know, she refuses to identify as a feminist. And she despises western feminism. She doesnt want you fighting for her so stop using her to push your agenda.

I’m not one those whiney pissbabies who gets pissy and thinks “all girls love aggressive dickheads” before any feminists try that angle. What annoys me is the lack of consistency. Emma make your mind up as to how you want to see masculinity and stick to it don’t be so full of shit, complaining about one thing whilst promoting the complete opposite.

I found the story before anyone claims it’s fake:

Men aren’t just these creatures that magically change their mental conditioning at the will of a woman when it’s convenient to her, pick one and stick to it.

You want to have more emotionally open boys? Stop telling them that what people will look for in them is emotional bullet-proofing if you want more emotionally open boys.  Non bullet proofed men are going to care more about approaching women and hence are going to be shy about it because they have been conditioned to care. Sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

(Way Too Long) Rant On Modern Feminism
  • Since I've started exploring tumblr there's been one thing I've never understood:Hordes of man-hating feminists. You'd think that the extremist ones are only a small but vocal minority, but they do seem to have a large following.
  • So many young women on here believe that men are all horrible misogynistic monsters, who exist solely to oppress and endanger women. Most of those girls are probably from first world countries and most likely grew up with a dad, brothers, male cousins, male classmates, maybe even male friends and boyfriends.
  • My issue with tumblr man-haters is that most of those men and boys probably never tried to rape/murder/oppress them. Many women grew up with an abusive dad or a creepy molester uncle, but still don't hate men. Many have even been raped by strangers and went through severe trauma, but again, they don't blame half of the human population for the actions of a few individuals.
  • So what made a bunch of sheltered tumblrinas develop such resentment towards men?
  • My theory is, that it's a result of 3rd wave feminists trivializing violence against women and spreading their propaganda on a website, known to have a great percentage of young impressionable girls using it. You might have come across one of them stating that "all men are rapists" and didn't give it much thought. But there's some serious hate-mongering going on on, which causes many to actually believe and repeat this like a religious mantra.
  • Feminist preachers often target common male interests, hobbies, behaviors and try to interpret them in ways that makes it seem like their only purpose is to harm women. Violent video games? Men living out their power fantasies by killing and objectifying women. Spreading your legs when sitting? Microagression/expression of dominance towards women.
  • And it's even worse when it comes to the topic of sex. By expecting men to be rapists, they turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. They're constantly coming up with new ways a man can "rape" a woman in sexual and nonsexual situations. I've even come across a lesbian feminist explaining why PIV (penis in vagina) sex is always rape, no matter what. Even farting and staring at a woman are now being labeled as rape.
  • Tumblr feminists have succeeded at causing a great number of women to be more scared and victimised than ever. "You're not scared of walking past a strange man on the street? Let me explain to you why you should be." And whenever a woman chooses to believe or do something that is not in line with their ideas, they blame it on her internalised sexism, silencing her voice and dismissing her ideas as the sad mumblings of a helpless brain-washed puppet.
  • This is why I do not consider myself a feminist. I am not a victim, I can stand up for myself, I can ask men not to spread their legs when they're interfering with my personal space, I can tell my partner what I like and do not like regarding sex and relationship matters. I do not need feminism for that and most of the things they "fight for" nowadays do not benefit me in any way shape or form.


I am using ‘men and women’ so that I don’t look discriminatory towards women, but lets be honest, the article does state ‘rapists who prey on drunken WOMEN’.

Feminists, don’t get me wrong. This article is very good news for people who were absolutely inhebriated and raped because they were unable to say no because they were so drunk they couldnt talk properly, or were unable to formally say yes, for example, if someone is close to passing out and doesn’t understand the question eg. ‘Can we do it?’

Its good for people who were only a little drunk but were still deliberately targeted by disgusting rapists as an easy target.

Its also great news for young people who are pressured into sex in order for them to further their career. Those injustices no longer need to happen.

But this is terrible news for men and women with horrible vindictive sex partners. People who decide to get drunk out of their face, have sex willingly, regret it, and cry rape under the ‘Yes might mean no’ clause.

They have tried to close the ‘grey area’ but have instead made it wider, and have made it easier for vengeful people to lie.

Even if its with someone you love and trust, or are in a relationship with, DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH THEM WHILE INHEBRIATED JUST IN CASE.

You never know when someone will change their mind on you