Aliens, planets, and space ships are all components in this week’s Indie Pleas theme – Sci-fi! With games like Abducted, Void Destroyer and Lunar Nova, you will get your fill of fighting enemies in space and encountering alien forces. 

This week’s Indie Pleas include: Harvest, a detective game where you must save the world; Tesla Breaks the World, a puzzle platformer where you play as Nikola Tesla; Abducted, where have to escape after being abducted by aliens; Anthymn, a music- and sound-based MMO; Middle of Nowhere, a survival horror influenced by Silent Hill, and A Vampyre Story: Year One, a graphic adventure where you play as Mona, a lonely vampire. 

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so I checked out an in-development MMO called Anthymn since I was curious to see how the funding was going.

I’m pretty happy to know that even if they don’t reach their goal, the dev group will still continue to make the game - what I’m kinda not happy to know is that it’s not quite completely free to play like I hoped it would be.

Unless I’m reading it wrong, I’m still going to have to pay to get a copy to play (though there’s no monthly subscription which is pretty good on its own). This kinda disappoints me since I’ve pretty much been barred from spending money on my own till… god knows when. Which means I can’t buy a copy even though I really want to play it.

Well, it’s not like the money for development and payment can just poof out of nowhere - but yeah. I feel a little sad. 


(On a very casual side note - in case anyone hasn’t heard about Anthymn yet, here’s a link to it!)


A few days ago, I posted some of the concept art for the innovative music-based MMO, Anthymn, which is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter.

There was a lot of curiosity about how the gameplay is going to work. The team has now posted a video where they talk about the gameplay (follow the link to check it out!)

This video prompted other backers to raise some questions, so the discussion about the gameplay is continuing in the comments section. If you have any questions, the team is eager to answer them.

Thought I’d spread this around, because I am absolutely in love with this concept, and I really really really want to see this campaign succeed. :)

Anthymn boosts Kickstarter campaign with Stream


Today marks video game Anthymn’s final day of their month-long Kickstarter campaign to raise $600,000 to fund the development of their one-of-a-kind music-MMO fusion. Amongst all the excitement I caught a quick interview with Nancy Mott, one of the key founders of Anthymn, and spoke with her about how she used social media and Stream to raise awareness and funds for the game. Read the interview below:

What makes Anthymn unique in the saturated video game market?

"Anthymn is a fantasy adventure MMO for PC and Mac which sets the stage for players to create, share and wield the power of music. By integrating a dynamic education system, interactive sound scape and epic orchestral combat, Anthymn seamlessly combines an entirely new audio and game play experience."

How did your team use social media to promote your Kickstarter campaign?

"Social media was a big part of our strategy to raise funds and increase awareness about the game. We have set up a Facebook page where fans can view and share our updates and are very active on Twitter. We also have YouTube updates on a regular basis and a #pickpic contest that encourages fans to upload a picture of themselves with one of our Anthymn guitar picks onto their favourite social network."

How did Stream help your team aggregate and showcase all of the buzz about the game on social media?

"There is so much content on the social media it is impossible to keep up. By viewing our Stream, we can check on all our social media channels simultaneously and focus on the main topics and visuals popping up from fans. We even had a backer so excited that he created and posted his own ‘Fan Art’!"

How did you hear about Stream and what made you decide to get one of your own?

"We saw the annoucement of the launch of Stream in Techvibes and we knew it would be the perfect tool for us to see at a glance how the fans were responding to our crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter."

Are you happy with your decision to create the Anthymn Stream?

"Definitely! We will be relying on Stream to manage our social media channels for a long time!"

With only 12 hours left in their campaign, the excitement is certainly ramping up for the Anthymn team and their 500+ backers. Join the conversation by checking out the Anthymn Stream. Or become a backer by pledging to their Kickstarter Campaign.

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Image credit: Anthymn

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