In 1921, a severe famine struck Bolshevik Russia. By this point, the russian peoples had already suffered more than six years of brutal war, the first world war of 1914-1918, and the Russian civil wars of 1918-1920. At least 6 million people are considered to have paid the ultimate price, either starving to death or freezing to death; often a combination of the two. Many poverty-stricken families resorted to anthrophagia - that is, human cannibalism - as a final desperate measure. The famine is also called the Povolzhye famine, named from the geographical region in which the famine had its root.

Note the parts of human remains in the lower part of the picture. Of course, most of us can not imagine such a horror the russian people endured through-out those torturous years of 1914-1922; this only to be followed by approximately 30 years of crude militarist regime under the iron paws of a certain gentleman by the birth name Jugashvili.