This monster inhabits the swampiest corner of the uncanny valley.

Did I think we’d get to anthropomorphising slime mold so soon? Honestly - no!

This chimera translates a slime molds responses to stimulus into facial motions and comes straight out of Andrew Adamatzky’s centre for unconventional computing (link) which has previously demonstrated how to build computers from slime mold (link)

via New Scientist (link)

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Do you know what the funniest part about feminists complaining about sexy halloween costumes of things that are not sexy?

Never see them complain when female artists make comics about things like planets and countries being anthropomorphised as hot anime bisheeez or the hardcore gay porn of Germany taking it up the ass from France or Russia.   Or even better yet, all the hardcore yaoi fanart and fic of bishieeez versions of South Park or Happy Tree Friends characters. 


I couldn’t come up with a lot today, but… yeh.

I decided the humans live alongside these animalheaded-people. Human bodies for the most part, attempt at realistic-ish heads (no disney-style furries here) and some kind of anthropomorphised behaviour modeling. (For example… bees being mostly androgynous or female, living in their own districts or such. Or boars habitually having one night stands with the women living together in large households with their kids while the men live single for the most part.)

-Furthermore, the deities and spirits create their own pocket dimensions to house their shrines. These pocket dimensions can varyingly allow for more city space or ADVENTURE (in the case of a forgotten spirit.)

-Forgotten or neglected spirits eventually become hosts to monsters (that parasitize on the spirit in some fashion?) The monsters might start leaving the spirit’s dimension and causing all kinds of terrible things.

-Things that are replaced by easy magic (such as lighters) are mainly available as disability aids for those unable to use magic.

-> any illness (such as depression) that hampers one’s use of magic is considered more serious than in our society by the general folk. (being unable to use magic from birth is separate from being a shapeshifter, btw. Shapeshifters are much rarer than people who are simply unable to use magic.)

@kaiba-s-giant-dick said: Maybe. But there are more and more people interested in the debate now than ever before. Maybe not a movie then, but I could see a novel going somewhere if it was pitched to the write people. Books are cheap to write and hit all ages.

aaaahh words

If such a movie/media of some type were to exist, don’t you think it would benefit from being an orca/animal-centric POV? Like Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron? It’d be easy enough to make another Free Willy of a sort (the ~Black Beauty thing), but Free Willy/Finding Nemo is difficult because it becomes ‘cross-cultural’ and seems impossible to avoid involving token humans or overly-anthropomorphised orca (IMO.)

And flooding, while perhaps a viable story point, would be a pretty severe deus-ex-machina unless it was the setup for the story. But then there’s a huge swath of problems to address…

I think someone in the anticap community (voicesofadistantsea?) is working on a novel about orca that involves captivity somehow. But with platforms like Kindle/etc so accessible, someone could/should totally create something if they’ve an idea for it!

mothwizard said:

i hear u once had very long cats with many leg. do long cats have lots of personality or are they just small shy bug friends by default?? im considering getting some but i want a buddy buggy and i was just wondering how personable they can get

The long cats with many leg are actually very personable! And very sweet! If you’re gentled (requirements for all cats), they handle very well, and you’ll find that they even have a variety of personalities :D Their range of anthropomorphisable mannerisms are not quite as vast as the mantises, and long cats are also nocturnal, making them rather sleepy, sheepish seeming creatures. But they’re also as cuddly as an invert can get. I don’t know how else to describe it—they’re like exoskeletal teddy bears. Certainly more ‘cuddly’ than their mantid counterparts, in that regard.

I think they’re a great crawly companion, and are very low maintenance, as well. Very easy, fun creatures to raise :D
At least, this has been my experience! So I hope it’s somewhat of a helpful opinion to you! 

The only drawing request I have left is “anthropomorphise a potato” from my roommate so please feel free to request more stuff

Fandom stuff, shipping stuff, whatever.

I need costume suggestions.

This Hottie McHottie friend and his husband are hosting a Halloween party with the theme “Heroes and Villains”

I need costume suggestions? Id like something I can use my hair. I was thinking an anthropomorphisized Scar (Lion King) but I dunno.