We must be dreaming! Today, we learned that Hello Kitty is not a cat, but instead a little girl who lives in England with her parents and twin sister Mimmy. To ease our discombobulation and orient ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of characters who not only look like cats, but are cats! And they’re jolly good entertainment, as well: 

Felix the Cat - because any list about anthropomorphised cats must include  this important ancestor. Plus his cartoons are available for watching at the Library for the Performing Arts!

Garfield - Garfield’s not quite like other cats, sending kittens to Abu Dhabi and eating lasagna… but he’s still a cat! See for yourself and check out one of his books at your local library.

The Cat in the Hat - Although this Seuss classic has been translated into many different languages, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a cat, a somewhat troublesome cat who talks, but still… a cat.

Koko and Yum Yum - the stars of Lillian Jackson Braun’s profilic mystery series. Cats all the same, with Koko exhibiting a profound sixth sense.

We could go on and on with Heathcliff, Beatrix Potter’s Tom Kitten, and many more… but who are some of your favorite cats?

The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga with an Afro-Caribbean vibe. Get ready to embark on an epic journey of brain-teasing adventure!

One of the best adventure games of 2013 finally has a second chapter! The Journey Down: Chapter Two is up for purchase on Steam and features voice acting from antfish, shockdingo, sapphberry, martininamerica, Marianne Miller, tomamoto, Kamran Nikhad and myself (amongst many others)! And if you don’t have a copy of the first chapter, you can get it for 90% off for a limited time! Now’s a great time to get lost in this fascinating world of central African carvings anthropomorphised and brought to life!

cerberuswaltz said:

Those animals (bear, rabbit, chick and fox), where are they from?

well that is an interesting question.

the Bear, Rabbit, Chick, and Fox are a part of a game called  

Five Nights at Freddy’s

i myself have not actually played the game yet but i would so love to. just need to get around to doing it.

those characters in the game are based off of singing animatronic anthropomorphised animals that are often on the stages of most childrens pizza party places (or at least they were in my day.) As a theme of the establishment. (it’s an American thing {unfortunately})

i imagine that this was the stuff of nightmares for many children that had to watch these preforming mechanized attractions. (how on Earth adults thought this would be entertaining for children is miles beyond me.)

so now we have these fuckers that are truly the stuff of nightmares.



and thats when you see them when they are about to fucking kill you.

you sit in this small room with a limited power supply closing and opening doors and turning the lights on and off so you can see if they are about to go in the room or not.

you also have a surveillance camera to see where they are in the building.

this game makes you feel like a frightened kid playing Resident Evil for the first time AGAIN! 

i have watched others play this game and have witnessed grown men scream and cry like sissy child babies, and they are right to because this game will scare the shit out of you. having you whimper in fear well before your eminent end and will have you pray to god that you make it to 6 am to make it to the next day.

go ahead. try it.

i dare anyone to.

it’s good to feel a little fear every once in a wile.

i hope you make it past the second day on your first try.

and i hope it gives you nightmares too. 

anonymous said:

Regarding your 'Monthly' fanfic (which I LOVE btw) do you think that the turtles being able to "sense/smell" when females are ovulating/menstruating would be an actual possibility, or do you think it's just a popular head canon people use for fics and such?

I think it’s within the realm of possibility but I really couldn’t say for sure, I’m no herpetologist ;) it’s certainly fun to write though. I mean, I guess the thing is they are heavily anthropomorphised mutant turtles so there’s a lot of qualities intrinsic to turtles up for debate as to whether they retain. 


I’m just going to go ahead and anthropomorphise the sky!  Angry skies this evening in Gothenburg! 

I was wondering why the weather had been so strange all of today, and no i know why, a storm was brewing!