How to make the FUNNIEST vines and videos!!!!:

  • stop making your pets uncomfortable
  • stop making your pets scared
  • stop distressing your pets
  • stop hurting your pets
  • stop abusing your pets

the most important tip!!:

  • literally stop being an asshole to your pets for the sake of them making a funny face/noise/movement
  • learn how to take care of your pet.  do not anthropomorphise your pet.  learn your pet’s body language
  • stop being an ass

honestly I love pigeons ever since I got stuck for hours in Victoria coach station in London and I was really miserable and this pigeon sat next to me, calmly allowing me to anthropomorphise it

miss u beatrice wherever you are

Why-animals-do-the-thing is born!

Here marks the beginning of a new era:

Anthropomorphism is freaking rampant on the internet. It’s hellishly annoying to constantly see animal behavior mislabeled, especially when it’s dangerous, dumb, or detrimental to welfare and conservation. People tend to be grumpy when those of who notice going ‘no, actually, guys, that’s not what that dog/horse/tiger/jabberwock is doing’ at every instance. 

Hence, why-animals-do-the-thing is born! 

A place for people to submit things about misinterpreted and anthropomorphised animal behavior on the internet. Rant away! Break down all the inherently problematic anthropocentric assumptions and talk about the actually awesome behavior that’s going on! Please totally submit and start discussions. 

This is brand new and still a work in process, so we’ll see how it goes, but I’m hoping it’ll actually help bring some much needed education and awareness about all the awesome behavioral stuff that animals do when we’re not pushing the human umvelt on them!


Anthropomorphised Chocolate Chip Cookies Dancing! 

More from Cookie Party 2, and our Pixelajm 10 Year Anniversary MEGAMONTH retrospective.

You will only see these cookies dance like this in the game if you beat it pretty much perfectly, without dying & collecting all the necessary things. Good luck!  

CHALLENGE: If you DO beat it perfectly, please video/make a youtube of the Dance Party ending for us!  Let us know at & we’ll mail the first person to do it a SPECIAL PRIZE!

On feedism and robots

Okay, with all the robot-feedee things going on, I’m going to help out and mention my justification/explanation from my RP world. I will say right now though that this may go a bit further outside the realms of reality than some things on this blog, but bear with me.

So, basically, I have a robotic character that is essentially an anthropomorphised database, which grows in the middle-region as he takes in more data. In my world this is basically explained  as vaugely-defined magitech which actually expands the metal of his chassis, but if you wanted a more grounded-in-reality justification, it could just as easily be explained by in-built metal fabricators that could construct additional drives to store data on as needed, pushing the outside of the robot’s frame out further to make room. 

Now, as for feeding the thing to bloat them out a bit - You have the obvious option of giving them usb drives full of data to suck on or be plugged into somewhere on their body, but I can go one further here. The aforementioned character has an artificial digestive system which accepts normal food and uses the process of breaking it down to generate heat. This thermal energy powers another internal system that runs a simple computer designed to generate junk data for - you guessed it - the sole purpose of bloating the robotic database. 

Science can be fun sometimes. 

perpetuallyinjured asked:

I kind of dislike the idea that only "real furries" have fursonas. I wear tails all the time and do canine-esque make up and I was always told being a furry meant liking anthropomorphised animal art and stuff. I guess it seems like gatekeeping to me and I absolutely hate those kinds of people.

I’m not saying you’re not a furry of you don’t have a fursona. d: It’s just that most furries who don’t have one are either new or not as involved. Tails and stuff definitely qualify you.

The only thing you need to be considered a furry is a liking towards the people, artwork, music, literature, characters, or the concept of it. d: Many would argue otherwise; that’s why I recommend having a fursona, cause other people might not take them seriously without it.

anonymous asked:

Can I see your star map tattoo??

I wish you could! 

I don’t have it yet; I’m still saving up. I’m hoping to get it across my back and I’m either going to get like an actual map like this, or something anthropomorphised, like this. I haven’t quite decided yet. 

whatever it will be, it’ll cost a pretty penny because I’m not about to half-ass this, so it’s going to be awhile before I can afford it. :(