Russian street artist Nomerz, one of our favourite personifiers of public structures, recently transformed this culvert, located somewhere in the Ural Mountains, into a wide-eyed toothy creature with a bit of a salivation problem.

Click here to watch a time-lapse video of Nomerz creating this playful piece.


 Oh man, I almost forgot to upload this painting which i already finished in December.
I feel pretty inspired to finally start writing Haven’s story and the mythologies and story of the world he lives in, but I’ll just throw some more illustrations at you first, since I’ll also need those for university applications. 

For those interested: I used Copics, polychromos, acrylics on A4 sized smooth cardstock. I also think it took me around 20-25 hours, lots of fun included.



Yesterday I posted about how these ladies are often over looked in our games. I mean our parties meet up in their taverns and do gods know what in there. And once we leave to go fight dragons or free nations they are stuck there cleaning up our messes. Well I wanted to give them a shout out for all their hard work.


Cheesy Inspiration

Eduardo Viramontes from Los Angeles, USA loves to draw and exploring all forms of type and lettering to find new and unique ways to portray letters. He says for himself:”When I’m not drawing type, I’m drawing anthropomorphic miscellaneous things.” And that’s te life of a real design and typography lover. He makes artworks with all his passion and his mind is totally briefed on cheesy inspirations. Enjoy them so! 

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Imagine allowing Loki to look through your sketchbooks. He discovers you draw creatures that are anthropomorphic wtih animal and human like characteristics and he asks you what they are. You explain to him they are known as anthros and/or furries. He notices that you’ve drawn him as one and he gets a playful idea. He uses his magic to transform his appearance into the furry being you portrayed him as and transforms you as well.