Name: Molier
Age: 24
Species: Vixen
Sex: Female
Height: 100 cm (mobian) | 175cm/ 5,7feet (anthro)
Weight: 30kg with tail (mobian), 60kg (anthro)
Partner in Crime: Ace (by Nanabriere) only in AU
Alignment: Lawful Evil

- Merciless
- Vengeful
- Confident
- Very feminine
- Quiet/Silent
- Ridiculously happy

- Ace

- Anyone she wants to be her enemy

- Agility
- Can turn her body into a red, toxic smoke
- Able to see in the dark
- Very effective use of claws

- Harming people
- Licking blood off her prey

- Passivity
- Boredom
- Mercy
- Getting dirty

- Can be strongly harmed by high sounds, her ears are very sensitive
- Her smoke form is temporary
- Can be easily harmed physically when not in smoke form.


On 5-26-15, me and my boyfriend Jack will have been dating for two years. This is the best relationship that I will ever have in my entire life. Looking back on all of the good times that we have had makes me cry happy tears. I remember meeting Jack when I moved in next door. I had to switch schools from bullying and Jack was getting bullied at the school I was going to. I remember when he first messaged me on facebook by accident because he was too scared to send me one in the first place. Who knew that two years from now we would be planning to go to the same college and sharing an apartment after summer break is over? I know this is a rough sketch, but I can’t express how much I love this guy. We seem so perfect, same age, same interests, same emotions, so easy to love. I don’t know what I would do without him, honestly I would rather live no life than a life without Jack. I love you Jacky <3

Art is by me. <3