Hey check it out! Comic Book Review interviewed the best editor ever about the Boom Box Mix Tape Anthology that I did the character designs for!! Here’s the released page from my short, “Hambourgeois & Chip”. It was a ton of fun to work on and all the other stories look incredible!! It’s so freaking cool to see everyone’s takes on my character designs! It comes out next wednesday the 24th so be sure to pick it up!!

Am I the only one who thinks that the YouTube fandom is falling apart?

There just seems to be so much hate lately, especially lately with Anthony and kalel’s breakup and the thing with dans brother and the fights over Zoe’s book? Why can’t we all just calm the fuck down and stop hating each other? Our favourite people are even starting to crack from the stress that some of us are putting on them, like Dan and his new video and people keep yelling at him when he doesn’t upload.
Guys, we’re team Internet. Let’s try to get along.


Preview of my Fifth Element Book Illustrations.

Did my second pic  from a pencil sketch I did real quick but it turned out nicely in the end. I wanted to make a Rudy pic too but no time really, maybe later =)

Now working on demon-ey things and having a blast =)


At long last Bimba 2 #comics #anthology is available for special PREORDER inc free gift

13 unique comics - Features AMAZING artists:

Brigid Deacon / Gemma Correll / Disa Wallander / Kristyna Baczynski / Sammy Borras / Emma Raby / Hannah Hannah Jerry Chapman & Rosie Lea / Suzi Kemp / Ciara Dunne / Kate Ducker / Bridget Meyne / Sophia Viney / Donya Todd Illustration


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Glen E. Friedman is responsible for many of the most iconic portraits of hip-hop, punk, and skating legends taken in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The best of these photos has been compiled in a new anthology called My Rules.

See more of Friedman’s shots of Ice-T, Henry Rollins, and Tony Hawk here.



The End of an Era

1966 marks the end of live performances, of tours and of Beatlemania Era. No more frantic recording sessions. No more ‘deaf’ performances. No more being crushed by fans… And this picture symbolizes all in Paul’s eyes… with a little bitter sorrow…

Hey, folks. I’ll be publishing a new comics anthology next spring. Perhaps you’d like to pitch a story for it?

New World is a black-and-white sci-fi/fantasy comic anthology with the theme of exploration, colonization, conquest, assimilation, “going native,” appropriation, imperialism, strained relations… essentially, what happens when mutually un-contacted cultures, continents, and species collide.

The deadline for submissions is November 20th. Head on over to the official page to see how to submit, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

a Queer Ink Publishing project



Calling all femmes with pens!

Maybe you grew up being teased by the other kids for being a boring old girly-girl. Maybe you’re tired of “brainless bimbo” and “pretty princess” stereotypes. Maybe you tried being more like the boys, and just didn’t get what’s so great about it. Maybe you don’t understand why people dressed in skirts and flowery dresses are not supposed to be loud and proud—you kick butt, whether you wear boots or stilettoes. Maybe you’re sick of the assumption that “feminine” equals “addicted to fashion and beauty treatments”. Maybe you’re a feminist wondering what your femininity means to you—because you sure don’t agree with the way society defines it. Or maybe you’re that guy, the one who’s been mocked for being feminine his whole life and doesn’t see why “You’re such a girl!” is a bad thing. Maybe you thought you had transcended mainstream society’s unwritten laws of gender and restrictive definitions of femininity when you embraced your queerness—and suddenly you found yourself in a parallel framework, dealing with the same old  ideas painted in new words.

Maybe you thought: Oh hells no. This ends here.

Accounts from all over the world are beginning to trickle in about sexism present in queer communities; preliminary research suggests as many as 60% of feminine-presenting female individuals of any sexual orientation experience femmephobia. The world seems to have let out a collective sigh: it’s time to talk about how we relate to one another within our communities as well as without.

But that’s the world. We’re interested in you.

We’re charting this conversation as it applies to South Asia—our stories, our lives, our problems, and our triumphs. Can we critique communities that are already under threat without being declared traitors? How do we forge an authentic identity when so many of us are rendered invisible by both society and our communities? How do we define ourselves in the face of such great pressure to conform to someone or the other’s idea of acceptably traditional or acceptably radical? Can a borrowed vocabulary communicate our most intimate thoughts and feelings? Is it possible to live a South Asian, femme, and queer life—in our own image, on our own terms?

We live in a world of labels. Some of them are handed to us before we even know what they mean. And others we wear proudly, the hard-won battle scars of our struggle to name ourselves.

But one thing is for sure:

You’re here, you’re queer, and you’ve got a story to share. Tell it to us.

Details Here


Collectors’ Anthology Showcases Ornate, Centuries-Old Mechanisms

Photographer Roberto Bigano strikingly showcases the ornate designs of antique mechanisms and tools in a trio of books from publisher Cesati & Cesati. Published with both avid collectors and amateur admirers in mind, LOCKS - A Collection of Masterpieces, DOORKNOCKERS - A Collection of Iron Sculptures, and TOOLS - Beyond Hands Towards Beauty are the products of rigorous study released over the span of seven years starting in 2007. Cesati & Cesati specializes in research and publications relating to metal artifacts, and the images filling the pages of these volumes come from museums and private collections all over the world.